Dual Citizenship - multiple nationality

At birth, each person acquires a certain set of characteristics, including nationality and race, and becomes a citizen of the country in which he or she was born. Before globalization, it was quite simple: most people lived almost their entire lives within their own country and moved only in exceptional cases. But in the 21st century, things are very different – interethnic marriages, transfers, and living abroad have become commonplace.
Therefore, modern legal systems in many countries provide special procedures for such persons who wish to move and become nationals of another state. Below we will consider the advantages of having several passports.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Dual Citizenship – a multiple nationality

What is dual citizenship

The new term bipatrism appeared in the international convention of the United Nations after World War II. It is used to refer to persons holding two or more identifying documents from different states. Such a person can choose where to live, study, pay taxes, conduct military service, and vote. Bipatrides can move freely without visas between both states. And their children will also inherit two passports at birth. If your life interests include travel, education abroad, or international business, then the freedom to move around the world is not a luxury, but a necessity.
Dual citizenship is often confused with the second. In the first case, the relevant agreements between countries are enshrined in certain legislation. Thus, the state knows that a person has a second passport and also recognizes his or her rights and obligations towards the other country. In the latter, each country considers the person it’s national.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Dual Citizenship – a multiple nationality

Advantages of dual citizenship

It’s not a secret that having an identity document from certain countries gives more opportunities than others. So-called strong passports allow their holders to travel visa-free almost all over the world, while residents of blacklisted countries are quite limited, they cannot travel, immigrate, study abroad, work, or buy real estate wherever they want.
A bi-citizen, on the other hand, has the ability to choose his or her place of residence without fear of violating immigration law. Also, such a person can apply for protection at the embassy of his native country in the third jurisdiction. In addition, one can decide where it is more profitable to pay taxes, invest, study, or simply live more comfortably with one’s family. In case of unforeseen circumstances in one of the home countries, an additional passport is a kind of plan B.

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Which countries allow dual citizenship

The acquisition of alternative citizenship is allowed in many countries. As a rule, it is necessary to notify the relevant authorities of the acquisition of a second passport, and it is possible to maintain a connection with the historical homeland.
The list of hosting lands include Australia, the USA, Canada, Thailand, Mexico, and Great Britain. In Europe, it includes almost all EU countries. Residents of Iraq, Kosovo, Iran, and Pakistan can also become subjects of another state. However, it is worth noting that some countries allow dual citizenship only under certain circumstances. Please contact us for a complete list.

Programs to get dual citizenship

Today a number of government initiatives around the world allow private individuals to gain quick access to citizenship by investment. Usually, applicants must have a clean reputation and no criminal record. They don’t have to learn a new language, pass exams on knowledge of history and the constitution, and live permanently in the country for many years.
Dual citizenship by country and the most popular and affordable destinations are
  • Caribbean countries—Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada
  • Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal
  • Vanuatu, St. Lucia, Grenada.
Generally, the process of obtaining legal status takes about 6 months. The applicant must submit documents, pass a background check and make a contribution to the state fund or buy property from a state-approved developer. You can apply for a single person, a couple with children, or include elderly relatives who are in care.
These schemes are absolutely legal from the point of view of international law. Programs are at the discretion of the governments of each country and may be terminated at any time. States do not publish data on the holders of so-called golden passports, so holders of economic citizenship are no different from those who received this right by birth. Moreover, the acquired status is also inherited by children and they can benefit of dual citizenship.

How www.fintecharbor.com can help

Our team specializes in international law and we assist individuals and corporations with relocation. We always start by signing an NDA agreement with our clients. This means that any information about you, your family, or your business is protected by attorney-client privilege and will not be shared with third parties. We help find the best program to suit your needs and circumstances. In addition, we provide:
  • legal entities incorporation and restructuring services;
  • providing a new company address;
  • preparation of documents and submission of applications for obtaining dual citizenships;
  • opening private and corporate accounts in foreign banks.
By contacting us you save time and money. We minimize bureaucratic formalities and apply online, so in most cases, in order to register a company, open a bank account or even get a passport of another country, you will not need to travel and apply in person.


The answer to this question depends on the current legislation of your motherland. In most states, this is possible, but certain formalities must be followed and the local immigration and tax authorities must be notified. Some regimes require you to renounce one citizenship if you have acquired a second one, while others allow you to keep two passports at once and enjoy the benefits of both documents. Please contact our team for detailed advice.
Today, the easiest way to get dual citizenship is to apply for the state program of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Saint Lucia. The minimum investment amount per applicant is 100,000 US dollars.
Yes, definitely possible. All major international banks accept ID cards from any country. Moreover, in some cases, the Romanization of the name (writing in Latin and changing the transcription of the surname) provides additional benefits if a person is a public figure in his country. This allows you to remain incognito and open a bank account abroad without fear of sanctions or the dishonest actions of competitors.
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