International trademark registration

In order to obtain legal protection for your new brand, you need to register a trademark. Each country has its own enrollment rules. However, trademark protection is valid only in the territory of the country in which it is registered. To enter the international market and protect your trademark from infringements, the most expedient option is to find a good consultant and proceed with international trademark registration to enter the international market and protect your trademark from infringements.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | International trademark registration

What is international trademark registration?

International protection of trademarks operates under the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol. Nowadays, 128 countries are members of the Madrid Union. This means that a client has an opportunity to protect its own trademark in each of the country members. To get into the international trademark register, you need to apply for it to the World Intellectual Property Organization.


The company’s attorneys have extensive experience in registering trademarks in many jurisdictions. Our expert will be happy to provide you with advice on protecting your brand and submitting the necessary international trademark application.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | International trademark registration

Steps to register your International trademark

Acquiring an international registration is based on a primary national registration. Next, you need to apply for international registration of the trademark through your local Patent and Trademark Office. After the international registration, your application will be forwarded to the jurisdictions that were mentioned in your application, where the independent examination will be carried out, the purpose of which is to identify the compliance of the application with the national law of each country that was claimed for provision of the legal protection for your trademark. The enrollment process takes from 12 to 18 months. The term of protection is from 10 years and may be terminated early or extended if necessary.

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To obtain global trademark registration, you must submit a national application or obtain national registration of your trademark. Then, on the basis of your trademark application or registration, the application for international registration of your trademark can be submitted.
The cost depends on the number of countries and territories covered by protection. Contact us for a detailed consultation to register trademark worldwide.
You can register the title of the organization, commercial or industrial product or service, advertising slogan, character, packaging design, or unique container for the product.
The list of documents is different for protection at the country level and worldwide trademark registration. Ordinarily, the search list includes an application for registration, information about the applicant (documents of a private or legal entity), postal address, description or layout of the trademark, and a receipt for payment of the state fee.
No, the rights apply only to a registered trademark. For analogs, you must go through a repeated registration procedure.
This symbol can be used only by trademarks that passed international brand registration.
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