Company Registration in Canada

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If you’re new to the business world or looking to grow in Canada, our seasoned legal experts are here to help you register your firm. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions, comply with Canadian regulations, and build a sustainable foundation for your business success.
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Canada Company Registration

When you start a firm in this country, you’re making a new legal thing, like a Corporation. This means the business has its own jobs and debts. The good thing is it limits how much money the owners are responsible for, so their personal money is safe, especially in legal or money problems.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company Registration in Canada

Benefits of Registering a Business in Canada

When you decide to incorporate, you’re creating legal protection for your personal stuff and organizing your business well.
The newly formed corporation operates as a separate legal entity, with rights and responsibilities under Canadian law. It can independently acquire assets, secure loans, enter contracts, initiate legal actions, and assume legal responsibilities. Corporate funds and assets are distinct from those of shareholders or owners, offering enhanced protection and a clear separation of business and personal finances.
How to Register a Company with Fintech Harbor Consulting in Canada
  • Selecting a company structure: Select the best business structure for your needs and objectives, whether it be a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or cooperative.
  • Look up a company name. Verify the availability of the business name you have selected by using the name search. This guarantees that the name is unique and not already in use.
  • The business’s BN. If your business intends to hire employees, collect taxes, or operate in a specific industry. A business number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is required.
  • Setting up. Register your business name with the relevant government agency, based on your type of business structure. 
  • Registration for taxes. Registering will depend on the kind of business you run.
  • Registration for taxes. In accordance with the nature of your enterprise, make sure you register and pay the relevant taxes. like the goods and services tax (GST), the harmonized sales tax (HST), or the provincial sales tax (PST).
  • A bank record. Create a business bank account so that you can handle your finances separately from your personal accounts.

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Documents Required to Incorporate a Company in Canada

  • Articles of Association
  • Lease Agreement
  • Title Agreement
  • Board of Directors details
  • Federal Business Number
  • Proof of residence, address, visa, and passports
  • Proof of identity for company shareholders, translated and notarized
  • Certified copy of applicant’s passport and visa
  • Details of paid-up capital for incorporation
  • Founder details for the applicant firm
  • Details and identification proofs for firm managers
  • Company registration processing fee receipt
  • Fit and Proper Criteria for appointed managers
  • Board resolution if required.

Taxation in Canada

In this country, some businesses don’t pay taxes, while others face regular or high tax rates. The amount a firm pays depends on where it’s based, and partnerships are considered based here if they have a presence or are managed by a Canadian office. Corporate tax includes federal and provincial parts, covering different money transactions.
Canada has deals with 90 countries to avoid double taxation and shares info about offshore zones with 24 places. Understanding Canadian taxes is super important for business success. Each province has its own rules, so companies have to operate in the province they choose. Corporate taxes are affected by both provincial and federal rates. People making money from a permanent thing in Canada have to pay Canadian income tax. Americans in a Canadian firm must fill out Form 5471 and attach it to their U.S. tax return. Companies making over $30,000 a year have to sign up for a GST/HST Account with the Canada Revenue Agency. To figure out if incorporating is right for your business, talk to a lawyer or accountant to explore the good things.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company Registration in Canada

Cost of Registering a Company in Canada

The cost of registering a firm in Canada varies, considering factors like firm type and size, with different fees in each province or territory. Typically, registration fees range from $200 to $1000, depending on the jurisdiction. Additional costs may include legal fees for corporate records, director appointments, document preparation, and registration with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Setting up a bank account and obtaining permits or licenses could also contribute to expenses. In total, the Canada company registration cost can range from $400 to $3000, influenced by firm size and type. While there are initial expenses, the long-term benefits of incorporation make it a valuable investment. Fintech Harbor Consulting is here to simplify cost considerations and guide you through the incorporation process for your Canadian business.


Immigrants have the freedom to start any business, with no specific restrictions on the type, as long as it aligns with federal and provincial laws and regulations.
Register your business in person, by mail, or online in most provinces. Processing times range from one to 35 days, depending on the province and application method.
No capital requirements are needed to establish a corporation in this country. A minimum of one shareholder is required for the incorporation process. Fintech Harbor Consulting is your trusted legal partner for seamless company registration in Canada. Whether you’re a newcomer to the business landscape or an established entity aiming to grow, our experienced legal experts provide invaluable guidance.
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