Company Formation & Registration in Curacao

Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean Sea near Venezuela and a self-governing state of the same name. It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a federal entity. This status allows the country to use the laws of the Netherlands and create conditions favourable to foreign business.
The jurisdiction of Curacao has a high potential. The country is becoming increasingly politically stable and has a relatively diversified economy focusing on tourism, financial services, and gambling.
Therefore, company incorporation in Curacao is a prestigious and promising way to develop business.
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Registration of an offshore company in Curacao

Curacao is a well-known offshore centre. The state offers companies preferential taxation of non-resident income and easy bookkeeping, confidentiality, relatively clean offshore reputation, and easy registration of legal entities.
Company formation in Curacao has its peculiarities. The main one is that a legal entity has the right to operate only abroad and not on the territory of the jurisdiction. This is one of the reasons why small states with stable economies are involved in offshore business growth.
You can register an international company on the territory of this state in various organizational and legal forms. Any such offshore in Curacao has some features, among which the most notable are the following:
If you plan to engage in the gambling business, you do not need to register an office in Curacao.

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Why choose Curacao?

The main advantages of opening a business on the island:
The Curacao authorities have an agreement on investment protection and the exchange of financial information with hundreds of countries worldwide. Legal entities registered in this jurisdiction should not fear their respectability. They will not be included in international blacklists.
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Types of companies that can be registered in Curacao

Different territories have their legal forms of doing business. Curacao offers a choice:
The most popular form of company registration in Curacao is NABV. It allows, under certain conditions, to achieve zero income taxation. For this, 10% of the shares must be registered in the shareholders’ register, and the NABV must have permission to operate as a holding or investment company.

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Features of the activities of companies (casinos) in Curacao

Gambling in Curacao has become one of the most popular areas of business activity. And this is quite logical; all conditions have been created for the gambling business on the island: legislative, tax, and economic.
Features of casinos in Curacao:
Another crucial feature is the 0% corporate tax which applies to income outside Curacao.

Name restrictions for registering a company in Curacao

As in other jurisdictions, names may not be identical or very similar to those of other, already registered companies or obscene or offensive. To indicate the form of the company, the name must include the endings N.V. or B.V., depending on the selected company name.

Trading Restrictions

If a foreign company conducts only foreign economic activities outside of Curacao, it can claim zero taxation of profits. However, this rule will only apply to entities with an office and director in the state.

Features of the taxation of Curacao

Curacao’s taxes attract international business people because the taxation system here is very loyal. Foreign entrepreneurs benefit from taxation as there is no corporate tax on the income gained outside Curacao.

Accounting and financial reporting

Companies registered in Curacao are required to prepare annual financial statements and submit them by the end of March.

Capitalization requirements

There is no requirement for minimum share capital in Curacao. A minimum of one share is required. Individuals or legal entities can manage the organization, but one must be a resident.
Company registration in Curacao provides for the distribution of capital between partners in the form of shares. The rights are established based on the legal form of organization.

Required documents to set up a company

The preparation of documentation is an essential stage of the registration process. The success of the whole procedure depends on the correctness of the registration forms and paperwork. To begin with, you will need to choose a unique name for the company and check for possible matches in the public registry of local firms.
All papers must be translated into English or Dutch and certified by a certified notary. Upon applying, all documents must not be older than one month. If more than one shareholder represents the company, the shareholding of each shareholder must be indicated.
The document package includes:
The receiving party has the right to request additional documents, e.g., a certificate of no criminal record.

How much does it cost to set up a Curacao offshore company?

Opening a company in Curacao will cost you about. The price includes full legal support at all stages of registration and execution of all necessary documentation.

The final cost is influenced by the type of activity, the number of participants, and other factors. You can find out the exact price by contacting our specialists.

How Fintech Harbor Consulting specialists can help you

The country has a favourable tax climate and the loyalty of the local authorities. However, entrepreneurs who have not previously encountered the procedure of company registration in a foreign jurisdiction may have difficulties.
Difficulties primarily concern filling out registration forms, translating papers into English, and submitting documents. The slightest mistakes lead to a refusal on the part of the checking structures. As a result, you have to start the procedure again, losing time, money, and nerves.
In business, and even more so in gambling and betting, the timing of the start-up plays a decisive role. Many business people choose the most reasonable option for opening an offshore company. They delegate the procedure to a reliable consulting company.
Fintech Harbor Consulting has many years of experience registering various limited liability companies in various jurisdictions, including Curacao. Qualified specialists will support starting a business at all stages: from choosing a name for a legal entity to conducting the business of an already registered company with the help of a nominee service.
The lawyers will take care of the payment of state fees, communicate with government agencies, prepare an application, and help collect the package of corporate documents. The client will receive a registered address for one year.


Contact our team to get complete guidance and legal support.
There is no corporate taxation for the profit gained outside Curacao.
Curacao is a typical offshore jurisdiction. It has all the advantages and conveniences for those who want to incorporate a company.
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