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The officially registered business name is the name under which the company will operate. The name is an important communicative element that allows you to allocate a product or service in the market. This is an integral part of the brand.
After you register the business name and obtain the certificate, the company receives an additional asset that can be licensed, sold, or increase the company’s capitalization. It is very significant that the name responds to all the necessary requirements of local and international legislation.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company name registration

What is a company name registration?

Company name registration is the process of registering chosen business name by the state register of companies. Depending on the jurisdiction, the rules may differ, but there are several general principles. The selected name should:
It is also forbidden to use the so-called “sensitive words” that may indicate relationship with governmental bodies or local authorities. Of course, if you don’t have appropriate permission. In addition, there are different rules to register business name as sole trader and business partnerships. Furthermore, for entrepreneurs looking to expand their brand globally, it is crucial to consider worldwide trademark registration. Securing a worldwide trademark can provide extensive protection and legal rights for your brand across multiple jurisdictions.

Quickly select a jurisdiction and register your company anywhere in the world online

Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company name registration

Why should you choose for a company name registration?

Fintecharbor team has considerable experience in business name registration in major jurisdictions. We work in short terms so that you have the result as quickly as possible.
At the preparatory meeting, we select a country with the most favorable tax regime for business registration in accordance with your business strategy. After that, we guide you through the entire process of business registration — prepare and collect a full package of documents, provide notarial support and pay necessary fees.
We not only help to register a business abroad but also to present the interests of customers in the official organizations and provide subsequent professional maintenance of the created company.

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Process of a company name registration

To register a new business name, one should take the following steps:
To collect and prepare documents, including the source of the origin of funds.
To select a business name and fill out an online application to reserve a corporate name.
To obtain approval from the state registrar of companies.
To choose shareholders and corporate secretary.
To send a package of documents to the registrar and governmental authorities of the selected country. In some countries, you can register a company online without a personal presence (For example, Cyprus).
To open a corporate bank account for the company.
To organize the actual office, following the substance requirements.
To obtain a VAT number (obligatory for EU countries).
To obtain a Tax Resident Certificate (if necessary).

If you wish to register a company name as a sole trader (or as self-employed) and meet the requirements (check the rules here), you may register a trademark to prevent others from doing business under your name. The registration process is almost the same, except sole traders do not need shareholders and corporate secretaries.


I am very pleased with the cooperation with Fintecharbor. Lawyers helped me to choose a jurisdiction with optimal taxation. The company was registered within 2 weeks. Everything went very smoothly.
I needed to collect a package of documents confirming the origin of funds for the registration of the company in the UK. The team of lawyers helped everything in a short time. All applications were filed online, which accelerated the process.
My company needed to get a VAT number to work in the European Union. I highly recommend Fintecharbor as a reliable legal service provider.


With Fintecharbor, you can register any company name in any jurisdiction. We support all types of business registration, including trademarks, partnerships, sole traders, and representative offices.
When choosing a company name, have at least 3 different options. Mind the state’s naming rules. Avoid picking business names that are very similar to competitors’ brands. Choose a web-friendly and easily pronounceable name, that people will remember. Fill in the online form on the official registrar’s website to check the name availability.
Company incorporation and registration cost include official fees plus notarial services. It also depends on the chosen jurisdiction. To get a detailed offer, please get in touch.
The registration terms vary depending on the jurisdiction. In most EU countries, it takes approximately 8-10 working days to register a new company name.
A private or legal person who wants to register a new business name or a trademark should send an application to the state registrar’s office for approval. First, you need to check the uniqueness of the trading name, book it, and then submit other documents for registration of the company.
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