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A Legal Opinion definition is an expert-specialized document that is written by a lawyer or law firm and gives an expert assessment on a particular issue. 

Usually the purpose of writing of this document is uncertainty of the possibility, legality, or propriety of an activity in a specific area, as well as an attitude of the country and the law in general toward such activity in a some jurisdiction.

Thus, a conclusion is needed to receive an expert view on a matter that may have consequences. 

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Importance of Legal Opinion in Business and Personal Matters

A legal opinion is valuable for both individual and commercial needs. Nevertheless, it is typically businesses that more frequently utilize legal advices due to the complexities and challenges that often arise from navigating judicial frameworks.

For example, a company that operates in the energy sector is not required to be licensed in country A, but it wants to enter the market of another country where such regulation is potentially possible. For this purpose, local lawyers can prepare a legal opinion letter to avoid risks.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Legal Opinion Services

How Our Legal Experts Provide Comprehensive Legal Opinions

We, or our partners in different regions of the world, can prepare a legal conclusion for you in various areas of fintech businesses.
It is essential to provide clear and open information regarding the project or request you are interested in, in order to get really serious advice that will make a difference to your stakeholders. Lawyers need to see the whole picture for a holistic and comprehensive opinion.

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Key Areas of Expertise for Our Legal Opinion Services:

Qualified legal opinion can be utilized in different industries where there is uncertainty in the use of the law. At the same time, legal advice on the need for licensing in a particular area, tax planning, cross-border payments, evaluation of structures, etc. are quite popular in the fintech sector.

Steps to Obtain a Legal Opinion from Our Experts

To order a legal advice, it is important to prepare the request to make it as clear as possible, to specify such details as: 

  • the nature of the activity that may be questionable or require verification
  • the jurisdiction of interest, 
  • the main market, 
  • the partner or counterparty that is requesting the opinion, etc. 
Our team carefully reviews the documents and information provided to fully understand the context and specifics of the case.
After that, we will conduct a comprehensive research of the questions asked and prepare a final decision or advice on the issue of interest.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Legal Opinion Services

Fees and Costs Associated with Legal Opinion Services

When it comes to the cost of preparing a legal advice, especially in fintech, fees can vary widely depending on several factors such as the complexity of the matter, the expertise required, and the urgency of the request.
We always treat customers sincerely, so pricing policies can be based on different principles. 
For standard legal conclusions where the scope and requirements are well-defined and predictable, your firm may offer a fixed fee
In cases where the complexity or scope of the opinion is uncertain, billing might be based on hourly rates. The rate will depend on the seniority and expertise of the legal professionals involved.
For ongoing consultation that includes the provision of multiple advices over time, a retainer fee might be appropriate. 
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Legal Opinion Services

Why Clients Choose Our Legal Opinion Services

Our clients frequently seek our legal opinion services because we consistently deliver with professionalism, quality, and a thorough approach. Our guiding principle is 

“Quality in everything we do”


To prepare a detailed and exhaustive legal opinion, we use the following approach to work: 

  • First, it’s crucial to fully understand the client’s needs and establish the purpose and goals of the opinion they are seeking. Next, the client provides supporting documents, business plan and other informational resources, leading to the drafting of a preliminary conclusion. Comprehensive research is then undertaken to pinpoint relevant laws, regulations, and precedents applicable to the client’s situation. All facts are meticulously verified, and additional data may be collected to ensure the opinion is founded on thorough and precise information.
  • The legal perspective is carefully drafted to clearly detail the regulatory issues, applicable laws, the analysis, and the conclusions drawn. This legal opinion format is subsequently reviewed by other members of our team, including senior attorneys or partners, to confirm its accuracy, clarity, and thoroughness. The refined advice is then presented to the client, allowing them to review the conclusions and express any concerns.
  • Following the presentation, our professionals remain readily available to answer any follow-up questions and address further needs related to the opinion, ensuring comprehensive support and guidance.
  • Specializing in Web3 and fintech, areas known for their rapid evolution and complex regulatory landscapes, our firm provides expert legal opinions that navigate these nuances.
  • Unlike many traditional services, our team has developed expertise in non-standard areas, enabling you to tackle unique and challenging legal issues that other firms might not be equipped to handle.
  • Each Legal advice is tailor-made to fit the specific circumstances and needs of our clients, providing personalized advice that addresses their unique challenges effectively.
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