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The gambling business develops rapidly and is considered one of the most profitable activities in the world. As we can see, the number of players grows every year. New establishments are opened for betting, and investments increase.
You must invest money and get a license to start your project. All jurisdictions of the world follow this rule and strictly monitor if registered businesses adhere to its terms and conditions.
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Receiving permission is the only way to operate legally. In addition, it increases the popularity of online casinos because companies with authorisation are associated with safety and reliability.
Gambling permits are issued in many jurisdictions, but the most popular lately is Anjouan, Comoros. There is more flexibility than in more well-known jurisdictions such as Curacao or Malta.
For example, to obtain a gambling license in Curacao, your company’s servers must be located in the territory of its jurisdiction. Comoros does not impose such a requirement, so servers can be located anywhere in the world.
Comoros legislation pays particular attention to the development of its offshore activities. They adopted new laws, regulating a dynamic approach and aiming to ensure maximum security in transactions and the fight against illicit money laundering activities.
This included the law on gambling, which allows the registration of land-based and online casinos in the country.
Currently, Anjouan has an effective customer-oriented financial policy. Also, the government attracts foreign experts in the field, who can help to develop the sector further.

Benefits of Obtaining a Comoros Gaming License

The Comoros gaming license has the following advantages:
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Costs and Fees for Obtaining a Comoros Gaming License

The gambling license cost depends on the jurisdiction and its type. Annual fees, commissions, and taxes imposed by the legislature also vary from region to region.
Anjouan gambling license will cost about $24,000. You will have to pay the same amount to the regulator every year.
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Requirements for Obtaining a Comoros Gaming License

Financial requirements: Applicants could have to show that they have the finances and stability necessary to run a gaming business. Providing bank references, economic statements, and evidence of funds are a few examples of this.

Background checks: To make sure they are qualified for a gaming license, applicants and important employees of the gambling industry may be subject to a detailed background investigation.

Player protection measures: Applicants can be asked to outline how they intend to guarantee responsible gaming and player protection, including how they will stop underage gambling and deal with gambling addiction.

Application procedure: Typically, this entails submitting an application to the Comoros regulatory body in question. The application may ask for comprehensive details about the business or person requesting authorization, such as ownership structure, financial information, and business plans.

Location and facilities: If applicable, information on the actual site or facilities where the gaming activity will take place should be supplied.

Security and data protection: A significant portion of the application process typically include taking steps to guarantee the security of player data and financial transactions.

Gaming systems and software: Comprehensive details, such as game security and fairness metrics, may be needed for the systems and software to be employed in gaming.

Obtaining a Comoros Gaming License on Anjouan and Mwali Islands

You can obtain a gaming license on the islands of Anjouan or Mwali (Moheli), which are part of the Union of the Comoros.
The Anjouan gambling license is considered to be the most affordable among the offshore gaming licenses, which makes it a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to open their own online casino. This cost-effective option allows businesses to enter the online gaming industry without incurring excessive financial burdens, while enjoying the benefits of a recognised and regulated jurisdiction.
Companies can legally launch online gaming and gambling platforms using the Mwali gaming license, which is issued by Moheli Corporate Services and regulated by the Moheli Offshore Finance Authority. The Moheli gaming license, among other things, allows the use of multiple brands on multiple websites, provided that each of them bears a digital trust stamp from the Moheli International Services Authority and the name of the owner, which increases the credibility and transparency of the websites.


A number of requirements must be fulfilled by prospective licensees, including as sound financial standing, professional experience, and adherence to moral business conduct.
If all the requirements are met, obtaining a gambling license in Comoros is quite fast, about 1-2 days.
Following issuance of a license, holders are frequently obliged to file reports on a regular basis and submit to audits in order to verify continued compliance and make necessary corrections. Candidates must exhibit their readiness and capacity to abide by Comoros’s specific gaming laws and ordinances.
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