Crowdfunding services

Nowadays, crowdfunding services have changed the way individuals and businesses can raise the required capital for their projects. Generally, crowdfunding for business services are aimed at fostering community engagement and access to financing. These services include various platforms which provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists and ambitious changemakers to gain funding from investors by initiating a relevant campaign. Businesses and startups can be offered a variety of monetary funding models, from donation-based to equity crowdfunding ones.
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Our Crowdfunding Services

As experts in the field, our crowdfunding for business startup strategy is designed around your legal path to help your business achieve desired goals. We can offer a legal strategy regarding intellectual property rights protection, ensuring the protection of your idea, we can revise current agreements and develop new ones regarding the crowdfunding activity, establish a company for the crowdfunding activity and provide you with the necessary corporate documents, we can help you with the due diligence of your company prior starting a crowdfunding campaign, we ensure the compliance with laws and regulations and more.

Beyond the expertise of our lawyers, we lay the strategic advice on contract drafts between platforms, your business, and investors. Whether you’re launching a campaign on popular online crowdfunding platforms or exploring other avenues, we provide invaluable support to ensure legal compliance and success and develop your clear success roadmap all along the way.

Fintech Harbor Consulting | Crowdfunding Services

Campaign Strategy and Planning

Building the right strategy is one of the critical elements of successful crowdfunding. We are partners of yours in the development of the detailed strategy which serves as the base for the goal making and audience engagement. Our experienced team understands how to legally prepare your business before target funds, and what the most beneficial means of communication that allow to make your campaign set up successful crowdfunding for business.

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Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and advertising activity includes everybody’s interest in the crowdfunding investment campaign as well as future investors and the public. To make the product launch successful and entertain the customers, you will need experts, who are greatly acknowledged for their business strategies that can bring your business to a whole new level. We can assist you by developing legal agreements for social media campaigns and contracts for influencer collaborations, or more traditional forms of PR activity so as to make the reach possible to your predetermined audience.

Post-Campaign Support and Fulfillment

Generally, successful crowdfunding goes beyond just the campaign itself. We can offer you legal assistance even after the campaign is over. In order to fulfil the obligations which, you’ll have to deliver to backers after a successful campaign, you shall have clear and simple agreements between you and your supporters and a protected idea (Trademark and copyrights), we’ll ensure the legal protection so you can focus on developing your project.

How We Work

We work hand in hand with our clients providing support and guidance at any stage. Moreover, we completely understand the importance of the business side, hence the legal support will be focused to ensure both robust legal protection of your business and comfortable relations between you and your parnters and backers. Either you have not tried crowdfunding before or the other way is you are a professional entrepreneur, our team is there just so that you will be able to sail through the crowd easily.

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Campaign

  1. Define your objective: Set the purpose of your campaign and think of required funding. Transparently explain your business idea and milestones to achieve it’s success.
  2. Choose the Platform: Check if the certain platform matches your project goals and target audience. We will help with analysing their legal terms and conditions.
  3. Legal protection: We prepare all the necessary documents and file for intellectual property rights protection so you can start crowdfunding campaign legally covered and without any doubts that someone will stole or harm your idea. We make sure that you and your business idea is fully compliant with the applicable laws.
  4. Content and Promoting: Creative an engaging campaign page telling audience the story, benefits so as to attract investors. Develop marketing strategy and reach potential backers through various social media sources. With our robust legal agreements you will avoid misunderstandings along your marketing way.
  5. Interact with Backers: Maintain communication with your supporters, investors. Do not forget to answer their questions and express gratitude for their contributions.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Crowdfunding Services

Measuring and Maximizing Campaign Impact

Before you launch a campaign, you have to provide your potential backers with the clear conditions of your services, avoid misrepresentations and comply with current law and regulations.

As soon as your campaign is launched, it is important to monitor its progress and do the required application to the highest level in order to increase the rate of its success. We provide a legal full-service along the way to ensure that you’ll not face legal issues during the campaign or even after the successful completion.

Success Stories

The Coolest Cooler, a high-tech cooler with features like a blender and built-in Bluetooth speakers, raised over $13 million on Kickstarter. Despite facing production delays and challenges, the project eventually fulfilled its backers’ rewards and became a symbol of crowdfunding success.


Contact us as soon as possible to have us discuss your crowdfunding plans and make arrangements that will set your campaign going very smoothly. The most integral part of what we do is that we offer you, regardless of whether you are an individual creator, small business, or corproation, the required tools and assistance to smoothly run your activities from a legal perspective.


It carries risks, but platforms often have safeguards such as payment processing and dispute resolution.

Generally, backers aren’t charged, and no funds are collected.

It can be categorized into various types that include donation-based funding, reward-based funding, equity-based funding, and debt-based financing.
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*Your contact information will be used for our inner purposes and only with the aim to provide you with the best business solutions.