Forex license in Seychelles

In view of the latest trends and the course on the transparency of financial services in America and Europe, more and more requirements are imposed on corporations that are engaged in financial activities. However, not all novice brokers can afford an expensive license with an impressive annual subscription fee. Therefore, Seychelles is gaining more and more popularity among traders and financial service operators.
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What is a forex license in Seychelles islands?

This is a special permit for the provision of services related to securities. The state regulator controls the activities of market operators based on the 2007 Securities Act. The peculiarity of the legislation provides that companies registered in the country must have a certificate. However, those organizations located on the territory of the skeletons, but the actual management is carried out from another jurisdiction, can easily do without a dealer’s permission. This clause also applies to those firms that do not work with residents of the islands.

Why choose this jurisdiction?

The main advantages of a forex license in Seychelles are low costs for company registration and office maintenance. Also, there is no need to wait a year or six months to receive the documents – the decision of the commission will be known 3 months after the application is submitted.
The authorized capital is also significantly lower than in other states. It is enough to have 50,000 US dollars in the company’s account. The state fee is not lofty, but it should be taken into account that the license will have to be renewed every year. But the procedure is not complicated, and the renewal amount is not high.
Requirements for documents are simple and straightforward, the commission does not ask the client additional questions that increase the consideration period. The government is very loyal to foreign investors and start-ups, showing leniency towards applicants.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Forex license in Seychelles

How can help?

The qualified team of our corporate lawyers has outstanding experience in obtaining various types of licenses and permits in many jurisdictions. You will be happy to provide you with consulting support, answer your questions, and prepare the essential packet of papers. You will not need to visit the country in person to apply or acquire a permit. Furthermore, you will receive a parcel of documents by courier service right at your office and will be able to start legal international activities in the field of financial services as soon as possible.

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How much does it cost to get a forex license in Seychelles?

As mentioned above, the state fee is only from 500$ to 3,000$. However, it is worth considering the costs of registering a local firm, opening a bank account, setting up an office. To get an individual consultation on the cost of your project, please contact our team. The cost for obtaining a Forex license in Seychelles is 36 500 USD.

The process to receive a forex license

For legal entities and individuals, there will be a different process for obtaining a permit. Usually, all the necessary documents can be prepared in one and a half months.
First, you need to register a local company.
Then submit an application in the prescribed form and deposit the authorized capital into a bank account.
Also, at the same time with the application, you must pay a one-time non-refundable state fee in the amount of from 500 to 3,000 US dollars.
After that, the administration of financial services will check the entire package of documents and, if everything is in order, issue a permit.


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Yes, this type of economic activity is equated to working in the securities market and is regulated by the relevant legislation. The holder of the corresponding license can provide services worldwide.
The state has created attractive conditions for traders and brokers around the world. The paperwork is simple, and the state fees are low. Therefore, many organizations choose a country to incorporate a business and start their activities.
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