Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investment program

In the mid-80s of the last century, a state program was launched on the islands. Its goal was to attract international investment in the local economy. The country had a lot to offer – it inherited an Anglo-Saxon legal system, a developed banking infrastructure, and a visa-free regime from the British Commonwealth.
The second passport has been fully legal and in demand among wealthy individuals from various jurisdictions for almost four decades. It is popular among citizens of Asia and Arab countries. Recently, even US residents have acquired legal status here to optimize taxation.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

Why choose Saint Kitts

Despite its modest size, this state has several advantages that can benefit the private client. The country is part of the British Commonwealth. This fact guarantees its citizens the opportunity to travel freely around the globe.
The jurisdiction enjoys an impeccable reputation, and the St Kitts citizenship by investment program is one of the oldest and most reliable. Supervisory authorities carefully screen candidates and protect their confidentiality. You can’t just buy a passport, it’s really a serious investment and everything is completely official.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

Benefits of Saint Kitts citizenship-by-investment

Provided all the documents are ready, you can become a citizen in two months. Passport processing is fast and allows you to travel to 160 countries, including the European Union and Great Britain, and it is easier to get various US visas. It is significant that, unlike other jurisdictions, status can be acquired for the whole family and be inherited. Furthermore, St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment provides an opportunity to remain incognito, which is especially important for ultra-wealthy individuals, politicians, and celebrities.
The land offers business relocation opportunities and an attractive tax regime. Profits received overseas are not subject to income tax. And a small incentive – you do not have to live in the country, learn a new language and pass exams. The entire process is remote. There is no need to travel personally to apply.

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Investment Options

In a nutshell, there are three main options – make a donation to the sustainable development fund, make a non-refundable investment in infrastructure projects, or buy property from government-accredited developers. The minimum cost starts from 150 thousand US dollars. Each of these program options has its characteristics and it is worth approaching the decision carefully and seeking help from a qualified consultant. Please contact our team for advice on the best citizenship by investment in St Kitts for your family. Kindly note that when purchasing property on the island, you can sell it after five years and return part of the wealth paid.

St Kitts citizenship by investment program requirements

The list of demands is not large. A wealthy individual with enough funds to pay the required fee or buy property on the island can obtain a second passport. There are no restrictions on age, language, or residence permit.

Procedures and time frame of the Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment Program

The first step is a confidential consultation with our team of lawyers. They will suggest the optimal type of participation. We will study your case and offer you a choice of investing in a state fund or buying real estate. Depending on your goals (residence in the country, asset protection, visa-free travel, or other), we will help you prepare documents and pass verification. After due diligence verification, we will receive a response from the government representative, and only after that, you will pay the principal fees.
All transactions are carried out only after confirmation of a successful verification. All participants in the program of economic citizenship by investment in St Kitts remain anonymous and can be sure that their data is securely protected. Third parties will not be able to access the list of passport holders. The issued document is the same as the one that all residents have. Any customs service, banks, and other organizations accept it without a problem.


Yes, the entire family can apply, including spouses, minor children, and parents. However, each member must pass due diligence, and this procedure is paid additionally. Regardless of the choice (fund investment or real estate purchase), an additional fee applies for each dependent person.
You can purchase residential property on the island from an accredited developer or make a non-refundable contribution to the state development fund.
Yes, of course. The investor can include his spouse, kids, and parents in the application. Children born after acquiring citizenship receive it automatically. The cost of participation in the program depends on the number of family members and the choice of investment path.
A certain amount of money does not guarantee a passport. The investor must have a clean reputation, not be associated with crime, have no criminal record, and be able to confirm the legality of their income. The National Immigration Commission carefully analyzes all applicants. For this reason, the program is trusted and considered one of the most reliable.
The minimum contribution starts from 150 thousand dollars and may reach 400 thousand dollars. It depends on the type of investment chosen and the number of family members. You must pay certain fees for each dependent person (child, spouse, or parent). Our company offers some of the most affordable prices on the market. Contact us for a consultation to determine the exact price based on your circumstances.
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