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Trading in the forex market and working in the financial markets can be extremely profitable, especially when you know what you are doing. However, this is a game for serious players and entry requires not only significant financial investments but also licenses and complex procedures depending on the country of registration.
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What is law services for financial markets anf forex?

According to some estimates, the turnover of foreign currency traders last year amounted to several trillion USD. Brokers make money constantly both on rising rates and on falling. The first step to making a profit and building an effective business in the financial industry is to obtain the appropriate documents. Forex licenses allow you to get maximum confidence from traders, the document confirms the quality of the created company, and also contains information about the regulatory national body. Clients always choose an exceptionally reliable broker with a high reputation and financial stability.

The procedure for issuing a financial license varies from state to state. But in all countries, in the beginning, you need to register a company there. Also, you need to select the optimal jurisdiction. Now the most convenient countries to get a permit are Cyprus, Mauritius, and Seychelles. These lands have attractive conditions for those who want to conduct financial activities, as well as simple and clear licensing procedures. These are states with a fairly developed forex environment and a loyal attitude towards this type of business. It is worth noting that even in Forex loyal jurisdictions, financial markets are controlled, so national regulators apply strict requirements for applicants.

The process of obtaining documents is quite tedious and time-consuming, and failure to comply with even one of the requirements will lead to the revocation of the activity permit. For this reason, investors and entrepreneurs planning to provide financial services abroad require advice and assistance from experts in licensing and launching projects in Forex and financial markets. Legal support of activities is necessary for the organization to fully comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as for the optimal selection of jurisdiction, taking into account tax optimization of expenses.
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Why you should choose

Global trends toward financial transparency and complicated international banking procedures boost the demand for alternative payment systems. Acquiring a financial license to serve clients and operate internationally is becoming more problematic. In addition to an impressive package of documents, you must have a considerable authorized capital. Therefore, even at the stage of business planning, an experienced forex lawyer should be consulted.
Full support of forex projects includes all aspects from A to Z. Key stages for companies operating in the financial markets:
  • Choosing the best jurisdiction in terms of available licensing and global taxation;
  • Company registration in the chosen jurisdiction;
  • International trademark registration;
  • Assistance in obtaining license;
  • Drafting internal documents and contracts with clients;
  • Preparation of documents for the protection of intellectual property rights.

Registering a legal entity is the very first step to providing financial services. When choosing a jurisdiction, we take into account all the nuances – from the requirements for verification and provision of documents by the client to the individual needs of a particular firm or business group. Also, the company must have a corporate account in a reliable international bank.

After registering a business and obtaining a license, a forex broker or provider of international financial services must conduct its activities in the legal field. This includes conducting customer identification procedures (KYC), following anti-money laundering laws, filing annual financial statements, and undergoing an independent audit. It is worth remembering that errors in reporting, failure to meet deadlines, and ignoring procedures can lead to the early cancellation of the license.
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