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Few polities today are as profitable and ideal for registration, opening, and doing business as America. Thanks to developed business culture and benefits, many small firms have been able to transform into successful multinational corporations. The country itself is federal, includes 50 states and some offshore territories (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam Island, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands).
Registering a company in the USA makes sense if only for these reasons: this country ranks first in terms of nominal GDP, the headquarters of a large number of transatlantic corporations are based here, and the richest people live here (Forbes list). This opens up great opportunities for the entrepreneur. So, owning a registered company, you can apply to the social institution for supporting start-ups and freely find any investors.
A business will become easier to build and run if you choose the right state to register. Taxation has a three-tier system. At the state level, taxes vary, at the federal level both LLCs and C-corps pay taxes, and the federal corporate tax is 21%. The top 10 states for doing business are Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nevada (no corporate, personal income tax), Nevada has a tax on revenue, Alaska – no sales and personal income tax.
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Why do you need to register a company in the USA?

The advantages of USA company registration are obvious: the English language is used by official authorities, the work of some institutions under the Anglo-Saxon law system (trusts), one of the highest purchasing power of consumers in the world, the ability to work with American agents who prefer non-foreign companies. Well-established corporate practices, clear legislation, and flexible predictable regulation are also a plus. With USA company registration, the size of the authorized capital is minimal and not established. Additional opportunities are open to eCommerce entrepreneurs. You can sell on Walmart, work with suppliers from the United States, sell categories of goods that are not allowed for sale by individuals.
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Benefits of among registration agents in the USA will be happy to take care of your interests during company registration in the USA. Our experts will provide a full range of services for manufacturers, business owners in IT and E-commerce, taking into account all the specifics. At the consultation, you can get detailed answers to your questions, learn the important details of company registration and tax optimization. We will help you choose the form of ownership, the structure that suits your business. Our lawyer will provide support for the transaction and inform you about the stages of registration.

Steps to set up a firm in the USA

When creating corporations, it is essential to know the forms of ownership: C-corporation, Single-member LLC, Partnership LLC. Registration of a company in the United States by non-residents is possible in the form of C-Corp. S-Corp is a hybrid of an LLC and a Corporation and is only available to residents. The main difference between LLC and C-corp is the structure and taxation. LLC is more suitable for starting a business, as it has a progressive tax rate. And C-corporation is a great option with a profit of more than $84,000. The interested person can choose the type of company and the state of incorporation (this is only possible at the state level). The most common for registration are Wyoming, Florida, and Delaware.
To register a business in the US you need to collect and submit the documents to the state administration (the Secretariat). This is followed by entering the company into the US Internal Revenue Service and obtaining a Federal Tax ID. The founder needs to confirm his financial position and open a bank account (pay state fees, transfer the authorized contribution to a local bank account). To receive business correspondence, you must specify the legal address, appoint the director of the organization and prepare all internal corporate documents.


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In the United States, the presence of authorized capital is not implied when opening a company, unlike in Europe. You just need to enter your company in the company register and then in the tax register.

There are public and confidential sources for verifying a US company in the US. The United States company register is closed in Wyoming and Delaware. Open resources include data on the structure of the legal entity, constituent documents, and lists of directors. The second is already closed information, special access is needed.

You can check whether a corporation has been established in public registries. These are commercial register USA, property registry, judicial, etc. State registries are regional. And the national ones are EDGAR (registry of the Securities and Exchange Commission), PrivCo (contains information on private companies with income of $1 million), the Thomas Manufacturers Register (, the database of all State Registrars ( business-services/corporate-registration), Crunchbase (base of startups and investors), Better Business Bureau (base of legal entities working with consumers) and others.

We can quickly register a business in the USA if you use the services of specialized lawyers from Starting a business comes with some specifics that our lawyers can explain in detail. For example, if you want to attract external investment, it will be recommended to choose C-corp. Due to the peculiarities of the tax system, professional investors will not invest in an LLC.

There is no doubt that business registration USA has a number of advantages, like obtaining loans from US banks, working in foreign markets in the B2B sphere, optimal taxes, stability, lack of bribes and state control, the opportunity to get a Green Card after 5 years of successful business and become a US citizen.

Economically, it is much more profitable to conduct business as a legal entity. But it is better to register a company if its activity is more than 6 months, the turnover is above 30 thousand dollars per month, also if you plan to attract investments or sell a business. State support for business in the United States is also important – this is a real program that operates from year to year. This country will always support you and will not interfere unless you need it.