Company registration in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a land in Europe located on the picturesque Balkan Peninsula. This country is very popular and attractive to tourists. A strong economy, agricultural production, a developed service, and a tourism sector create conditions for a profitable business. Foreign investors can receive government benefits and support, and the laws of the country do not restrict small businesses.
Bulgaria company register is a profitable and promising opportunity to get all the privileges and advantages of the European Union. Since this country is not offshore, it has a small corporate tax and no double taxation like many countries.
Company registration — Company registration in Bulgaria

Why do you need to set up an enterprise in Bulgaria?

Company formation Bulgaria undoubtedly has a huge number of advantages. For example, you do not need to receive a work permit if you decide to enter commerce and work as a manager. It is also possible to acquire a business visa, purchase leasing vehicles, real estate, and necessary equipment, and get a car for a firm (with mandatory annual re-registration for foreigners). Receiving loans and mortgages for a company will be at an interest rate much lower than for foreign citizens. The procedure for opening an enterprise itself has a low cost.
Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and the Single Market. This provides establishments with all the business privileges available to the lands of the Eurozone. For example, acquiring a residence permit for three representatives of foreign organizations, enjoying low tax rates, and developing a banking system is possible. And since Bulgaria is a party to The Hague Convention, the company’s documents can be apostilled. Setting up a firm and an account is possible within the same state, while maintaining a corporate account in a country’s bank has a small tariff. Businesses always have a high reputation due to the lack of offshore status. There is access to the CIS and Turkey markets.
Company registration — Company registration in Bulgaria

Benefits of among registration agents in Bulgaria

By choosing, you get an excellent opportunity to quickly list your company in the trade register Bulgaria while spending minimal funds and avoiding additional fees. A team of experienced lawyers takes into account all the features of your business and provides comprehensive information on the conduct of trading activities in the country. We offer full legal support. Our lawyers know the specifics of the law and the peculiarities of conducting local commercial activities.
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Steps to incorporate a firm in Bulgaria

Commercial Law provides for different forms of doing business. The most convenient and popular for non-residents are the LLC with one founder and the LLC with two or more founders.
For company registration in Bulgaria, the following documents are demanded (registration of OOD – Limited Liability Company or EOOD – Sole Limited Liability Company): application, first directors minutes meeting, shareholder agreement, director’s declaration (consent to be the manager), sample signature, management agreement between the company and the manager, a declaration of the absence of obstacles to the management of the company, a statement of the correctness of all documents for the commercial register, a receipt for payment of registration fees, a power of attorney for an authorized person when registering a company not independently, the need to deposit the authorized capital to the account and a corresponding bank statement about this.
When setting up a firm in the country, it is essential to remember that:


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The term of enlisting the firm into the Bulgarian business register is influenced by the speed of the couriers who send copies of your documents to Bulgaria. The process will take from 4 days to 4 weeks.
To check if the ltd company registration Bulgaria has been made, you can go to the website of the commercial register ( “Reference” section).
Opening a business in this country is a fairly simple procedure. You can organize a business quickly; there are no strict requirements for the subject of activity. Flexibility lies in the fact that later the company can change the type of activity (from the sale of goods to the provision of services) without any formalities. Licenses are practically unnecessary and are required only for certain activities.
The answer is, of course, yes, since any foreigner can establish his company (legal entity) in the country, even if he does not have a residence permit. An exception is an individual entrepreneur since it is not a legal entity. A significant advantage is the preferential rate of 0% for various types of transactions, including export ones. The local currency is pegged to the euro and has remained unchanged for the last decade. All this, along with a stable political and economic environment, attracts investors from many countries and creates a favorable environment for trade.
The cost of registration a company in Bulgaria is 2500 EUR