IP protection and trademark registration

Any intellectual deliverables created by human intelligence according to the general principles belong to the author. The owner of the creation has the exclusive right to use it, sell or transfer this right to others for personal or commercial use. Unfortunately, in modern reality, it is very easy to copy such objects, especially thanks to digital technologies. Moreover, intellectual property protection is essential for certain businesses, that work in the spheres of software development, marketing, entertainment, education, and so on. That is why when creating something new, it is important to think about ip protection in advance.
Services — Ip protection: intellectual property protection

What is IP protection?

This abbreviation stands for intellectual property protection. There are four main types of IP protection that relate to the different objects of protection:
Each country has its own regulations on international trademark registration. To protect against infringement on an international scale, there are transnational mechanisms for the defense of intellectual belongings, approved by various conventions and provisions.

Why fintecharbor.com?

The lawyers of our firm provide a range of services for the protection of intellectual property rights both domestically and at the international level.
Services — Ip protection: intellectual property protection

The process to receive IP protection

To protect software, artwork, invention, or trademark, they must be registered with the state. There are certificates valid in certain countries or internationally. Protecting your intellectual property is granted for a specified time, after which it can be renewed.

Wh芯 can register a trademark?

Both an individual and a legal entity can enter the international trademark register by filing an application for registration of a trademark with the National Trademark Office. The cost of registering a trademark depends on the number of applicants, the need to register a trademark in color or in black and white, the number of classes of goods and services (ICGS), and the term for registering a trademark.
The trademark registration procedure consists of several stages and requires knowledge of legislative norms and requirements for preparing an application for registration of a trademark. The application for a trademark can be refused in registration if it does not meet the formal requirements for its preparation. You can find more detailed information on how to register a trademark in a specified country on our website or to contact us using our contact details.

What jurisdictions does trademark registration cover?

It should be noted that the rights to a trademark arising after its registration are valid only in the territory of the country where it was registered. Thus, if a trademark is registered on the territory of the United Kingdom, then the owner of the trademark will dispose of all material and intangible rights to the designation only on the territory of the United Kingdom. To obtain trademark protection abroad, you should familiarize yourself with and select the necessary procedure, depending on the countries or regions where you plan to use the trademark.
Thanks to close partnerships with patent attorneys from the CIS, Europe, the USA and other countries of the world, our company will be happy to provide you with a full range of services for registering trademarks not only in the United Kingdom but also in any other country of interest to the applicant, namely:


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The list of necessary papers is negotiated in each individual case. It depends on the class of the protected object and the jurisdictions of protection.