Czech republic company register

The state is one of the most attractive locations for doing business in Europe. Here you can buy both a ready-made company and set up a new legal entity. It is available both to citizens and foreign residents. Thanks to a local firm, you can manage your international business, both in the homeland and living anywhere in the world.
It is worth noting that there is still some bureaucracy, so it will not be possible to incorporate an establishment quickly, unlike in Western European countries. And if you can make an entry in the Czech Republic company register remotely through our law firm, then to get a corporate account, you still have to visit the country.
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Why do you need to register a company in Czech republic?

Although it may not be easy to enlist a commercial company in the Czech company register, it does provide certain privileges. First, it is a stable economic and political situation and an attractive place to live in general. If you really live in this country and manage businesses in it, then over time you can get a residence permit.
Also, the residence permit of the Czech Republic allows you to move freely within the EU, establish your own business, open a bank account, rent or purchase real estate, as well as rent out your property. Moreover, a residence permit grants the right to receive education in the country and issuing invitations for foreign citizens for up to 90 days. But most importantly, after 5 years of living, you get the right to permanent residence, and after another 5 years, you will be able to apply for a Czech passport.
Also, the legal framework should be taken into account:
For company registration in the Czech Republic, it is not necessary to include local citizens on the board of directors or as co-founders. And the size of the authorized capital is only 20,000 Czech korunas (CZK), which is less than 1,000 US dollars. This is the generally accepted amount. Although the law requires a minimum capital of one koruna, the state record-keeper is suspicious of such firms, so it is better to deposit 20 thousand after all.
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Benefits of among registration companies in Czech republic

If you are only looking for a suitable jurisdiction for your business, you can always get help and full advice on this issue from our consultants. We have been supporting entrepreneurs in Europe for several years. Therefore, we will guide you through all stages of the process from entering the company in the Czech business register to opening a bank account, obtaining a VAT number, and setting up an office in any city in this country.
We will also advise you on the specifics of local taxation and help you complete all the formalities for a successful business. Our lawyers will draft the complete bundle of papers and submit the essential applications. You will receive the statutory documents at your office via courier delivery or at a personal meeting with us. It usually takes 15-20 business days to register a company in the Czech Republic from the date of application.

Steps to register a company in Czech republic

In the beginning, you need to choose the right form of doing business. This can be a Limited Liability Company (S.R.O.), a joint-stock company (A.S.), a public company (V.O.S.), or a cooperative (družstvo). Also, a private person can register as an individual entrepreneur (živnostenský list). Typically, this form is selected by small shops and service industries without employees. Most often, SRO and AS are registered.
At the second stage, you need to check the name of the future establishment in the Czech commercial register so that it is not duplicated by a previously registered business. The owner of the company must provide a certificate of good conduct, register a legal address for 1 year and set up a bank account. All submitted applications must be translated into Czech.
After paying the state fees, it is essential to prepare a notarized memorandum of association, register the company with the Commercial Court and the Financial Department and make sure to produce a seal. Be certain to register the address of the organization at which correspondence will be received from all government agencies. After the end of the process, the record about the company will appear on the official state website of the Czech Trade Register, and will be available to the public.


My children study in the Czech lands. Therefore, I decided to move my business to this country. The lawyers of Fintech Harbor accompanied the whole process very competently. I recommend them as professionals.
The potential of this Eastern European land is huge and the labor of hired employees is cheaper. Therefore, starting a business here was a great idea. I did not regret that I applied to Fintech Harbor, the relocation process went very smoothly.


All data on individual entrepreneurs and large companies in this country are open to public access. Just go to the site of the commercial register Czech Republic to check information about a particular organization.

The website is available in Czech and also in English. To find a counterparty, you need to know either the identification code of the company or its full name. Search by legal address is also available. This resource is free. On it, you can find out the contact details of the company, its address, information about branches and representative offices.
Yes, of course, you can business register Czech Republic. Local legislation allows you to open a business for both citizens of the state and foreigners. In this case, a foreign person can reside in the republic or live in any other country. The process of entering the trade register in the Czech Republic is carried out remotely. The only thing you need to visit the land is to open an account in a local bank.

However, if you apply for a residence permit, you still have to settle here for at least 5 years and live for a decade to apply for citizenship.
Yes, this is a very interesting country in terms of commercial activity. The economy is stable and local government stimulates foreign investors. In addition, the local population has a good education, speaks foreign languages, and wages are lower than in Western Europe or the USA. Therefore, moving production or an office here can be cost-effective.

The Czech Republic also has good transport links with EU countries and a single time zone, which makes it easier to work with European clients. The country is not considered offshore, so companies listed in the Czech Republic trade register, have a good reputation in the international arena.