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The Forex market is rapidly expanding, and in many countries, this type of economic activity is already regulated at the legislative level. Participants in the securities market who provide brokerage services must possess not only relevant education, extensive professional experience, and an impeccable reputation but also the appropriate license.
Furthermore, trust in a financial institution depends on the country where it is registered. Our team assists with obtaining brokerage licenses in optimal jurisdictions within the shortest possible timeframes.
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What is a trader’s permit?

The forex trading license is a special permit that a trader or broker must obtain in order to work. There are many countries in the world where grants are issued for Forex operations. Each state has its own complexity, cost, terms of obtaining a mandate, as well as prestige of the territory itself.
The major advantage of licensed vendors is the ability to openly advertise their services. All national regulators oblige them to provide clients with high-quality services and ensure their funds in case of bankruptcy. Therefore, if an enterprise has a license, then for a trader, it becomes a certain guarantee of its reliability. The certifying of the industry helps to reduce various speculations in the market.

Why should you choose Fintech Harbor Consulting to receive Forex trading license?

The company’s lawyers are familiar with the procedure for obtaining forex licenses in many countries. Our colleagues are constantly keeping abreast of the latest legislative changes.
Through an extensive network of partners around the world, we help an international clientele in this challenging, regulated industry.
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The procedure of acquiring Forex trading permission

Each country has its own rules for filing applications for a forex broker license. Minimum capital requirements vary. For example, those who want to work in the USA will have to pay the most (min. 20 million dollars). But it is one of the most reputable in the world and will give access to customers with huge financial capabilities. In other polities, it is not so expensive – for example, in the UK and a number of other lands, you can acquire a mandate for 100 thousand dollars.
Applicants have to provide documents about key persons, internal anti-fraud policies, and much more. But there are general rules. First, you need to register a legal entity in the country where you want to work as a broker. Be sure to have a real office in this state. All applicants for forex license must conduct business in a transparent manner and provide the regulator with an impressive list of.

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Comparison of forex license requirements in popular jurisdictions
General information
The main reasons for the popularity of this small territory are the loyal attitude of the government towards foreign investors, clear and stable legislation, minimum requirements for the authorized capital, and document circulation. Financial services is one of the growing sectors of the economy of Mauritius.
Cyprus is an attractive country for many types of entrepreneurial activity. Membership in the European Union, favorable geographic location, and flexible taxation allow both residents and foreign citizens to comfortably manage their business. Most of the famous investment companies are located in Cyprus as the best solution for working in EU.
The main advantages of a forex license in Seychelles are low costs for company registration and office maintenance. Also, there is no need to wait a year or six months to receive the documents – the decision of the commission will be known 3 months after the application is submitted.
Comoros Islands
Forex trading is indeed legal in Comoros, even though locally based, reputable, and regulated Forex Brokers are few and far between. Comorian traders can make their choice of Broker from a long list of Globally regulated Brokerage Firms that accept local traders.
  1. Full Service Dealer (Including Underwriting) with a minimum paid-up capital of 215 000 EUR can provide the following services:
    – to trade in securities as principal with the intention of reselling these securities to the public,
    – to underwrite or distribute securities on behalf of an issuer or a holder,
    – to give investment advice which is ancillary to the normal course of its business activities,
    – to manage portfolio of clients.

  2. Full Service Dealer (Excluding Underwriting) with a minimum paid-up capital of 21 500 EUR as opposed to the Full Service Dealer Including underwriting, this category of license does not allow the licensee to underwrite or distribute securities on behalf of an issuer or a holder. The licensee is also requested to have a Professional Indemnity cover.

  3. Investment Dealer – Broker with a minimum paid-up capital of 15 000 EUR can provide the following services:
    – to execute orders for its clients,
    – to manage portfolio of clients,
    – to give advice on securities transactions to its clients.

  4. Investment Dealer
    – Discount Broker with a minimum paid-up capital of 13 000 EUR is authorized to execute orders for clients without giving advice.

  5. Investment Dealer (Commodity Derivatives Segment) is authorised to act as broker in Commodity Derivatives only. Minimum unimpaired stated capital of 21 500 EUR.

  6. Investment Dealer (Currency Derivatives Segment) is authorized to act as broker in Currency Derivatives only. Minimum unimpaired stated capital of 21 500 EUR.
  1. A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with a minimum paid-up capital of EUR 50,000
    can provide the following services:- Order acceptance and transfer;
    – Order execution on behalf of clients.

  2. A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) holding assets and/or financial instruments of customers (minimum paid-up capital is EUR 125,000) can provide the following services:
    – Order acceptance and transfer;
    – Order execution on behalf of clients
    – Asset management;
    – Investment advice;
    – Placement of financial instruments without firm commitments (subject to restrictions).

  3. A Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with a minimum paid-up capital of EUR 730,000
    can additionally provide the following services:
    – Underwriting;
    – Placement of financial instruments with firm commitments;
    – Placement of financial instruments without firm commitments (without restrictions).

Permitted Activities:
– Securities Market Making;
– Securities Brokerage;
– Securities Dealing;
– Investment Advisory;
– Portfolio Management.

Permitted Securities:
– Primary Equities;
– Primary Debt Instruments;
– Derivative Instruments (futures, options, forwards, contracts, CFDs and Swaps), on any of the following;
– underlying assets; Equities, bonds, metals, commodities, currencies including cryptocurrency.

