Seychelles Company Formation

Foreign legal entity setup is a good way to expand the boundaries of your business and increase profits. The Seychelles islands belong to the classic offshore jurisdiction. This means that locally registered firms do not have obligation to pay levy on profits, file reports, conduct activities in the country.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company registration in Seychelles

What is seychelles company formation?

Starting a business in the islands is one of the easiest on the planet. In just 24 hours, you can get a ready-made package of documents to get started. The cycle of company formation In Seychelles is very simple for non-residents. Many foreign entrepreneurs choose an IBC – a type of legal entity which can be registered without nominal capital and standard share value. This allows them to incorporate a start-up with minimal capital investment.
We offer two options to select from – the purchase of a legal entity or individual registration:
  • A ready-made legal entity is a previously registered organisation. It has a history, name and address. This option is suitable if there is no time for paperwork and the title of the firm is not that important. The business organisation can be used to create holding structures, to register royalties or copyrights and many more.
  • If the name is of fundamental importance and there is enough time to go through the whole process from beginning to end, then we can help you with the registration from scratch. To learn more, contact our legal team.
Our specialists undertake all the necessary preparatory work:
  • Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Resolution on Appointment of director, meeting of founders and minutes of the shareholders meeting required for Company formation Seychelles;
  • Filling out of necessary application and apostilling;
  • Payment for office, mailing address, registration agent;
  • Nominee services, including manager and/or secretary;
  • Delivery of documents to your office by courier service.
The good news for busy entrepreneurs is that Seychelles company formation can be made remotely. You don’t have to visit the islands in person and file paperwork. You don’t even have to come to the Fintech Harbor office! All registration and filing is done online. If you need to submit original documents, we will send them to the registration agent via DHL. And when everything is ready, you will receive your certificate of registration and seal also via courier. We work in such a way as to minimize time costs and make our clients’ lives easier. We’ll do all the paperwork, and customers can concentrate on important business tasks.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company registration in Seychelles

Steps to Company registration in seychelles

Briefly, the procedure is as follows:
  • Contact Fintech Harbor for advice, provide a passport and proof of address. Our lawyers will reach out to the local registration agent.
  • Next comes the choice of legal form. Most often, non-residents select international business companies (IBCs). All applications for Seychelles offshore company formation are completed online, no personal presence is required. Documents must be translated into English and certified by a notary.
  • In a few weeks, expect the original constituent documents.
  • The last step is opening a bank account and reporting.
Important nuance: some activities, such as insurance and banking, are not available to non-residents. Such firms will be considered local and there is no special tax regime for them, they will pay income tax on a general basis.
At the end of the first year from the date of registration, each legal entity must submit annual reports. The failure will result in delisting from the public register. In 2022 there were changes in the law on companies. Now you need to keep accounting records and send them to the local office every six months. All financial documents must be kept at the company office in the islands.

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Benefits related to starting an offshore company in Seychelles

Entrepreneurs can count on the following bonuses:
  • Local legal entities are some of the cheapest and most affordable in the service;
  • The authorities of the islands have not implemented any restrictions on the residents of countries that are on the sanctions lists;
  • Seychelles company registration can be completed remotely through a registration agent;
  • If an institution receives profits outside the country, no income tax is levied;
  • There is no registry of beneficiaries, so beneficiary owners can count on a high level of confidentiality;
  • No minimum share capital requirement;
  • The state is not blacklisted, and local IBCs have a good reputation;
  • No monetary control. Firms can operate in any currency and have an account in any bank in the world;
  • The registration procedure is as simple and fast as possible;
  • No need to have a physical office on the island, to hire employees and pay rent.
As for revenue enhancement, everything is very simple – non-residents do not pay income tax on income received outside the country. Company registration in Seychelles allows one to build an international tax efficient structure and conduct international commercial activities in a safe way.

Our Consulting Services

An experienced team of lawyers and fintech consultants is ready to help you in the development and legal support of your business. Our service include but are not limited to:
  • Full range of corporate support including company registration in Seychelles and other jurisdictions worldwide;
  • Tax consulting and building tax efficient corporate structures;
  • Opening personal and corporate accounts in reputable banks;
  • Seychelles forex license, crypto, and other licensed activities
  • Intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, brand protection;
  • Consulting for IT, bloggers, cyber-sports and entertainment industries.
We work with full anonymity and NDA. Our team combines classical legal knowledge with new trendy fintech projects.


I went to Fintech Harbor to register a subsidiary. The team worked quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
It was a pleasure working with these lawyers. Already 2 weeks after the first contact, I received a complete set of documents to get started. The result exceeded my expectations.


You can buy a ready-made registered legal entity or go through the whole process from the beginning. We will be happy to advise you free of charge about the available options. To get an answer to your question, please contact us by email or phone.
Yes, a citizen of any country can become the owner of an organization on the islands. Moreover, for non-residents who plan to conduct their business outside the country, there is a special tax regime and facilitated tax reporting.
The standard requirement for founders is to provide personal information for each managing director and shareholder, including date of birth and residence address (for an individual) or corporate information (for a legal entity). Usually a copy of passport and proof of address for individuals is sufficient. State authorities are loyal to entrepreneurs and have simplified the process of Seychelles offshore company incorporation as much as possible.
If you want to buy a ready-made entity, it only takes one day. Registering from scratch lasts four to six days. However, forwarding power of attorney from an agent in the islands typically takes a few more days. As a rule, registration of company in Seychelles is successfully completed within a month of contacting Fintech Harbor.
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