Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Europe . Despite the small size of its territory and a relatively small number of citizens (less than 500,000), its GDP shows growth. According to the Euro Commission, in 2022, GDP growth was 6.6%; in 2023, it is expected to be 3.1%, and in 2024 it will be 3.7%. At the same time, inflation tends to decrease: 6.1% in 2022, 4.3% promises to be in 2023, and just 2.4% in 2024.
As for GDP estimates, Statista analysts predict an increase in value to $22.27 billion by 2027. Given the size of Malta’s population, this is an excellent result, which is achieved, among other things, through the investment citizenship program. 
Fintech Harbor specialists have studied the unique offer of the Maltese authorities, namely citizenship by investment programs. They will tell you in detail about its advantages and nuances.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Malta Citizenship by Investment

Overview of Malta citizenship by investment program

The Citizenship by Investment program is relatively new, dating back to 2020. In the first few months, more than 1,800 applications were submitted from residents of other countries wishing to become Malta’s loyal subjects. And no wonder, because it is an ideal opportunity to live on the prosperous islands, as well as to get a “golden pass” to about 180 countries of the world.
Initially, the program was conceived to attract foreign investment into the country. By setting the financial bar (€1.46 million), the government planned to invest the received funds in the country’s economic well-being. The plans were destined to come true, as there were many wealthy applicants. So much so that it was necessary to limit the vacant offers and select candidates for citizenship.
Now the program is fully running, and investments are increasing every year. The government of Malta offers favorable conditions to all who plan to move to live and work in the country.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Malta Citizenship by Investment

Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta citizenship program is a gold card, which is quoted worldwide. Apart from this, quite a few other benefits are worth your time and money.
1. No restrictions on travel
All European Union and Schengen Area countries are open to Maltese passport holders. Such legal entities can freely cross the borders of more than 180 countries, travel, develop business, and receive an education.
2. Dual Citizenship
Unlike most other regions, Malta allows its citizens to hold documents from other countries. Provided that a person resides (is registered) in Malta, he/she is allowed to keep the passport of his/her native country (if it does not contradict the laws of the country of primary registration).
3. Citizenship for family members
A person can apply for citizenship for all family members by paying additional fees. Husband/wife, children, and parents – all receive Maltese passports simultaneously, as long as the other requirements are met. Moreover, children born after obtaining citizenship are immediately granted citizenship status.
A citizen does not pay tax on income received for activities in other regions. In addition, the rate is 15% on the importation of money into the country and 12% on the sale of property (the first 3 years after purchase). As for pensions, payments up to EUR 15 000 are exempt from taxation up to 40% of pension income.
5. Quality of life
Modern infrastructure, nature, medicine and security, and respect for human rights are the key benefits for which it is worth investors getting Maltese citizenship. According to the EU, Malta is considered one of the most stable regions in the world, with a high standard of living and happiness of its citizens.
Considering all of the above, you will want to get Maltese citizenship. And we will help you with that, first of all explaining the application procedure and requirements for candidates.

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How to get Malta citizenship by investment?

This process is somewhat complicated and very time-consuming. You can’t just invest an N-amount of money and become an honorary islander immediately, no matter how much you want to.
  1. You must have a 12-month residency permit.
  2. You must apply for citizenship with the agency CMA, which takes approximately 150 days to process.
  3. After the application is approved, you have to make some contributions, which depend on the length of your residency and the number of family members.
  4. After this, you (and all those in the application) take the oath of allegiance to Malta.
  5. And at the final stage, you get the cherished passport and golden ticket.
In words, the process is simple, but in practice, each candidate faces a number of inspections, bureaucratic nuances, and mandatory requirements (especially the first 5 years of citizenship).
The Maltese authorities are not interested in handing out citizenship to all comers, despite their wealth, eliminating about 23% of applications. Each candidate (as well as their family members) is carefully screened. This is primarily due to reputational risks for Malta, which is famous for its wealth and the level of order in society.

Procedures and terms of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship by investment in Malta is a set of processes that each candidate must go through on the way to the cherished goal. Conventionally the whole procedure is divided into 4 stages:
  • residence permit;
  • submission of the application;
  • confirmation or rejection of the application;
  • obtaining citizenship.
Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? But let’s take a closer look at each step.
1. Obtaining a residence permit
First, you and your family must obtain a permanent residence permit in Malta (up to 36 months). To do this, you have to submit a request to the CMA, after which you have to go through a thorough check by the authorities. This includes biometrics, personal information, bank statements, a health certificate, and international health insurance.
2. Preparing an application for citizenship
You need to apply for citizenship status within the first 12 months from the date you received your residency permit. After that, you will be re-examined by the CMA and will submit some additional documents requested by the government. Applications are processed within 120-150 days, after which your identity is either added to the list of potential citizenship candidates or not.
3. Acceptance or rejection of the application
The decision to grant you the status of a citizen of Malta is made directly by the country’s Minister. It is worth noting that, regardless of the investment size, you must live in the country for 12 to 36 months before you qualify for citizenship. Subject to the approval of the application, applicants again undergo a series of checks and only then proceed to the direct granting of citizenship.
4. Naturalization or actual receipt of a Maltese passport
If the requirements are met, you will receive a list of steps to prove your readiness to become a citizen. This also includes investments (the key amounts paid at the last step). Only after all the transactions and verification of the sources of funds paid will you be allowed to become a Maltese citizen. All that remains is to take the oath of allegiance to the country and get the cherished passport.
And it would seem that this would be the end of the procedural part, but there is one more nuance. CMA constantly monitors new citizens, their activities, place of residence, and behavior. For the first 5 years, you must be in Malta or at least have a residence permit. Otherwise, you risk losing your citizenship, regardless of the final amount of investment.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Requirements

