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The gaming business develops rapidly and is considered one of the most profitable activities in the world. As we can see, the number of players grows every year. New establishments are opened for betting, and investments increase.
A gaming license on the island of Anjouan/Comoros Islands represents one of the most favorable choices for licensing a gambling business.
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Why obtain a gaming license?

You must invest money and get a license to start your gaming project. It allows you to operate legally. In addition, it increases the popularity of online casinos because companies with authorisation are associated with safety and reliability.
Gaming permits are issued in many jurisdictions, but the most popular lately is Anjouan, Comoros. There is more flexibility than, for example, in more well-known jurisdictions such as Curacao or Malta.
Comoros legislation pays particular attention to the development of its offshore activities. They adopted new laws, regulating a dynamic approach and aiming to ensure maximum security in transactions and the fight against illicit money laundering activities.
This included the law on gaming, which allows the registration of online casinos in the country.
Currently, Anjouan has an effective customer-oriented financial policy. Also, the government attracts foreign experts in the field, who can help to develop the sector further.

Benefits of Comoros gaming license

The Comoros gaming license has the following advantages:
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Types of gaming licenses for Anjouan, Comoros

The Union of the Comoros issues a gaming license allowing bookmakers to accept bets, companies to open poker rooms and online casinos and conduct bingo lotteries remotely. There is a single Comoros gaming license that applies to all types of gaming.
Licensing and regulation in Comoros, including Anjouan, are carried out by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.
The company must be registered as an IBC (international business company). IBC is not considered a resident for tax purposes and can be created in several days. We should note that such companies cannot own real estate in Anjouan.

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The cost of gaming licenses

The cost of a gaming license depends on the jurisdiction and its type. Annual fees, commissions, and taxes imposed by the legislature also vary from region to region.
Anjouan gaming license will cost about $24 000. You will have to pay the same amount to the regulator every year.
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Documentation required to obtain a gaming license in Comoros

The list of documents required to obtain a license:
All licensed companies must use Comorian financial institutions for banking.
In each state, in accordance with local laws, the issuing procedure and the required package of documents may be different, so you need to seek help from specialists who know all the features and nuances of the process.
Our experts are ready to assist in the preparation of documents and provide support throughout the entire process.
With us, you receive a complete set of competent and comprehensive legal services, which reduces the time spent on finding legal specialists for each transaction and saves on financial expenses. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get quick and professional assistance!


The cost of issuing a license is around $24 000. You will need to pay a similar amount to the regulator each year.
If all the requirements are met, obtaining a gaming license in Comoros is quite fast, about 2-3 months.
To open a gaming business in Comoros, you must first register a company and obtain a license. Comoros gaming license not only allows you to open a land or online casino legally but also is a sign of legitimacy and the stability of the gaming business. It also affects the trust and loyalty of your audience.
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