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Modern technologies have forever changed the paradigms of entrepreneurship and law. In the IT industry, many concepts differ from conventional ones. For example, a firm is no longer required to have a physical office and manufacturing facilities. Employees may be located in different parts of the world and in different time zones. And communication is carried out by digital methods, while data is stored in the digital cloud. Also, the concept of “product” and “service” takes on another meaning. The geniuses of information technology often create something that the law cannot define. In this case, the governments of many countries have to adapt and keep up with the times, creating regulations for new types of commercial activities. The most striking examples of recent years are cryptocurrencies, digital money, FX exchanges, and many others.
IT startups occupy a special niche. Often a new venture created by a group of enthusiasts does not have a reputation in the market. Still, a potentially promising product may interest investors and consumers. In order to receive funding and, consequently, opportunities for development, a startup needs to work out the legal part of it in a quality manner. Given the high competition and recent cases of fraud, investors have become more cautious, wiser, and more attentive, which means their lawyers carefully examine every document under a magnifying glass.
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Services for the IT industry

We offer full support from A to Z at any stage of your business, including but not limited to:
  • Company registration – the choice of the optimal jurisdiction in terms of the vital interests of the owner and a suitable taxation regime, preparation of all documents for state authorities;
  • Legal verification (due diligence) of existing IT companies in the framework of current activities;
  • Fintech lawyers in the IT industry develop an optimal workflow scheme for project implementation and prepare contract templates between business participants and clients;
  • Audit of existing documents, risk analysis, optimization proposals, development of a user agreement and/or offer agreement, agreement on the use of electronic signature, privacy policy, rules for processing personal data, consent to the processing of personal data, etc. (for the customer’s Internet platform);
  • International trademark registration (EU, USA, World). Brand claims are a reliable way to protect against plagiarism, which is especially all-important given the nature of IT products, which can be easily copied or modified.
  • IP protection of software. Any products can be protected, for example, antiviruses, user interfaces, electronic payment systems, database management systems, mobile applications, geolocation programs, network games, search engines, neural networks and artificial intelligence, mining farms, algorithms;
  • Business account opening with reliable international banks in any currency, which provide reliability and at the same time flexibility and comfortable conditions for lightning-fast transactions;
  • Merchant accounts are set up for online sellers and trading platforms, that ensure fast processing of payments from users all over the planet;
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