Since the standard of living in Malta is very high, the requirements for applicants for citizenship are corresponding. It is not enough to make a certain amount of money on account of investment and expect to become an honorary resident of the island. On the contrary, you will have to go through many serious checks to confirm your interest in obtaining Malta citizenship by investment.
  • Absence of problems with obtaining visas for countries that are part of the visa-free treaty with Malta.
  • Reliability of the subject and no problems with reputation or laws.
  • No open criminal cases and generally no difficulties with law enforcement agencies.
  • No ties of any kind with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Iran, or North Korea.
  • Having citizenship of a country that is not on the list of banned countries for entry into the United States.
  • No health problems (infectious diseases, abnormalities, spreading viruses).
  • Global health insurance for a minimum amount of €30,000.
  • Proof of legality of earned and invested funds by providing bank statements for 3 months.
  • Residency in Malta for at least 12 months before the citizenship application begins.
  • Purchase or lease of real estate for a minimum of 5 years with an appraisal of the home’s value.
  • Proof of investments made, commissions paid, and non-refundable investments.
  • Desire and motivation to be part of the Maltese community, active citizenship.
As you can see, it’s an impressive list of requirements, but it’s quite logical and feasible.

Cost of Citizenship by Investment in Malta

To obtain citizenship by investment in Malta, you must make targeted contributions. As you have already guessed, key investments are required only in the last stages of citizenship processing, which reduces the financial costs in case the application is rejected. But let’s think positively and consider all the required payments, projecting them onto the 4 steps described.
1. Obtaining a residence permit
First, you have to pay €10,000 for a residence permit. Then there are government processing fees of €5,000 and €1,000 for each family member. You must also pay €27.5 per person for resident cards.
2. Proof of eligibility for citizenship
The first fee of €15,000 (€10,000 for each family member (and children 13 years and older)) is paid directly to the CMA as insurance. The second fee of €1,000 is for administrative services.
3. Confirming or rejecting the request
Here you only have to pay €500 for administrative services.
4. Naturalization
At the final stage, you pay key amounts, namely:
  • €600,000 for citizenship after 36 months or €750,000 for 12 months;
  • €50,000 for each family member;
  • €10,000 to charity.
In addition to the above, you will need either your own home (minimum value of € 700 thousand) or rental property for 5 years with an annual cost of at least €16,000.
Note that the purchase property after 5 years, you can sell, and given the market’s growth, even at a profit. While the rental property is a sunk investment, it is almost 7 times cheaper than buying a house (apartment).

Why You Should Choose Fintech Harbor Consulting for Malta Citizenship by Investment

Maltese citizenship by investment is a lucrative opportunity to settle in a sunny country with your family. Considering that there are many applicants and the vacancy rate is much lower, you may have some difficulties.
Our experts will help you understand the nuances of applying for citizenship, conduct CMA eligibility verification and calculate financial risks. With us, you can better prepare for the citizenship process and take all necessary steps in advance for 100% approval.


Friedrich Bentz: Thanks to Fintech Harbor, I got my Maltese citizenship without any problems or delays.
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Anticipating your questions, we have prepared a series of comprehensive answers to help you better understand the specifics of the procedure related to obtaining Malta residency by investment.
Literally no, formally yes. The Maltese authorities want full-fledged citizens who want to live and work on the picturesque islands and be part of the culture. So your investment has to be motivated.
It’s quite difficult because each candidate is screened through a four-pronged check of reputation, financial status, criminal element, etc.
Yes, if you pass all other stages of obtaining citizenship. Moreover, without buying or renting real estate, the path to coveted citizenship is closed for you.
The maximum allowed investment is €1.46 million per person. This includes direct investment, purchase of a house, and commission fees.
The minimum period is 12 months, the maximum period is 36 months.
You get the opportunity to live and work in one of the best countries in the world. As for the differences in financing, you will need the help of our expert, who will compare the desired regions or countries in detail.
Yes, you have to specify them in the application and make the appropriate investment and fees.
Along with the Maltese passport, you also get an EU passport, which gives you the right to move freely in Europe and live in 28 countries.
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