— Fintech Consulting and Solutions
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions

Legal solutions for your
digital business

Fintech Harbor Consulting is a trusted team of fintech lawyers. We provide the full spectrum of consulting support to fintech and digital businesses, including company registration, crypto licensing, business bank and merchant account opening, obtaining EMI licenses, IP protection, and trademark registration, as well as brokerage licenses.
The expertise of our technology lawyers covers Industries including crypto, blockchain, forex, and financial markets, the gaming industry, e-sports, IT business, start-ups, digital banking and payment, bloggers, and media. We provide legal support to international companies in various jurisdictions worldwide (Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Cyprus, Serbia, Hong Kong, and Montenegro). Our proactive approach and deep understanding of international law guarantee the most efficient solutions for our clientele.
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions

We can register your business
in popular jurisdictions

The Fintech Harbor team is always ready to find the best solution for building the corporate structure of your international business. Do you want to register an LLC in Cyprus for Forex operations, an OE in Estonia for e-business, or do business in Hong Kong or Singapore? We will advise you on all the nuances, including taxation, banking, and reporting.
Fintech lawyers provide support for business in top jurisdictions: the UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, as well as the equally popular Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, Mauritius, and Gibraltar. We provide incorporation services quickly, in many cases, without the need to visit the country in person.
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions

We can obtain financial license
for your business

Fintech Harbor is a reliable legal partner for your blockchain and crypto projects. We are well-established virtual finance and technology consultants. Our crypto-project services include corporate structuring and obtaining EMI, FOREX, and Crypto licenses for operations with cryptocurrencies in major jurisdictions, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Poland, Estonia, and Canada. Fintech and technology lawyers will help you launch an investment platform or online financial project.
Our fintech team, technology lawyers, and crypto experts will help you start a business in this promising direction quickly and stress-free, as well as provide support during further commercial activities. Fintech technology lawyers and international banking specialists advise on licensing, auditing on financing, attracting investments, developing internal compliance policies, KYC procedures, etc. They constantly monitor global and local legislation and continuously improve their professional level for the highest quality of services.
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions

We can offer a wide range of
payment solutions

Digital payment systems, electronic money, and virtual banks are an alternative to traditional banking. Such technologies allow international businesses to process payments quickly and interact with customers worldwide, eliminating paperwork and simplifying procedures. Our multi-disciplinary а fintech lawyers advise on various technology industry-related legal services. Fintech lawyers will help you open a bank account in any currency for personal or corporate use. We work with respectable institutions in trusted jurisdictions, reliably protecting your finances.
We can also connect merchant accounts for e-commerce businesses. Merchant processing allows you to accept payments from VISA or Master Card. It ensures the functioning of the business 24/7, making it possible to instantly receive payments around the clock, regardless of bank or merchant hours.
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions
— Fintech Consulting and Solutions

We can provide a full spectrum
of legal services:

Fintech Harbour Consulting is an experienced and dynamic team of fintech technology lawyers that help businesses meet the challenges of the 21st century. We provide high-end legal and consulting services in financial technology (Fintech), the corporate sector, banking, crypto, IT, gaming, payment, and media. We guarantee your business reliable legal protection in the rapidly changing environment. The services include IP protection, licensing, audit, compliance, digital, blockchain, and crypto advisory.
We work with both small start-ups who are just looking for investment, as well as with large international companies. Our distinctive feature is specialization in modern technologies. We have assembled a team of experienced fintech lawyers in IT, financiers, and enthusiasts who are fluent in concepts such as fintech, blockchain, crypto, digital finance, and banking. Therefore, Fintech Harbor is more than just another typical law firm with a standard range of services. We are technological legal advisors ready to implement your most daring projects.

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Fintech lawyers

Fintech lawyers are indispensable specialists for financial companies implementing modern digital technologies, blockchain, ICO, online payment systems, and electronic money.

Technology Lawyers For Business

A technology lawyer provides legal support for companies operating in the digital economy. We work with telecommunications, finance, management, IT, and high-tech companies. We analyze the legal risks associated with introducing modern information technologies, develop the legal architecture of new business models, and provide legal support for all business processes.

Fintech Technology Lawyers For Crypto

Crypto consulting includes legal services in Initial Exchange Offering, IEO, Security Token Offering, STO, ICO and Pre-ICO, legal support in Blockchain projects, registration of crypto funds, and cryptocurrency exchanges. We assist clients at every stage of launching a crypto project and do everything necessary for the prompt processing of cryptocurrency payments.

Fintech Technology Lawyers for IT

For IT companies, it is crucial to pay attention to the legal aspects of activities, including the proper execution of contractual relations with foreign partners, developers, and investors and the protection of intellectual property. Legal services include the development of legal models and documents for the project's operation, transfer to electronic document management, crowdfunding, crowdlending, and crowd investing.

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Legal support for blockchain projects related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets technologies includes ICO with the organization of the structure, legal advisory, and marketing. An experienced lawyer will select jurisdictions individually for your project, help register a legal entity and open a bank account, and advise on all the nuances of legal establishment for blockchain projects. We also help to obtain a license for the cryptocurrency exchange.

Electronic Financial Services

Fintech and IT lawyers provide services to projects in the field of e-commerce and banking, including licenses, IBAN accounts, and licenses from national regulators. We analyze the legal risks of introducing modern financial instruments and help banking and payment institutions to function effectively in the international legal field.

Top Ranked Firm for Fintech

Fintech Harbor is an international multilingual team of fintech lawyers in IT. We offer a one-stop solution for all the challenges of today's digital and financial businesses. Over the years, we have supported many startups and assisted in obtaining licenses for EMI, Forex, registered blockchain projects, and international electronic exchanges, obtaining the necessary permits. The total number of successfully implemented projects, many years of experience, an extensive network of affiliated partners, and a crystal reputation make our firm one of the leading fintech lawyers for banking, blockchain, and crypto.

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The scope of fintech is quite specific and is on the border of different branches of law. That is why lawyers involved in fintech projects have wide knowledge both in the sphere of law and finance and technologies.

Therefore, to obtain professional support for a fintech project, it is better to contact a company with the appropriate expertise level.
FHC specializes in fintech and also provides financial and legal services. Our team of technology lawyers for business has extensive experience in this field and is constantly improving it.

In addition, we are familiar with the business scenarios and work in related industries connecting them.

To make our cooperation productive and smooth, we suggest the following algorithm:

  • Consultation with a specialist who will help you choose the most relevant and appropriate in your case services.
  • Collecting the necessary statements and documents.
  • Performance of services.
  • Transfer of results.
When choosing a financial advisor, it is significant to make sure that they specialize in the issue you are looking for. Because each law firm specializes in a particular area. FHC deals with Fintech and everything connected with it:
  • registration of legal entities,
  • opening bank and merchant accounts,
  • application processing,
  • obtaining licenses for certain types of activities,
  • intellectual property issues, and other.

In addition, the law firm must have experience in its field, as well as client feedback on the completed work. Thus, FHC meets these tacit criteria and is happy to offer its services to you and your business.
The concepts of a consultant and an advisor are close to each other, but there is a significant difference.

Financial consulting is about solving a specific problem at a particular time. We work with such an issue and accompany it.

Financial advisors work with a company long-term, pursuing predetermined goals from the beginning of the relationship. Often financial advisors work for a company as in-house employees.

During a troubling time, an advisor might suggest that a company bring in a consultant to provide short-term relief.