Hong Kong Forex Broker License

Working on one of the best Forex exchanges is an excellent type of earnings with unlimited opportunities, especially if you plan to obtain a broker license in Hong Kong and work in this region.
However, the desire is not enough to start a career and conduct company registration on your own. Most likely, you will need a qualified legal brokerage specialist to deal with the requirements for candidates for broker licenses. Fintech Harbor experts will help you with this!
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Hong Kong Forex Broker License

Why Choose Hong Kong?

This region is best suited for those who want to work in a good environment with virtually no restrictions. The fact is that Hong Kong has some advantages over other economic spaces:
  • total freedom of action;
  • loyal attitude to entrepreneurs;
  • minimum taxes (2% for an individual broker and 16.5% for a company);
  • significantly lower requirements for a broker than in the EU countries;
  • decent economic rating of the region.
Due to the combination of these factors, the market potential is virtually unlimited. Moreover, the region is open to new players.

What Do You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Forex License?

In addition to the above advantages, the Hong Kong market is famous for its attitude towards potential brokers actively investing in the region’s welfare. Therefore, they even have a certain level of preferences, especially when compared to other countries. For example:
  • simplified registration of trademarks;
  • access to the purchase of securities;
  • low taxes on services;
  • Loyal terms for company registration in Hong Kong
  • minor legal requirements.
That is why it is believed that the Hong Kong forex broker license is a potentially profitable asset for the further economic growth of the region and the entrepreneur.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Hong Kong Forex Broker License

What Documents Are Required to Obtain a Brokerage License in Hong Kong

Just like in any other country, a broker must go through several bureaucratic procedures before starting to operate. To do this, you need to collect important documents, first of all:
  • copies of the passport with a notary stamp (in English);
  • proof of payment of taxes for 6 months (3 copies);
  • bank statement (for a company or an entrepreneur);
  • characterization from a legal advisor;
  • proof of accreditation (6 years in the finance segment and 3 years in management positions);
  • copy of the certificate of scientific achievements;
  • a certificate of no criminal proceedings.
But that’s not all. You also need to register:
  • an application addressed to the Securities Commission in Hong Kong;
  • declarations confirmed by an accredited notary;
  • a completed questionnaire for the bank;
  • results of the anti-corruption exam;
  • roadmap of the company;
  • investment guarantee for the specified period;
  • AML/CFT conclusion.
*During the process, various authorities may request other documents not included in the list of mandatory documents.

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How to Obtain a Hong Kong Forex Broker License

The preparation of documents is only a small part of the bureaucratic procedure. The process of obtaining a Hong Kong forex license is generally quite long and consists of several basic stages:
  • identification of a potential broker;
  • collection and translation of documents and their verification by a notary;
  • applying, filling out the necessary forms;
  • checking compliance with the requirements;
  • completion of moderation and waiting for the result;
  • notification of granting or refusal of a work permit;
  • issuance of documents;
  • creating a separate work account.
At first glance, there is nothing complicated about the registration process, but a candidate may face several problems at the primary stages. Some of them are related to non-obvious legal nuances. To mitigate risks and simplify the application process (and speed it up), you will need the help of professionals.
The Fintech Harbor team has over 4 years of experience in solving various legal problems. We not only advise businesses and individual entrepreneurs but also help prepare and conduct all types of registrations.
Don’t hesitate to contact our manager if you want to save time and effort!


We know you are interested in the nuances associated with the registration process. Therefore, we have prepared some answers to possible questions.
Yes, of course. Like other types of business, such trade is taxed and regulated in accordance with the applicable laws of the country.
SFC – an accredited body. It monitors brokers’ compliance with regulations and laws and fights against all forms of corruption on the platform in the relevant financial sector.
Technically, it is not required. But according to the rules and regulations of the current laws, even accredited organizations must have licenses to process transactions.
The average cost of a license ranges from $2,000 to $40,000 and depends on factors such as the region of trade, type of activity, company size, etc. This amount already includes taxation, preparation of documentation, and third-party fees.
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