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Developing and releasing a video game is not just a set of technological and creative processes. First, you have to ensure that your idea is original and does not duplicate the concepts of other companies. Moreover, you must protect the resources you already have or are just creating.
That is why you need a leading industry specialist, such as a video game lawyer from the Fintech Harbor team of experts. They will help you reduce risks, ensure the proper level of protecting intellectual rights, and take care of compliance with company law.
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How Can We Help?

Most likely, you only see the concept of a future project, but you don’t think about whether it will receive regulatory approval.
Our video game lawyers will help you to:
You need a video game attorney for these purposes if you plan to continue working in the entertainment sector.

Legal Services We Provide as Video Game Lawyers

Each Fintec Harbor specialist is accredited and has sufficient experience in the entertainment, digital, and mobile gaming industry. We offer a full range of quality services, including:
Therefore, cooperation with a video game attorney from Fintech Harbor guarantees your legal security.
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Benefits of Having a Lawyer for Developers, Publishers, and Gamers

If you are a game or gaming services developer, you should know that it is very important to comply with the current legislation when publishing digital entertainment.
Intellectual property, gambling elements, design, mechanics, concepts, and alike, are all regulated by laws. And not only regional but also international ones. That is why you need the help of a Fintech Harbor specialist to protect your business and software from legal issues.
Advantages of working with a video game lawyer:
In other words, video game lawyers take care of all legal nuances so you can focus on the project development.

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Legal Issues in the Gaming Industry

The video game segment is not regulated in a completely traditional way. The laws governing this type of entertainment are mixed and belong to different parts of the legal system. However, even so, you must comply with them to avoid getting into a reputational, administrative, or even criminal scandal.
Ensuring compliance with all the rules and regulations is precisely within the jurisdiction of Fintech Harbor’s video game lawyer.
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Copyright and trademark infringement

Plagiarism is not just an infringement of intellectual property but also a reputational and financial risk for the developers.
Therefore, if you are creating a digital product, and even more so a game, you need to clearly understand that you are not using someone else’s work in your project. Even in the case of OSS, when the code is free to use, restrictions may be imposed on its use in commercial developments.

Contract disputes

When you enter into a contract, you usually buy or sell ideas, talent, and digital solutions (graphics, code, text, and others). However, even after signing an NDA, some counterparties do not fully understand its essence. It often can lead to violating (perhaps unintentionally) NDA agreements.
Accordingly, such actions can lead to reputational or even financial losses. That is why video game lawyers regulate legal relations with contract parties.

IP protection and licensing

Your code, graphics, symbols, labels, and more are intellectual property that plays a vital role in your brand. The slightest plagiarism can lead to problems for the company, both legally and financially.
To prevent this, you must patent your creatives, code, trademarks, etc. It will help reduce risks and recover compensation for the illegal actions of third parties.
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Employment and labour law

Your employees (both in-house and outsourced) have access to confidential corporate information that belongs to the company.
Therefore, you should regulate relations with employees in such a way as to avoid violations related to intellectual property rights, such as information leaks, etc.
At the same time, it is necessary to draft an employment contract in such a way as to exclude violations of employees’ rights, as well as to clearly define their duties, areas of responsibility, and more.

Privacy and data protection

There are situations when the data leak about an AAA fuels the target audience’s interest and increases the volume of pre-orders for the game. However, more often than not, the data leaked to the network works the other way around, literally levelling further efforts of developers.
That is why it is crucial to protect project information by regulating legal relations so that even the slightest data leakage becomes impossible.

Digital Ethics

It is necessary to consider the ethical factor to create high-quality gameplay. You must ensure compliance with norms and values during the interaction of gamers in multiplayer games, in-game content, game design, etc.
Another fundamental requirement is to confirm that your product adheres to all industry standards, particularly in the context of swift technological advancements and socio-political transformations. It will help avoid problems in the future.

Video Game Prizes: Games of Chance Vs. Games of Skill

Rewards for actions, activity, loyalty, and the like are a fine line between gambling and incentivizing players. It can lead to fatal consequences for the company.
That is why it is so crucial to cooperate with a video game lawyer who knows exactly how to avoid risks.


It is a set of legal framework and regulations that govern video games development, distribution, sale, and use. They define the intellectual property rights to a title and its elements, as well as protect the owner of a digital product from illegal actions of competitors, etc.
Video Game Law, which includes such concepts as intellectual property, copying rights, consumer rights, and more.
Provide legal support to digital product developers on many important business issues.
Yes, you can. However, the effectiveness of the claim will depend on several factors: the policy of the development company, the arguments of the claim, and the existence of infringement (as specified in the game publisher’s policy).
First, you need to collect facts that indicate violations by the publisher. Next, you need to contact a lawyer and discuss the potential of the case. And only then do you file a lawsuit.
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