This definition also includes a person who holds a restricted securities dealer license.

Comoros Islands

– Securities Brokerage
– Financial Advisory
– Asset Management
– Fund Management
– Custody Services
– Transaction Clearing
– Payment Processing Currency Trading (FOREX)
– Issuance of Securities
– Underwriting of Securities crypto exchanges.

Requirements for UBO and directors
Minimum of Two local Directors and one executive Director from any jurisdiction. Minimum of one shareholder from any jurisdiction.

Other staff: Auditor (Compulsory in Mauritius), Money Laundering and Reporting Officer, Deputy Money Laundering and Reporting Officer, Authorised Representetive / Dealer, Company Secretary.
Two executive directors (residents of Cyprus with experience and qualifications in line with the broker company’s business model)

Two independent non-executive directors (one being a Cyprus resident)

Other staff: AML and Compliance officer, internal auditor, accountant, secretary, etc.
The licensee will need at least 2 (two) natural person Directors of any jurisdiction who will Satisfy the Securities Authority that they are fit and proper persons to be licensed as a dealer.

The licensee will need at least 2 shareholders and a corporate shareholding is allowed.
Comoros Islands
The licensee will need at least 1 (One) natural person Fit and Proper Directors of any jurisdiction.

The investment dealer will need at least one shareholder. Corporate shareholding is allowed and 100% foreign ownership is permitted

The Licensee must establish and maintain an appropriate and effective compliance function within the firm which operates independently of all operational and business line functions and senior or supervisory management.
Authorized capital
  1. 215 000 EUR (Full Service Dealer (Including Underwriting);
  2. 21 500 EUR (Full Service Dealer (Excluding Underwriting);
  3. 15 000 EUR (Investment Dealer – Broker);
  4. 13 000 EUR (Investment Dealer – Discount Broker);
  5. 21 500 EUR (Investment Dealer (Commodity Derivatives Segment);
  6. 21 500 EUR (Investment Dealer (Currency Derivatives Segment).
  1. 50000 EUR;
  2. 125000 EUR (STP broker);
  3. 730000 EUR (Market maker broker).
The current prescribed minimum issued and paid up capital required is 50,000 US.
Comoros Islands
The IBC applying for a license should have a minimum capital of EUR 250.000. This capital requirement can be satisfied with a financial guarantee.
15 % Corporate tax in Mauritius
12,5 % Corporate tax in Cyprus
The rate of tax payable by a licensee shall be 1.5% (one and a half percent) of assessable (gross) income.
Comoros Islands
6-7 months
From 10 month
Approximately 5-6 months
Comoros Islands
2-3 month


Obtaining a license for brokerage and trading activities is worth considering the peculiarities of taxation in each land. The conditions will be different everywhere. However, in most countries, brokers pay taxes on personal income and corporate taxes if they are registered as legal entities. Contact us in a convenient way for you, and we will advise you in detail about the peculiarities of the tax regime in the selected territory.
In almost any country, for registration, you will need to provide information about the company (certificates, office address, and website). You also need to confirm the education, work experience, and reputation of the top officials. All licensors are required to develop customer verification and asset protection policies to protect against abuse.
The forex license cost and procedure of acquiring depend on the selected country. The most expensive and reputable authorizes are in Switzerland (certified capital – 10 million Swiss francs) and the USA (capital – 20 million dollars).

Countries with category B forex licenses include the United Kingdom and Australia. The minimum capital amount is EUR 125 thousand (excluding customer funds), and the period for acquiring a license usually is about 12 months and will cost from $22,000 to $50,000. For example, the capital amount of forex license in the UK is 125,000 EUR.

You can also obtain it in Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, Latvia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Mauritius, and many other countries. Such countries as Nevis and Seychelles may be suitable for novice brokers.

Why do you need a Forex license?

Companies that provide activity in the forex exchange brokerage area are required to have a forex license. Forex license is required to provide activity in the legal field and it will help the company to get corporate bank accounts.

What are the regulatory requirements and documents for a Forex license?

Regulatory requirements for a forex license a different in each jurisdiction and depends on the activities that the company plans to provide. However, there are general requirements that forex-licensed companies should fit with paid-up capital requirements, professional staff, and AML & CFT policies conduction. During the application process, it will be required for the director, shareholders, and responsible staff to provide the regulator with ID documents, proof of address, proof of funds documentation, police certificates, and Academic and Professional certification. Also, during licensing process corporate documents should be provided, business plan, website, and agreements with the liquidity provider. In each stage of the process, the regulator in the right to demand additional documentation if needed.

How is the Forex market regulated and who regulates it?

The Forex market is an important part of the world financial system, and governments made all actions to regulate the forex market, in order to give all companies equal rules of activity and protect customer’s rights. Main regulations of the forex markets are provided by responsible financial or securities market authorities, for example, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom, CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission of the USA).


I recommend Fintecharbor to anyone who wants to start working as a licensed forex trader. They advised in detail on all issues. Nothing superfluous, the answers to the questions are in essence.
Lawyers accompanied us on the issue of obtaining a brokerage license in Cyprus to work in the European market. Highly recommend! The service was above our expectations.
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