Company Registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Foreign legal entities have long been an integral part of holding and investment structures, and often serve to optimize the tax burden. They frequently play an important role in asset management, intellectual property protection, real estate management or family wealth management. In this article we will look at how to use an LLC incorporated in the Caribbean Islands for legitimate business purposes.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company Registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

What is Company Formation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

The islands belong to the classic offshore jurisdictions with all the ensuing advantages for entrepreneurs. The state language is English, but the firm paperwork can be done in any language. It is only necessary not to forget to translate all writings and to have them certified by a notary.
St Vincent and the Grenadines Company Registration is available both to the citizens and non-residents, regardless of their nation. A local legal entity setup is as simple as possible. One must provide a certified copy of an international passport and proof of residence address. The requirement applies to all founders and key decision makers. A workable scenario includes the beneficial owner and director are the same person. The authorized capital is not regulated and remains at the discretion of the founders. There is also no currency control, so you can choose any convenient currency.
Applications to the state registrar are made through a local agent. There is no need to visit the country in person, all papers are translated into English, apostilled, notarized and sent by international courier service. After the successful entry of an LLC in the registry, you will receive a package of documents to start work.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Company Registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Why set up a company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

In addition to the above, a legal entity allows the maximum level of confidentiality to the owner of the assets. The state register is closed and is not accessible to third parties. Data can be given away only at the special request of Interpol or special services.
Company registration in st Vincent and the Grenadines is a powerful asset protection and privacy tool. The LLC implies a limitation of liability for the debts of the business. This means that the personal property of founders and shareholders will not be affected in case of bankruptcy. The organisation has no restrictions on any legitimate activities, and it is also possible to obtain the necessary licenses, such as forex or crypto, if necessary.

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Tax Information for your St. Vincent and the Grenadines LLC formation

Contrary to popular misconceptions about tax havens, doing business using offshore jurisdictions does not mean complete tax exemption. In recent years, many states have brought their legislation in line with BEPS requirements and implemented measures to combat money laundering. Since 2019 worldwide income is taxed at 30%. There is also a VAT rate of 15% for manufacturers of goods. However, it is expected that in the near future the principle of taxation will change, and non-resident companies will not pay levies on profits generated outside the island.
While you generally do not need a physical office for the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Offshore Company Formation, there are some exceptions. For licensed businesses, such as insurance and financial services, including banking, there is a substandard requirement. This means that such an entity must have an address, an office, and a secretary.
Also, don’t forget about keeping tax and accounting records. The authorities of the island do not require keeping papers for a certain period, but investor may need these in the future to confirm the origin of funds.

Steps to register your business in St Vincent and The Grenadines

To start, contact our team for advice. During a short conversation, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to ensure that we understand your needs and guarantee the highest quality of service. Of course, we cooperate on the terms of the NDA and you can be sure of the confidentiality of your request.
We will prepare an individual cost estimate for you. No hidden fees, only clear and transparent terms of cooperation. You pay only for the services rendered.
After that, we will collect a package of papers, help to translate into English, and notarize an apostille. You pay for the st. Vincent and the Grenadines company formation in a convenient way – by card or bank transfer. We will send your communications to our trusted agent in the islands and you will receive your registration certificate in less than a month.
Now you can use the legal entity for your commercial purposes at your discretion. We will also be happy to provide you with legal support and any advice you need in the course of work.

Our Consulting Services

Our firm’s international, multi-lingual team of fintech experts and lawyers provides advice in many areas, from personal taxation and family asset protection to complex corporate structuring. We assist in the development of international activities, helping owners and founders of startups in many industries to protect their intellectual property rights, open corporate or merchant accounts for trade, and choose the best taxation regime.
Our international corporate practice includes support in many jurisdictions through a network of affiliated agents. Thanks to this, we can guarantee fast provision of services such as the registration of a company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the best prices. Fintech Harbor also provides investor visa and immigration services.
We understand that our clients are busy, so we avoid lengthy consultations and reduce the number of face-to-face meetings. We solve most issues remotely, saving you time and allowing you to focus on managing your commerce.
Our services also extend to obtaining a forex license. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with the licensing process, providing guidance and expertise in navigating the regulatory requirements.
Our services also extend to obtaining a forex license. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with the licensing process, providing guidance and expertise in navigating the regulatory requirements.


The Fintech Harbor lawyers helped me to register my local firm very quickly and efficiently. I provided my passport and proof of address, and within a month a DHL courier delivered the ready package of incorporation papers to my office. They also assisted me to open a commercial bank account for the new company. Everything went just fine!
Thanks to the Fintech Harbor team for their insightful tax advice. The corporate structure you suggested helped us optimize taxation in the long run. I also received help in protecting personal assets and enhancing confidentiality.


Yes, to set up an LLC you must pay the following: local agent services and state fixed costs. The founder also pays a lease for a legal address for the first year, which must be renewed annually thereafter. A set of corporate documents, translation into English, apostille and notarization, as well as delivery by international courier service is paid once.
In addition to the standard state charges and the basic package of papers, in each individual case, an individual set of services may be required, including translation into English, apostille and forwarding by an international courier service. In the event that it is necessary to make changes, for example, to add a founder or change directors, additional costs may arise. We are always ready to provide you with an individual calculation based on your circumstances. Please contact our team by phone or email for a free consultation.
If you want to register a firm on behalf of a private person, we will ask you to provide a copy of your passport and proof of address. IDs are required for all members, including shareholders and managers. For legal entities, we usually ask for articles of association and a certificate of incorporation. In each individual case, additional clarifications may be required to clarify the information. However, the country’s authorities are very loyal to foreign investors and make reasonable demands.
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