Fintech law services

Modern digital technologies are rapidly penetrating all spheres of life, and finance is no exception. Cross-border business requires a lightning-fast response and fast transactions. Therefore, traditional banking institutions are losing out to fintech.
Legislation in many countries has not kept pace with the rapidly changing sphere of digital finance. Startups in this space are facing regulatory issues and some uncertainty. In this regard, a fintech law specialist is a must-have person in the team of such a company.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Fintech lawyer

What is fintech law?

This is a specific area of law that regulates the activities of organizations that develop financial technologies and provide related services. Fintech lawyer specializes in incorporating and supporting the commercial activities of such companies in accordance with the requirements of state regulators in each territory.
Fintech law firms play a key role in building a digital state, helping IT startups in blockchain to work in the legal field. Often, representatives of such companies participate in lawmaking, helping government committees dealing with fintech law and regulation to balance at the intersection of modern technologies.

Legal Services for FinTech Companies

In the financial technology industry, as in any other, companies must adhere to established requirements, regulations, and laws. At the same time, there are additional legal obligations, such as the preservation of personal data, intellectual property protection, organization of cybersecurity, etc. To understand all the legal intricacies that regulate fintech companies, it is necessary to turn to specialized lawyers.
Technology lawyers at Fintech Harbor provide a wide range of legal services, including:
  • review and preparation of legal documents;
  • legal support in the process of negotiations with partners;
  • advising on the legal obligations and regulatory regime of the company;
  • auditing of mandatory legal requirements for fintech companies;
  • drawing up recommendations for the conduct of activities in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • legal advice on fintech matters.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Fintech lawyer

Main areas of practice

Our fintech lawyers have worked closely with financial technology companies for many years and know how this industry works. Therefore they provide you with reliable business solutions.
By contacting us, you will receive comprehensive support in the following areas of activity:
  • Fintech. Advice and legal support on drafting agreements on outsourcing, cloud technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technologies.
  • InsurTech. Advice to the digital insurance industry, drafting guidelines and regulations for insurance activities in accordance with legal requirements and legal obligations imposed on fintech companies.
  • Intellectual Property. We help structure and streamline all proprietary documents and advise on protecting intellectual property and digital products.
  • Data Protection. Advise clients on data protection and legal requirements for collection, storage, and use.
Our law firm provides the most comprehensive and detailed legal services in the fintech industry. You’ll achieve your business goals promptly and ensure all your documents are in order.

Our advantages in fintech law

The Fintech Harbor team of experts exclusively specializes in the comprehensive support of financial and technological projects around the world. We work with IT companies, software developers, cryptocurrency money handlers, and stock exchanges and support ICO projects. With the help of a fintech attorney, you can obtain an e-money issuer license, register your own payment system, incorporate a legal entity, and set up an office in any preferred jurisdiction for your project.

Our awards

Our services

Our expertise in the direction of financial technology law covers the following aspects:
  • advising on the requirements of state regulators for licensing and activities in the field of financial technologies;
  • legal analysis of new financial services before their introduction to the market;
  • counseling on the implementation of tokens in various sectors of the economy;
  • legal support of online investment platforms;
    advising KYC/AML procedures;
  • counseling on the issuance of blockchain bonds;
  • legal due diligence of the financial model of digital tokens;
  • preparation of lawfully crucial documents for project implementation: declarations of terms & conditions, privacy policies, token sale agreement, and others;
  • registration of trademarks and protection of intellectual property.


I have been looking for a fintech startup lawyer who really understands how finance and modern digital technologies interact. The Fintech Harbor team is just such people.
I am a financial manager, but my expertise is not enough when it comes to all these electronic technologies. Therefore, from time to time we involve third-party experts for consultations. Very satisfied with the law fintech service here.

How can we help

You definitely need fintech solicitors if you work in one of these areas:
  • Personal finance – mobile and desktop apps to manage user finances, analyze costs, and receive expense forecasts.
  • Mobile payment solutions and money transfers – startups allowing people to transfer funds without the participation of banks.
  • Investment platforms, which include robot advisers, digital brokers, micro-investment platforms, and personal finance programs.
  • Security startups – from client authentication to anti-fraud measures.
  • B2B fintech and smart contracts based on blockchain technology.
  • Big data analysis for the financial sector.
    InsureTech firms offer automated services like payout automation and IoT interactions.
  • Artificial intelligence and development of algorithms for business.
  • Crowdfunding platforms connecting product creators and investors.
  • Neobanks and mobile apps that replace the services of classic banks but do not have physical branches.
  • Crypto and blockchain projects.
By entrusting Fintech Harbor with the legal support of your project, you can be sure that the best fintech lawyers will accompany you. Contact us and see for yourself.
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