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If one wants to establish a agaming, a betting company, or a gaming platform, an entrepreneur must possess a relevant permit first. Legalization of commercial activities is the initial step towards security and the possibility of the development of projects. A gaming license is a document that allows you to run bingo, all kinds of lotteries, options, and an online bookmaker.
Since this activity is regulated, it is impossible to set up a betting business in every jurisdiction. Several countries issue permits and allow their holders to work with clients from all over the world. Typically, a body develops a set of requirements for the owner of the betting business. Foremost, compliance standards relating to the company’s financial accounting, auditing, the functionality of existing games, and a description of the company’s activities.
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How and where to get a gaming license?

The top destinations for gaming license are the Isle of Man, Curaçao, Gibraltar, the UK, and Malta. The regulators provide players with an equal and safe environment. For example, Curaçao eGaming permits, bookmakers, bingo, etc. The Maltese authority issues four types of permits and monitors fairness and safety.
The regulator of the Isle of Man monitors offline and virtual establishments. The body ensures that gamers’ interests are protected and that the gaming house pays their winnings fairly. UK Gaming authority is one of the most powerful; it oversees all types of gaming offered to British nationals. The organization is known for its criteria, so its members tend to be highly honored in the digital gaming world. All regulatory authorities seriously check candidates for a license, which inspires confidence from players from all over the globe.
A general guide on how to get gaming license includes the following steps:
  • Provide the Regulatory Commission with a description of the business’s financial and administrative condition, as well as information about stockholders and key persons.
  • Pass a plan review, including marketing, recruitment, projections, and financial prospects.
  • Pass a compliance and business transparency test.
  • Pay the authorized capital depending on the license type (the amount can be up to €240k).
  • After that, the applicant receives a notification about the successful consideration of the application.
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The purpose of licensing

The establishment of online betting begins with obtaining permits. Their presence guarantees the reliability of the operator. Experienced gamblers foremost check whether the operator has permission to conduct betting. If not, the legal entity is operating illegally. This means it can deceive users, “tweak” the contest results, or not pay out the victories. Such a firm instantly falls into the “black list.”

Demands for a gaming license

The rules are determined by the regulated body issuing the license chosen by the entrepreneur. As a rule, they relate to the economic accounting system in the organization, auditing, and the description of the company’s moves. For instance, UK gaming license implies applying to the UKGC and many papers. The list of required documents varies, counting on the permit form.
When applying, special attention is paid to the reputation and financial solvency of the founders, their absence of criminal ties, and the origin of the monetary resources. They also carefully check the software and applications for bets and games. A security check is carried out every year. The applicant must provide a detailed plan with estimated income and expenses, as well as a development perspective for the next few years.
The service provider must ensure fair play for everyone and guarantee the safety of gamers. The site or institution must contain information about the possible danger of developing addictive behavior and contacts for professional assistance. Underage individuals must not be allowed to participate in gaming entertainment, and children must not be exploited for profit in the gaming business. In addition, it is vital to provide a mechanism to assist law enforcement and anti-fraud investigations.

Gaming License Cost

Today, more than 80 territories allow you to get a permit for venturing. The cost of a gaming license in Malta starts from €50,000, Gibraltar – €30,000, and Antigua and Barbuda – $25,000. It is also worth considering the annual renewal cost – from €20,000, tax rates, and franchises. Contact us, and we will advise you on how to get a gaming license in a reputable jurisdiction.

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How to choose a jurisdiction

To select the optimal destination for registering a web gaming house or betting company, consider the following factors:
  • What certificates are available in this jurisdiction?
  • What are the tax rate and costs for audit and independent testing?
  • Which fiscal instruments are available to make transactions (i.e., receive payments from players and pay out winnings)?
  • Is it indispensable to place the technical infrastructure in this country, or can it be done abroad?
  • What legal due diligence must be passed by key persons of the company and personnel?
In different words, in addition to obvious factors, such as the price and terms of receiving an online gaming license, it is also essential to assess the overall reputation of the dominion.

Why do I need an Online Gaming License?

An e-gaming is an entertainment business but is also a rather serious one. It is essential to comply with all the rules and requirements established at the legislative level, to implement the legal component of this business correctly.
Without an official license, opening an enterprise on the Internet is impossible. All software companies that develop computer software for internet games require an operator to have a license issued in any of the jurisdictions. The process of how to get a gaming license for a totalizator and a poker license somewhere is like a formality. In contrast, in others, it is approached with all responsibility and rigor (up to a full audit of the institution).


Our company has successfully acquired a UK license for web gaming. We are satisfied with the cooperation.
Fintech Harbor lawyers helped us choose the best location for online gaming and prepared the necessary documents for verification by the regulator.


To become a full-fledged player in the market, you must prepare the documents carefully, but all the demands are achievable. Controllers cautiously check up on the founders’ past and the origin of funds, so it is necessary to supply comprehensive and honest data.
As a rule, you can get an online gaming license in 4-6 months based on the selected territory, but this does not include the term for preparing applications.
The goal of this organization is to prevent a gaming license online from becoming a source of crime or being used to finance criminal activity or money laundering. The second goal is honesty and openness, the principle of “fair play” for all participants. The third principle is the protection of minors and vulnerable people from any form of exploitation.
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