Company formation in UK

Registering a company in the UK is an opportunity for investors to provide themselves with a regular income. The UK zone is attractive due to the current liberal legislation and steadily growing economy. The UK legal and judicial system is known throughout the world for its transparency, steadfastness and fairness.
Setting up a limited company in the UK is an effective way to find international clients. There are loyal tax rates, if you choose the right company form and organize financial accounting. The economic area of Great Britain is notable for the ease of company management. There is also a reliable banking system, access to scalability in the international market.
Company registration in the UK on a turnkey basis is carried out at Fintech Harbor Consulting. Call — +447458149171, get free advice. We will calculate the service cost for you.
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How to register a company in the UK?

UK company registration is only available after prior registration of the company name with Companies Registration Office. Further, you receive a document confirming your company’s legal activity. If you decide to register a UK limited company on your own, get ready to collect the whole package of necessary documents, pay the state duty, and register as a VAT taxpayer.
All of the above requires relevant knowledge. In case of improper registration, an administrative fine is possible. Besides, self-collection and preparation of documents requires more time.
Save time and money. Get legal services today. Fintech Harbor Consulting offers registering a company in the UK.

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UK company registration process

Company registration in the UK is a complex process. It consists of the following steps:
  • Choosing a unique company name. Further legal name verification at the UK Registration Office;
  • Company registration at the UK Companies House;
  • Obtaining a VAT number;
  • Company registration at the tax office;
  • Registering a business as an employer;
  • Opening a bank account for the company.
Any business can be registered in the UK. Before deciding to register in the UK, it is worth remembering that one of the main conditions is the existence of a physical office in England.
Companies registered in the UK get flexible conditions for activity and wide financial prospects, as there is an agreement with many countries on the absence of double taxation.
Among non-residents of the country, two types of companies are the most popular for opening:
  • A private limited company (Limited, LTD). It is characterized by the fact that its owner and director in the UK can be the same person (legal or individual). When setting up an LTD, there is no minimum start-up capital requirement. This type of company is entitled to enjoy tax benefits.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Partners and managers of this type of institution can be both individuals and legal entities, regardless of their residence. In this case, the company formation UK requires a minimum of two partners to whom some administrative-organizational obligations are exposed. For example, appoint auditors and accountants, submit financial reports on the partnership to the registrar of the firm, and notify them of all changes in the shareholders. In cases where the LLP does not conduct its activities in the Kingdom, it is exempt from paying the mandatory tax to the national budget.
The economic environment of Great Britain allows you to register any company. But for activities such as banking and insurance, trust or reinsurance activities, appropriate licenses are required. For companies, regardless of the activity area, a minimum authorized capital of £100 is required. The registration procedure itself is standardized but has many nuances and important notes. Thus, to successfully open their own business in the territory of the Kingdom, founders need to spend a lot of time and effort studying the legal framework, legal intricacies, and other things.
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Does it cost to register a business in the UK?

The registration price in the jurisdiction of the UK is EUR 1390.

Cost of registering a company in the UK

The UK company registration cost varies. The price depends on the client’s requirements and the procedure type.
What is included in the price of company registration in the UK:
  • Bank account registration;
  • Registration fee;
  • Digital registration certificate;
  • Digital Statute;
  • Digital share certificates;
  • Digital register;
  • Accounting consultant;
  • UTR HMRC number.
The above price applies to the basic package. There is an extended package of company registration, which includes the legal address, director’s address, the commercial address and the taxpayer registration. Your choice of rate for setting up a business will depend on your goals, needs, and area of operation. Write or call us – we will provide an individual price list.

Why should you use our company formation service?

You save time. Collection, accurate documents submission are processes that require plenty of time. We help set up a company in the UK with further legal support.
Advantages of our service company formation:
  • No hidden fees. Transparent pricing – you know what you pay for;
  • Fast service. You do not have to spend your own time on red tape;
  • Easy way to register. You just need to submit an application, and we will start registering your company in Great Britain.
  • Security. Confidential data is protected.
Registering a company in the UK in cooperation with us is a reliable way to scale your business and reach a new level of development.

What is required to setting up a limited company in the UK?

To register a UK limited company, you must:
  • Register the legal address of the company + postal address. These addresses are required by Companies House, HMRC to receive and send correspondence;
  • Provide the business activity description. You will need to select a SIC code;
  • Provide information about the director. This includes the following data: full name, date of birth, type of activity, nationality, residential address, business address;
  • Provide information about shareholders;
  • Indicate details of the secretary and the PSC persons.
If you have decided to register a company UK, you need to carefully choose a business partner who will take care of the legal support and organizational processes.

Why should you choose Fintech Harbor Consulting to set up a company in the UK?

Our experience in registering companies and trademarks is for over 5 years. Our specialists regularly improve their skills in dealing with various economic areas. Fintech Harbor Consulting offers full-cycle services, from name registration to physical office registration.
Benefits of working with us:
  • It’s a well-established process. We collect the necessary documents, make funds confirmation. Furthermore, we support you on the verification procedure (KYC);
  • We provide banking compliance services based on international requirements;
  • We will save your business from bureaucracy.
When the company formations are complete, you will receive a documents package by mail. You may also pick them up at our office. Leave the company registration to us. And you can focus on your own business development.


We decided to scale up. We applied for the name registration in the UK. Fintech Harbor Consulting specialists helped to do everything quickly and at the low price. Our company registered, and the process went on with our minimal participation. Thank you.
The international market is the key to success. But you have to get it right. Unfortunately, our company failed to do it on its own – there are a number of legal niceties. However, specialists from Fintech Harbor Consulting helped in solving this problem.
It was necessary to register a PLC company, but, regretfully, I do not understand the UK jurisdiction, and therefore I decided to contact Fintech Harbor Consulting. The lawyers of the company gave me advice, told me in general about the process of company registration in this form of organization.


You can register a company yourself. But it will take much longer. Contact Fintech Harbor Consulting. We will help your company enter the international market as soon as possible.
Any adult can register a UK company.
To register a company, you must provide your identification documents. You also need proof of residence. If the company has several founders, the passports of those who have significant control over the company are required.
Company incorporation in the UK takes up to 7 days. But the time may increase due to the necessity to collect documents. The registration procedure takes place remotely.
There are no hidden registration fees.
From 1 share for each company shareholder is enough.
It is not necessary to be in the UK. The company registration procedure is carried out remotely.
When setting up a company is complete, you receive the entire package of documents for your new venture in the mail. From now on, you can do business legally in the UK.
Yes, you can. But, get ready for the registration process to be significantly delayed. Without knowing the legislative framework, it is impossible to register a company on your own.
Yes, a bank account is required. The company registration package includes the bank account creation.
Limited company formation is a popular enough option for many owners. You can set up a limited company by yourself. But self-collection of documents, submission of all necessary applications and certificates will take much time. Registering a limited company can go much easier and faster if you ask for help from an experienced team of lawyers.
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