Company registration in Poland

Today there are more and more reasons for company registration in Poland. This is transparent legislation, a lot of skilled workers, a common time zone with the European Community, an educated, civilized, and democratic society. In terms of the size of the economy in Europe, Poland is ranked 6th place in terms of GDP and is one of the most stable and rapidly developing countries. In addition, it is quite easy to open a business, even for foreigners.
Registration of a company in the Polish court registrar (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) can take from several days to 2 weeks, and making changes to an established company – 3-4 months.
Company registration — Company registration in Poland

Why do you need to incorporate a firm in Poland?

The Polish business registrationis simpler than it might seem at first glance. Participation in the board or the position of director of a Polish citizen is not required. There are no territorial or cultural barriers; air, rail, and road communications are well established. With the S24 electronic system, you can open your company remotely.
Registration of an LLC does not require a large authorized capital (usually at least 5,000 Polish zlotys or 1,200-1,250 Euros). It is not mandated to deposit funds into a bank account. The owner can apply for a residence permit after 6 months of the company’s activity and permanent residence for living in Europe after 5 years from the date of getting a residency. Businesses can get a European loan at low rates, they range from 3.5-5.5% in euros. There are also subsidies for small and medium-sized firms.
Company registration — Company registration in Poland

Benefits of among registration companies in Poland

If you want to carry out company registration in Poland, you cannot do without qualified legal assistance. For example, the company’s name must be unique (it must have the designation Sp. z o.o.). Our experts will help you check if other companies have similar names in the register. Some offices enlist firms with similar titles, which is not allowed. Because of this, the registrar may return the submitted documents. In addition, a company with a name similar to yours may have a registered trademark and prevent you from using your name. In some cases, it will require compensation for damages. consultants will advise you on choosing the enterprise form and the intricacies of organizing a business in Poland. By the way, when starting your enterprise, the most common form is LLC (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością). An LLC can be registered by one or a group of founders. Only then is it possible to do a full economic activity under the leadership of an elected board of directors consisting of one or more individuals.

Steps to set up an enterprise in Poland

Company formation in Poland begins with the choice of the type of activity. This is followed by applying for a license (depending on the scope of business), providing information about the founders, preparing a charter in Polish, drawing up a lease agreement for a legal address, and filling out all necessary forms and documents in Polish.
Next, you need to certify all documents with a Polish notary with a sworn translator. The founders and members of the board must obtain a PESEL number (identification number of an individual) and an electronic signature and submit all prepared papers to the executive authorities for the registration of the enterprise. These are the stages of notarial registration of the establishment and its entry into the polish commercial register in person.


For a long time, we could not decide on the municipality of registration of the enterprise and its form. Thanks for the detailed explanation and advice; we managed to quickly register a company in Poland with minimal costs! We are satisfied with the cooperation.
I did not know that registering a business in Poland is so easy and profitable. Received detailed advice on all issues. Your lawyers are very experienced, you can see it right away. I will recommend you.


You need to go to the website and select S24 – company registration. It is important to carefully read the information for entrepreneurs. At the bottom, you will see a “register” button as a new “utworz konto” user. When registering, you must provide an email address and a password. On the page Moje przedsiębiorstwa it is necessary to select “Dodaj” and fill out the form to be able to start your activity. Our specialists can provide you with more information on this issue.
If you want to make sure that business registration in Poland was successful, you should go to the official website of the Ministry of Justice of Poland and then click on the red button Krajowy Rejestr.
The owners of Poland registered companies can be citizens of Poland, as well as nationals of foreign states. It is important to have the required minimum authorized capital.
In Poland, you can choose the type of company form, the company registration cost in Poland will depend on this. Non-residents have a list of available forms of business: an analog of an LLC – (Sp. Z.o.o), a joint-stock company, a limited company, and a joint-stock limited company.

For example, obtaining a business visa for the business owner and his family members; a small statutory fund does not have to be in a bank account; VAT refund; there is an opportunity to get a loan on favorable terms. Work permits are issued after the registration of the company. Private and commercial real estate is relatively inexpensive, and their registration and purchase are quick. Registration of legal entities in Poland is a great opportunity to obtain not only permanent residence but also EU citizenship in the future.
The cost of registration a company in Poland is 1900 EUR.