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The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates, formed in 1971. This oil-rich state has expanded and diversified its economy, becoming a global trade, commerce, and finance center. Today they are considered a profitable jurisdiction for foreign entrepreneurs. Although the official language is Arabic, English is widely used in business.
Setting up a firm here is a great option if you plan to optimize your corporation and provide stable, comfortable working conditions. However, if you intend to register company in Dubai, it will not be easy. It is necessary to know local regulations and traditions and learn how to create corporate structures properly. It is important to consider the legal system of the Emirates, which is based on the Civil Code, the Constitution, the Federal Law, the Islamic Sharia, and the laws of each emirate.
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What is establishment registration in the UAE?

This land is a place of many opportunities. The Emirates ranks 8th among the top ten most favorable markets for starting retail ventures. Jurisdiction is the 11th in the global index regarding ease of creating and doing business. Registration of the enterprise allows you to penetrate major markets in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. There are 138 double-tax treaties. The corporate legislation is based on the English common law system, as in England and Singapore.
If you decide to register company in UAE, then at all phases, you will find simple and understandable requirements, political and economic stability, 0% personal income tax, low corporate tax, and no requirements for contributing authorized capital. Favorable conditions have been developed for business growth, and many opportunities exist for start-ups and foreign investors. The popular areas are IT, financial, business services, tourism, trade, and shipping. The country has a great infrastructure and economy. The availability of resources makes it possible to run a profitable mining enterprise.
To summarize, the main benefits of setting up a firm in this state are free economic zones in all 7 emirates, the absence of currency control and regulation by the state, and the possibility of duty-free withdrawal of investment capital. There are also no taxes on most activities. There is no public registry here, guaranteeing the privacy and safety of doing business. Details about the owners and shareholders of foreign corporations are not disclosed; therefore, protection against a takeover of corporate rights is provided at the legislative level.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Register company in Dubai

Our advantages in company formation in the UAE

Using extensive practical experience, our employees will assist you in opening a low-tax firm in the Emirates. For successful development, the legal entity must be correctly registered per all the laws of the country and the region. Grounded on the type of activity and the requirements of your strategy, our attorneys will help you choose the best form of registration, corporate structure, and advantageous place of business. We check the licenses and status of companies before cooperating with them. Since there is no unified registry, each emirate and free zone has its own company records (for example, Abu Dhabi company register) and provide its own verification capabilities—we will help to make requests.

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What is the price of company formation in the UAE?

The cost of registration a company in UAE is 12 000 EUR.

The process of incorporation in the Emirates

Foreign-born citizens can register an offshore organization, free trade zone business, a limited liability company in partnership with a local national who must own 51% of the shares. Each of the mentioned forms has different operating conditions.
It is essential to select an emirate for accomplishing commercial activities. If company registration in Dubai is more suitable, then one has to choose the type of company, business profile, and location for registration. After that, required papers are prepared, notarized, and filed to the state clerk. You can get a license for your activity type and get a Company Establishment Card. Without it, it is impossible to hire workers and have a resident permit for stockholders. Then you must open personal and corporate bank accounts and rent an office or workplace.


Thanks to your team of lawyers for accompanying and assisting in collecting papers and incorporating my IT firm in FTZ.
I was worried about being included in the UAE business register, but they explained in detail all the intricacies of business confidentiality in this country. Thanks for helping me find the minimum space for my flexi office.


The minimum office for company registration in UAE is 20 square meters.
Umm Al Quwain is the cheapest business opportunity in the Emirates.
If you want to register business in Dubai, you can find out the cost from our consultants. To do this, leave a request on the site or contact us using the contacts listed.
Foreign individuals can register a company in the Emirates under the current legislation.
The list of documents depends on various factors. This is the number of shareholders, and their legal status, whether they are individuals or legal entities. If the shareholders are legal entities, their corporate documents must be legalized when registering a subsidiary or branch of the company. You need different documents depending on the company’s type (branch, new company, or subsidiary). Also, the requested documents may differ from emirate to emirate and free zone.

If you set up a firm for an individual, a minimum set of documents includes a passport, a 3×4 cm color photograph, and a utility bill in English. This will indicate which country you are a resident of. In some free economic zones, a business plan is demanded, and you cannot register an enterprise without it. Each specific free zone has its own list of required documents, which our lawyers will clarify.
The time for registering your company varies depending on the selected emirate. In Dubai, registering a company requires more time due to increased requests. Opening a company can take 2 weeks to 1 month or a couple of days in other emirates.

The term for registering a company may increase to several months if the type of activity of the company requires additional permits from local authorities (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, etc.).
Our experts will help you establish a new company remotely with the help of a power of attorney for registration actions. Experts will issue a tax resident certificate and coordinate all business processes in the UAE. To open an account, you must be present in person, which you can do only in local banks. International financial institutions do not provide account opening services to non-residents.
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