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The brokerage services and foreign exchange market is one of the regulated sectors of the economy in many countries. Therefore, to operate in the legal field, it is essential to comply with all the requirements of the state’s legislation where the vendor is registered; also, consider international standards if you work with clients from all over the world. For the correct certification and incorporation of the company, its tax registration, and conduct of activities, the qualified assistance of a forex lawyer is essential. This specialist will monitor the correct drafting of contracts, compliance with compliance procedures, and much more.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Forex and financial markets

What are law services for financial markets and forex?

Legal support includes the following areas: fintech legal services, such as obtaining a forex broker license, support in the preparation of the company’s statutory documents, registration processes, and drafting internal policies (terms of use, privacy policies, AML, and KYC procedures). The financial markets lawyer also monitors changes in legislation regarding the provision of monetary services, helps to build a corporate structure correctly, and optimizes tax payments.

Why should you choose

Fintech Harbor lawyers have extensive experience serving an international clientele, independent traders, and large brokerage firms, including assisting with acquiring various licenses such as the Cyprus forex license. We will help you acquire the required licenses and start legal activities as soon as possible. You can also get advice on choosing the optimal jurisdiction and legal form of the enterprise for doing business.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Forex and financial markets

How can we help

We assist in matters of forex litigation, represent the interests of investors in courts, advise on work on the over-the-counter market and return of investments, and help individuals who have suffered from financial fraud.
Other services include:
  • obtaining a license of a professional participant in the securities market;
  • preparation of documents necessary for a license;
  • passing inspections of the national regulator;
  • support of the verification process by public authorities.


I’d like to thank Fintech Harbor professionals for winning the case in court against a dishonest broker!
Very qualified advice on obtaining a license. We are now in the process of formalizing permits.


The price depends on the chosen jurisdiction, activity types, and the broker’s planned turnover. For a detailed consultation, please contact us in a convenient way for you.
To become a certified broker, you will need four main categories of records: company registration certificates, information on possible financial risks, a detailed description of AML and KYC procedures, papers related to the company’s management (passports of the founders, data on education and work experience in the financial sector, reference about the absence of criminal records). A forex attorney will help to draft internal policies and file applications to the state regulator.
FX commerce is a potentially high-risk operation, so there is a chance of losing capital. If you have invested with a reliable broker, a return is often possible. However, in each case, you need legal advice.
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