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Every year more than 300 million startups are registered in the world. Most of the new businesses are in the United States, but European and Asian markets are also not far behind. The term startup means a young company or commercial project created with the aim of implementing a new idea, technology, or invention. Such companies are usually at the development stage of promising innovations. But not every new project can be called a startup. Unlike an ordinary business project, a startup involves uniqueness and innovation.
Many startups are looking to attract potential investors and get funding. Therefore, a brilliant idea alone is not enough. Young entrepreneurs need to incorporate a business entity and prepare development plans and a lot of documentation. It is also important to protect your project or invention from competitors and scammers. We can say that high-quality legal support is one of the cornerstones of startup success.
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Who can our startup lawyers help?

Fintech Harbor team has experience in working with projects of different scales. Because of this, our fintech attorneys can assist startups from many industries. These include finance, IT, agriculture, trade, foreign trade, etc.
If you plan to launch a startup and want to understand the legal aspects, contact Fintech Harbor for a consultation. Our startup lawyer will answer all your questions and provide professional legal support. This will allow you to avoid many problems arising from improper planning and structuring activities.

Why do you need legal advice for a startup?

If you’re running a startup, legal services are something you’re unlikely to succeed without.
It is well known that a startup’s critical task is attracting investment to its project. And for this purpose, it is not enough to make a bright and impressive advertisement. The investor must believe in the startup’s prospects and its founder’s responsibility. The founder also needs to have confidence in the investor and partners.
Sometimes, a great business idea is sold for very little money. This can happen when the idea’s creator signs a contract without understanding the financial terms.
To avoid such situations, you need a startup lawyer.
A start-up lawyer will help to save time and money, assess risks and avoid unpleasant surprises at the beginning. You will need a lawyer for startup in each of the following business processes:
  • set up a company in the UK or other jurisdictions;
  • open corporate accounts;
  • draft employment contracts, hire and fire employees;
  • negotiate with counterparties;
  • control of compliance with the current legislation of all contracts and agreements;
  • control of legal validity of internal documentation of the organization, including orders and instructions;
  • participation in all reorganization processes at firms and enterprises;
  • register activities of subsidiaries and branches;
  • legal support and advice;
    participation in dispute resolution;
  • help with the registration of trademarks and obtaining patents;
  • legal issues on various penalties and fines, interaction with state authorities;
  • participation in product certification;
  • get certificates, licenses, and other working documents, permits, and documents confirming product quality.
You will also need startup legal advice to:
  • structure the company;
  • prepare agreements and documents;
  • register the TM and open an account.
It’s important to note that all entrepreneurs, even those who follow the law, may need Legal Advice for Startup Businesses. Issues with other businesses, government agencies, or third parties can arise and must be resolved by company management.
It is not always realistic to settle disputes with one’s own efforts. In many conflict situations, an experienced start-up lawyer must intervene. Otherwise, there are considerable risks for businesses. Thus, you should not neglect such a service as Legal Support for Business Startups.
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Stages of startup formation and the role of a lawyer

  1. The birth of an idea. If several partners are involved in the creation of a startup, it is essential to determine the authorship to avoid claims and disputes. This determination is a reliable way to fix the right of authorship. It will protect the founders of a business idea from intellectual theft. And it will provide an opportunity for further development through the sale of a patented idea through a franchise.
  2. The design of the idea. A lawyer will help draw up an agreement of intent, distribute the shares of each participant, and choose the legal form and taxation system.
  3. The attraction of investments. 90% of startups receive funding from either the state, private individuals, or commercial foundations.
  4. Registration of relations with investors. Lawyers will help to prescribe in detail all the nuances of the interaction.
    Sale of a startup. A franchise in the modern business world is a very common way to develop a startup. A commercial concession agreement is only one of the options and not a complete sale of a startup, but only a part of business techniques. The exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity or to a means of individualization passes from the right holder to the acquirer at the time of the conclusion of the contract on the alienation of the exclusive right.
  5. Protection of intellectual property. Disputes related to the transfer of the right to exclusive rights are possible when one of the parties behaves in bad faith. For example, continues to use the transferred right or does not pay the remuneration stipulated by the agreement. Thus, now more and more ideas need legal protection. And more and more enterprising citizens are turning to a lawyer for legal support.

Legal services for start-ups

Fintech Harbor lawyers are ready to help in any business process and reduce time and financial costs and avoid risks. We are competent in the following areas:
  • incorporation of a legal entity (including the preparation of all constituent documents, filing applications with state bodies of different jurisdictions);
  • selection of the optimal tax regime and paperwork;
  • opening corporate bank accounts and merchant accounts in the country of registration and abroad;
  • drafting contracts with staff, contractors, and investors;
  • audit of activities for compliance with current legislation;
  • assistance in the reorganization of the company (establishment of subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, sale of corporate rights);
  • legal support and advice on various issues;
  • registration of trademarks, obtaining patents and licenses, obtaining quality certificates for inventions and similar documents.
Proper paperwork is a must for every new business, especially for start-ups that embody new ideas. In order to become commercially successful and subsequently benefit from your invention, it must be properly “packaged” with necessary licenses, and legal and financial frameworks.
An experienced team of Fintech Harbour experts is ready to help you with your startup. Through a network of affiliated partners, we provide support in many jurisdictions. When contacting you, complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Why Choose Startup Solicitors Fintech Harbor Consulting?

Startup lawyers at our company have extensive experience in legal support for startups, including various digital projects. We provide top-quality startup legal advice. We tailor our services to each client and offer flexible pricing.
Our startup lawyers work with all clients permanently. They guarantee full confidentiality of all the information and documents. We will provide comprehensive support. We also prepare documentation at all stages of the launch of your startup and its development.


The UK is one of the preferred jurisdictions for startups. The government encourages and promotes new businesses. Yet, not every startup entrepreneur can understand the processes and documentation to launch a startup. You cannot do without a specialist, such as a startup lawyer. A lawyer for startups is an indispensable specialist in the initial stages of business development in the UK. A startup lawyer has extensive knowledge of legal formalities. They will help you create a solid legal foundation for your business’s launch. You’ll get long-term success.
A start-up lawyer aims to help a new business succeed and capitalize on its product.
Our startup lawyers have supported businesses of all sizes from various industries for many years. Thanks to this experience, we can offer high-quality services.
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