Switzerland Company Formation

Switzerland is a small state with a developed infrastructure, a stable economy, and a transparent legal system. The jurisdiction has a high image and close trade and economic ties with Europe. All this creates excellent conditions for doing business. It is no coincidence that Switzerland has ranked the world’s first for many years.
Switzerland consists of 26 cantons. Each has its legislation concerning the organization of new companies. Taxation of companies is carried out at the municipal, cantonal, and federal levels. The final interest rate can be high, so non-residents and citizens should focus on offshore when planning company formation in Switzerland.
Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world because of its high living standards. It is attractive to large businesses, financial institutions, agricultural firms, IT, Fintech companies, and holdings.
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Process of Company Incorporation in Switzerland

A person wishing to open a company in Switzerland must first draw up a detailed business plan and submit it to the cantonal economic development agencies (you can apply to all 26 cantons).
An agency, based on the results of the application review, makes a decision considering the following factors:
  • how interesting this or that project is to the canton;
  • how many quotas a company will request for foreigners (there is a limit on quotas);
  • whether the newly established organization will create new jobs for locals;
  • how promising the new business is for attracting investment.
If the cantonal agency’s opinion is positive, you can proceed to Swiss company formation. The procedure includes the following steps:
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  1. Selection of the legal form, unique legal address, and name.
  2. Preparation of all necessary statutory documents.
  3. Opening a bank account and payment of the amount of the share capital (in full or a certain part).
  4. Registration of the entity through the Central Business Name Index (Zentraler Firmenindex).
  5. Registration of the business with the tax office (for companies with a turnover above CHF 100,000).
  6. Registration of the employees with the social security service.
Company registration in Switzerland takes 2-3 weeks and does not require many documents. In addition, the cantonal economic development agencies will assist in the search for commercial real estate, interaction with the tax authorities, and other issues arising during the registration process.

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Types of Companies That Can Be Set Up in Switzerland

Opening a company in Switzerland is possible in various legal forms, but the most common are:
  • Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GMBH) – Limited Liability Company. Founders can be foreigners. At least 1 director must reside in Switzerland. There are requirements for the share capital – CHF 20,000. It is necessary to have a registered office. It is possible to incorporate a business remotely, but the account must be opened in person in a bank. The founders are responsible for the amount of the contribution.
  • Aktiengesellschaft (AG) – Public Limited Company. Founders can be non-residents, but at least 1 director has to be a Swiss resident. There are requirements for the amount of the share capital, so at least CHF 100,000. At the time of company formation in Switzerland, 20 per cent of the share capital, but a minimum of CHF 50,000, has to be paid in at the time of incorporation. Liability depends on the number of shares issued.
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Terms of Doing Business in Switzerland for Non-residents

Any foreigner can register a company in Switzerland. But there are certain conditions. First, at least one of the directors with the right to sign in the newly formed entity must be a Swiss citizen or a resident of Switzerland (a person with a residence permit). At the same time, there is no legal requirement that Swiss residents own a majority of the share capital or part of the share capital.
The need for mandatory involvement of locals in the management of international companies is caused by the peculiarities of the law:
  • You must have a residence and work permit to legally work in the country, especially in management positions. A work permit can be obtained later, after the registration of the entity. Then you can also apply for a residence permit. But at the business start stage, a local is always required.
  • When hiring a local to run a business, the Swiss authorities are concerned about the possibility of bringing the individual in question to justice in the event of law violations.

Documents Requirements for Company Registration in Switzerland

The following documents will be required for company formation (Switzerland):
  • desired name for the entity;
  • information about the direction of future work;
  • business plan;
  • national and foreign passports of the shareholder, translated into English and notarized;
  • proof of address of the shareholder (e.g., a receipt for a utility payment);
  • a certificate from the bank where the personal account is opened, in English, indicating the name and address of the shareholder;
  • CV resume in English.

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Advantages of Opening a Company in Switzerland

Investors and business developers who want to open a company in Switzerland are offered a number of advantages.

Tax advantages

Switzerland’s federal tax system is an example of a successful solution. Taxes are set and collected at the federal, cantonal, and municipal levels.
The tax can range from 11,9% to 21%, depending on the canton. The corporation tax rate may be reduced through OECD compliant patent box, a research and development (R&D) super deduction, and other measures.

Stability of the political and economic situation in Switzerland

Switzerland is the richest country, famous for its neutrality, high economic stability, and developed banking sector. All conditions are created here for investors planning Swiss company formation.

Qualified labour potential

Switzerland is a magnet for highly qualified specialists from abroad. Employees in Switzerland are generally highly trained, speak several foreign languages, and have considerable experience working abroad. They are highly motivated, reliable, and creative.

Banking privacy

The Swiss banking system is the safest in the world. In the unlikely event of a collapse, holders’ funds are fully secured by an agreement with depositors of the Swiss Bankers Association.

Strategic location

Situated at the heart of Europe, Switzerland enjoys a strategic location with excellent transportation and logistics infrastructure. It offers easy access to European markets, making it a gateway for businesses to expand and connect with customers across the continent.
Registering a company in Switzerland means reaching a new level, establishing yourself as a successful and promising entrepreneur, and securely protecting your capital.

Company Registration Assistance From Fintech Harbor

Creating a start-up on your own is a complicated and time-consuming process. If an experienced businessperson handles it, everything will go quickly. But for a novice entrepreneur, the procedure can take many months. Contact Fintech Harbor to save time and effort in starting your business.
We have more than a dozen successfully completed projects related to company formation (Switzerland). You choose the experience accumulated over many years of work by choosing us. We are always aware of all the changes and nuances in international business. Our impeccable reputation and hundreds of satisfied clients speak for us.
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Services and support for company formation in Switzerland

We offer all the services necessary for the successful opening of your business. Our company formation agents in Switzerland will support you every step of the way.

Professional advice on incorporation in Switzerland

You can get a free preliminary consultation at Fintech Harbor Consulting. We will help you understand several vital issues related to company formation in Switzerland concerning your particular situation and business in general.

Cost of Company Incorporation in Switzerland

The cost of company formation in Switzerland depends on the choice of canton, type of activity, legal form, etc. The price includes the cost of registration, virtual/legal office, local agent services, and registration fees.


You can check the company by name or registration number in the Trade register.
Yes, it is called the Registries of Commerce of Switzerland. The information in this database is divided by cantons.
A citizen of any country (except sanctioned) can register a company in Switzerland.
Swiss enterprises must have their registered office at their place of incorporation.
It all depends on the legal form of incorporation. For Swiss AG (PLC), the minimum authorized capital is CHF 100,000, and for GMBH (LLC) – CHF 20,000.
To open a bank account, you must have a passport, an identification card (ID), or other official document identifying you. The bank may also ask for a document about the origin of the money to be deposited in the account, and that tax has been paid on the funds deposited.
Swiss company formation takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the canton and municipality.
We offer legal and accounting support after successful company formation in Switzerland.
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