Lawyers for Startups

When you have an idea about how to build a business, a model of how you generally see your future startup is “born” in your head.
Only startup lawyers can “package” your business into a “legal package” in accordance with the legislation of the country where you plan to establish your business.
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Legal Help for Startups

In more than one legal system in the world, or in any country’s intellectual property legislation, an idea in itself is not protected by law. An agreement or contract is protected by law. And such a document must be drawn up legally, taking into account all the pitfalls. Therefore, legal services and legal assistance to startups are crucial to ensure compliance with legal requirements depending on the chosen jurisdiction of the future startup. Among the basic areas where it may be useful.
Startup legal services include:
  • business structuring including corporate governance: qualified lawyers can advise on the most suitable legal structure for your startup. It is important to remember that each structure has different liability, tax and governance implications;
  • compliance with legal requirements: startups must comply with various laws and regulations that are mandatory in the country of incorporation of such a startup. For example, a lawyer can help ensure compliance with data privacy in Europe under the GDPR (EU) or in the USA, in California, guided by the CCPA;
  • preparation of legal documents and company registration: lawyers can help with the preparation of documents necessary to establish a company as a legal entity, as well as register such a legal entity;
  • contractual work: startups often need various contracts and agreements, ranging from a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to a Master Service Agreement (MSA). Legal experts can draft and negotiate these agreements to protect your interests;
  • protection of intellectual property (IP): virtually every start is associated with intellectual property: be it patents for inventions, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets. Lawyers specialising in intellectual property law can help register and protect intellectual property rights if necessary;
  • dispute resolution. Startups can inevitably face legal disputes, ranging from disgruntled employees to competitors in pre-court and in-court legal proceedings;
  • general legal advice. A startup always faces different areas of law: from corporate to labor. At times, there is a need to obtain good and qualified advice on how best to employ an employee who, for example, does not have a work permit or how to correctly respond to tax authorities.
The list of what legal assistance for startups includes is “open”: the faster technology develops, the more new branches of law arise and related issues that need to be resolved.

Why Startups Need Legal Advice

Classic ways of doing business have not yet «go by the board», but startups have occupied their own niche along with the usual business models. When developing a startup business, a client needs legal support from reliable business startup lawyers from the very beginning, as soon as you decide to register your business. When working with a startup, one of the main factors is flexibility. Flexibility and effective legal services for startups are crucial. Without significant experience, they are difficult to secure.
Startups need legal advice for:
  • compliance with legal requirements when registering a startup;
  • risk management, minimising or avoiding them in order to protect the interests of the startup and its shareholders;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • giving the correct legal form to agreements between partners – creating contracts and amendments to them in order to protect the interests of the startup and minimise the likelihood of disputes;
  • dispute resolution to minimise possible losses and reputational risks;
  • strategic management of a startup.
Timely startup lawyer consultation is necessary for a startup both at the stage of building a business and throughout the entire period of development of a startup in order to protect interests and achieve business success.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Start-up`s

Startup Lifecycle: Legal Guidance

High-quality legal assistance is of enormous importance at every stage of startup development, in particular:
Stage 1 – preliminary: each process and the creation of a startup is no exception; it has basic elements, the correct choice of which is the foundation for the further development of the company. So, this stage begins with the choice of the startup structure, the corporate governance structure and the registration of the business itself.
It is also critical at this stage to identify and protect potential intellectual property assets. Highly qualified trademark lawyers for startups will help you register a trademark and correctly evaluate the intellectual property objects inherent in a startup.
Stage 2 – launching the startup: when the company is registered and there is an understanding of who plays what role, it is important to think about counterparties. At this stage, the work of legal support for startups to “occupy the leading” because how the lawyers prepare the contract, on what terms they agree, what risks they will take into account is how the work with future partners of startups will proceed in the future. At this stage, it is important to take into account all the legal subtleties of application and compliance with laws in a particular jurisdiction.

Stage 3 – the startup gradually begins to function as a single mechanism. At this stage, the legal adviser negotiates and draws up draft agreements. A skilled negotiator lawyer knows how to draw up good contracts that will “work” for the benefit of a startup, which will help scale the business and bring it to a serious level. As soon as the start-up’s work has been established, the question arises of how to employ personnel: register the workforce as a labour collective or conclude an agreement? what conditions to offer? A startup lawyer is responsible for all this.

Stage 4 – legal support for the established process of functioning of the startup. At this stage: annual meetings of directors are held, dividends are paid (if provided) and other corporate formalities are observed. There may be a need to merge with other startups or absorb newly created but already promising startups. The process of M&A and initial public offering (IPO), mergers, acquisitions or other strategies for a startup to go international cannot be done without a strong team of business startup lawyers.

By collaborating with professional lawyers, startups can make development plans, and lawyers can implement them while minimising their client’s risks.

Our Legal Services

FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING specialists have extensive experience in many areas, among the most popular requests among clients:
  • business registration: from analysing the client’s business model to creating a company in a specific jurisdiction. We also help to register a subsidiary or branch;
  • opening accounts in banks and EMI: having created a company, there is a need to make payments from activities. We offer optimal solutions for opening accounts;
  • – business licensing: obtaining gambling or brokerage licenses;
  • protection of intellectual property: lawyers of FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING, being trademark lawyers for startups, register trademarks and protect copyrights and property rights;
  • crypto and blockchain: we are always ready to offer you ready-made solutions taking into account the client’s wishes;
  • contractual activities: we draw up agreements with partners, employees and investors to protect the client’s legitimate interests;
  • preparation of legal documentation: obtaining certificates of good standing, legal opinions, permits and other legal consultations;
  • client representation before government authorities, correspondence with agents, regulators, and representatives of various institutions related to the client’s request;
  • ongoing legal services: FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING lawyers also carefully check the latest changes in legislation and provide advice on the changes and impact on your business as a client.

All of the above is a list of discoveries. For the lawyers of FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING, nothing is impossible. We believe that with the right approach to a problem, you can always find a solution.

Why Choose Us

On the website of any law firm for startups, you, as a future consumer of the service or just a reader, will find a dozen explanations of why this company or individual lawyer is the best.
FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING is no exception. But what sets us apart from other similar fintech companies is that each client is unique to us. Each new request is considered in detail and in-depth.
You have an idea,  the lawyers of Fintech Harbor Consulting LTD know how to put your idea on paper using the “letter of the law.” If the same clients turn to us for legal support for their startups, for consultations, for studying contracts, this means that these clients, in the person of FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING, have received a reliable legal adviser. Agree that there are a lot of lawyers, but to find a really cool specialist – a tech startup lawyer or a fintech startup lawyer – you need to go through a lot of acquaintances.
There will be no legal document – someone else will make money on your idea. Don’t dream for free, build your business with the help of lawyers for startups – reliable legal advisors FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING.
Legal services for startups is an area in which FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING has repeatedly proven its value.


The UK is one of the preferred jurisdictions for startups. The government encourages and promotes new businesses. Yet, not every startup entrepreneur can understand the processes and documentation to launch a startup. You cannot do without a specialist, such as a startup lawyer. A lawyer for startups is an indispensable specialist in the initial stages of business development in the UK. A startup lawyer has extensive knowledge of legal formalities. They will help you create a solid legal foundation for your business’s launch. You’ll get long-term success.
A start-up lawyer aims to help a new business succeed and capitalize on its product.
Our startup lawyers have supported businesses of all sizes from various industries for many years. Thanks to this experience, we can offer high-quality services.
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