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It is impossible to influence in which country to be born. But it is quite possible to choose a comfortable place to live, do business and study. Modern international legislation includes mechanisms that allow you to change citizenship in one way or another. As a rule, this process involves naturalization. It has a few requirements: long-term residence in the territory in a legal status, the presence of vital interests, learning a new language and passing exams. This option remains the top option for many.
However, there are other opportunities for business owners and ultra-wealthy individuals. For example, the acquisition of real estate, large financial investments, or the establishment of a business. Sometimes a passport of a particular country may not have the best reputation and impose certain restrictions on its holders. In this case, obtaining Antigua citizenship by investment can be a great option for visa-free travel, asset security, access to international banking, and easier international business.
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Why choose Antigua

This small state is by far one of the fastest growing in the region. Also, this Caribbean paradise is known for its magnificent tourist landscapes. The two large islands have over 300 beaches with fine sand and crystal clear turquoise water. But this is not the most remarkable fact. The main language is English. Therefore, having even basic knowledge, you can easily communicate with locals and solve all the necessary issues during your stay.
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment scheme exists relatively recently, only about a decade. But thanks to careful verification process, a simple mechanism for filing documents and fast deadlines, the program has earned a reliable reputation and gained high popularity among clients from all over the globe. The government does not require “golden pass” holders to take any language tests, visit the land or permanently reside in it. Applicants are required to spend at least five days in the country within five years from the date of obtaining legal status.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Antigua citizenship by investment

Antigua investment options

The commercial immigration program provides a wide range of opportunities for investors. Investment amounts are quite affordable not only for dollar millionaires. To acquire citizenship by investment Antigua, one of the four conditions must be met:
  1. Donation to the National Development Fund;
  2. Contribution in the fund of the University of the West Indies;
  3. Purchasing a government-approved real estate;
  4. Investment in certain business industry.
Every option mentioned above has peculiarities. And we recommend one of them depending on the goals and client’s life circumstances. For instance, the first option is the most beneficial for single applicants. The customer can pay a minimum fee of $100,000 and become a passport holder within approximately 6 months. For couples with children or parents, we recommend choosing the UWIF (option 2). This investment is only available for families of six. The fixed charge is $150,000. For the seventh and subsequent members of the group, one will have to pay an additional $15,000. To understand what option is the best for your case please contact us for advice.

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Antigua citizenship-by-investment requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
The investor has the right to include in the application a spouse and children under 18 years of age. For older children, proof must be provided that they are dependent (for example, studying at the university and not providing for themselves). Parents can also get citizenship.
Antigua citizenship by investment programme has a number of restrictions and a constantly updated black list of countries whose nationals cannot participate in the scheme. At present Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan are under limitations. In 2022, Ukraine was temporarily added to the list due to the lack of technical ability to check documents and receive payment in dollars. If a person applying for a passport can confirm permanent residence in any state not from the “black list” over the past 10 years and does not have economic ties with a state, this application will be considered.

Benefits of Antigua Citizenship by Investment

There are at least 6 reasons to get a second passport as soon as possible:
  1. The scheme is one of the fastest on the market. Now the term is about 4–6 months from the date of submission of the application and accompanying documents.
  2. Fiscal residents domiciling on the islands for more than 183 days a year do not pay tax on income received in other countries.
  3. Dual citizenship is allowed. A member of the Antigua citizenship by investment program is not required to renounce his original passport, and can enjoy the benefits of using the identification documents of both states.
  4. Visa-free travel to 150+ countries (or with an e-visa on arrival).
  5. Comfortable work-life balance. The holder of citizenship can choose any sort of entertainment – year-round diving, fishing, and sailing.
Also, there is a risk of closing access to the program for nationals of some states. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine the processing of applications from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus can stop at any time.

Procedures and time frame of the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program

Fintech Harbor experienced team of immigration lawyers will be happy to advise you on your golden passport options in 2023. We cooperate on the terms of NDA agreements, so all information about your family and assets will be strictly confidential.
During the consultation, you will receive comprehensive information about the benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. We will help you choose the best one based on your circumstances. In addition, our lawyers will prepare all the missing documents and take care of the verification of all applicants.
Please note that contributions to the state fund are made only after verification and prior approval from the state authorities. The entire process of paying or acquiring real estate is as transparent as possible. In about six months, you will become an Antigua citizen.


Yes, and even more! In total, the holder of this document can visit 150 countries and territories free, including the Schengen area and the United Kingdom, and get easier access to the US and Canada.
Yes, your spouse, children and parents can get their passports with you. Group applications are even cheaper than single ones. Specifically, the minimum contribution is $100,000 for a family of four. Therefore, if you apply for all members at the same time, you save a pretty little sum of money. It is also worth considering that checking the biography and documents of applicants takes some time, so it is more advisable to arrange papers for all interested parties at once. Common citizenship will make going through passport control easier while traveling. Want to know how to get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship? Get in touch with us.
The minimum amount starts from 100 thousand US dollars for a family of up to 4 people. If more than 5 first-degree relatives apply in a group, the payment increases to $125,000. An additional fee is charged for checking documents (due diligence procedures). To receive an individual offer and learn all the nuances of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program, please contact our legal team for a confidential consultation.
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