Legal support for bloggers and media

The legal services market is changing along with modern trends, as digitalization penetrates into various areas of life, legal support for bloggers has appeared as a separate service. From the lawyer’s point of view, an Instagram blogger, a TikToker, a YouTuber, a streamer, or a media personality (influencer) is the author of digital content. The professional sphere of these people lies in the field of public relations, and in some countries bloggers with a large audience are considered the media.
By the way, even schoolchildren can start their own blogging career today. But their age does not prevent young people from gathering million-strong audiences and signing advertising contracts for dozens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given the high competition and large amounts of money, bloggers must be responsible to customers. Despite their apparent freedom, bloggers and digital media must abide by the strict limits of user agreements and the laws of the countries of operation. Also, bloggers need to take into account the rules of work on various social platforms. In addition, the advertiser may bring such a person to legal liability in court.
In view of this, even novice bloggers who are just planning to sign their first contract need legal assistance. And experienced authors of digital content should think about how to protect themselves from user claims, competitors’ encroachments, accusations of plagiarism, claims from government agencies, and also protect their interests if someone uses their content or posts false information about them.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Bloggers and media

Legal aspects of blogging on the Internet

The most common issue that an influencer lawyer faces is copying copyrighted photo and video content on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook without the consent of the author. IP protection comes up when people publish content publicly without the author’s permission (for example, a blogger created and sold a marathon to a client, and the person then posted it to the public for free access on his page).

It’s no secret that all bloggers and media earn money on advertising. Therefore, sooner or later, the question of blog monetization will arise. Another vital issue for those who plan to do this is the Company registration service. Due to the peculiarities of Internet activity, the author can live in one country and work in another, or even advertise goods to a wide audience around the world. To avoid violating the law, it is essential to choose the right jurisdiction, which guarantees the most favorable tax rate and simultaneously allows you to conclude contracts with advertisers. It is mandatory for influencers using pseudonyms to register their name as a trademark. Depending on the region, a trading name may be protected locally, within the EU, or internationally.

As for the financial aspect of blog monetization, it is necessary to take care of a business account in a reliable bank in advance. If a media person plans to sell their merch and launch an online store, we will help with registering a merchant account.

Fintech Harbor Consulting | Bloggers and media

Legal services for media influencers

We offer full support for the activities of bloggers, streamers and other digital content creators and media persons on the Internet, including, but not limited to:
  • Development and verification of contracts for advertising placement, mutual PR with other bloggers, agreements with agents and marketers;
  • Signing and termination of contracts with advertisers;
  • Registration of companies and trademarks for bloggers;
  • Opening bank and merchant accounts;
  • Protection of a blogger in court;
  • Preparation of responses and letters to claims of state bodies;
  • Challenging the blocking of pages and channels on Instagram, YouTube TikTok and other social media;
  • GDPR and Privacy Protection;
  • Legal claims against bloggers due to the posted content;
  • Claims related to insults and the placement of false information;
  • Protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation on the Internet;
  • Recovery of losses and moral damage from persons who shared false information.
We provide services from A to Z. All you need to do is contact us and give us the initial information. Experienced lawyers will take care of the rest, leaving you to focus on your blog and followers. Our experts have extensive practical experience both in the field of copyright protection and the protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation, we are well versed in the legal mechanisms of social networks.

Legal support for affiliate agencies

Affiliate marketing is present in many areas of your business in the form of affiliate marketing campaigns. The brand pays a commission to referral organizations that drive traffic and sales. According to some studies, more than 90% of global brands have affiliate programs in various industries.
We also provide fintech legal counsel to agencies in the affiliate marketing segment, including drafting contracts, opening payment accounts, and checking the integrity of counterparties. Other services may include:
  • Choosing the best jurisdiction and taxation;
  • Support in the process of creating an IT business;
  • Filing tax returns;
  • Drafting contracts with affiliated partners;
  • Accompaniment in courts.
We make blogging and online business safe from a legal point of view. Our goal is to create the most comfortable conditions for authors and agencies, to protect against claims and to improve work. We are focused on transparent and honest cooperation. At the same time, all the formalities fall on us, and you can focus on business.
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