Trademark registration in Hong Kong

The jurisdiction offers numerous advantages to entrepreneurs worldwide. In addition to the excellent opportunity to enter Chinese and Asian markets, there are special tax incentives for many categories of business operations. In addition, the state enjoys a reliable reputation, and establishing a legal entity here becomes a sign of quality. National commissions that regulate various industries carefully monitor the issuance of patents and licenses, so it takes a lot of effort to establish a legal entity here, but it pays off. By selling goods under the “Made in HK” label, a business can enter the premium segment, gaining access to a wide solvent audience of buyers.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Trademark registration in Hong Kong

What is TM certification in HK SAR?

It is not worth mentioning the importance of the proper legal setup of the name for any product. In the modern world, popular commercially successful brands often become objects of copying and forgery. If a brand is not established legally, it is almost impossible to bring unscrupulous competitors to justice. Trademark registration in Hong Kong helps protect its owner and guarantees the exclusive right to use it in the territory claimed. It is available for the service industry, finance, electronics, textiles, jewelry, logistics, and premium goods. Both individuals and organisations can establish labels here. The option is available for citizens and non-residents.
A mark may be represented in any form: a word, a symbol, a slogan, a figure, a digital combination, a logo, a musical melody, a sound or a combination of sounds, a packaging design, and so on. You can also protect copyright by registering patents and designing. A claimant must send a package of documents to the corresponding authority. After considering the application and paying the appropriate fees, the trade name owner will receive a certificate confirming the right to the exclusive use of the patented object.

Why work with us?

Fintech Harbor lawyers have experience in trademark registration around the world. We will help to prepare a package of documents and issue the necessary applications as soon as possible. We will also conduct a preliminary check on state registries for brand identity. Furthermore, we advise you to contact us at any time for a confidential consultation and get a detailed answer about Hong Kong trademark registration terms and conditions.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Trademark registration in Hong Kong

What does the registration process look like?

Before applying for a certificate, we will check whether the trademark is unique. We recommend preparing several options. Verification of uniqueness takes 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the intellectual property department may suggest changes.
Following, we will define the desired classes according to the international grouping. In total, there are 34 types of goods and 11 services. The next step is to sign up for a trademark in Hong Kong and pay relevant charges, including government fees. If a TM complies with the official regulations, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance of the application with the corresponding number.
The decision about the successful enrollment in the national registry of trade signs will be posted in the official newspaper of the state department of intellectual property. Within three months of the announcement issue, any legal entity or private person can file claims and challenge the patent. If there are no objections from third parties, or if all objections are satisfied in your favor during the previous stage, your brand is registered.

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I thank the Fintech Harbor lawyers for the prompt and high-quality trademark registration Hong Kong. We received a patent very quickly and passed all the checks without unnecessary bureaucracy.
To ensure a smooth Hong Kong company formation process, we partnered with Fintech Harbor, consultancy. As we ventured into the Asian market with our online business, their expert guidance urged us to prioritize brand protection in China and Hong Kong. By taking their advice to heart, we proactively safeguarded our brand, thus steering clear of potential fines and legal disputes. Thanks to their well-thought-out strategy, we successfully navigated through potential troubles and secured our foothold in the region.


There are practically no restrictions. Any IP object (logo, trade slogan, product brand) can become a brand. Several rules apply throughout the world. Applications that duplicate previously registered objects cannot be certified. Names that may be offensive to any group are also not taken.
A fixed state fee applies for checking identical or similar registered marks: 400 HKD (50 USD) for one class search + 200 HKD (25 USD) for each subsequent class. A state fee for filing an application in one class is 260 USD and for each additional class – 130 USD. To get more details about the Hong Kong trademark registration fee, please contact us. Our lawyers will provide a cost estimate based on the features of your brand.
Usually, the pendency of an application process is 8-9 months. The brand protection is issued for ten years with the possibility of subsequent renewal. The document is valid only in the territory of Hong Kong SAR and does not apply to mainland China and other territories.
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