Montenegro economic citizenship

A small state in the Balkans with a developing economy attracts many businesspersons with the aim of living, establishing a commercial enterprise and acquiring legal status. It is expected that very soon the country will join the EU and the prospect looks especially attractive to non-residents. Montenegro citizenship by investment provides multiple benefits. This is the second attempt by the authorities to draw capital into the tourism industry. The new procedure was projected to take into account past mistakes, candidates were selected much more carefully, and the country’s reputation grew.
Citizenship by investment — Montenegro economic citizenship

Program requirements

It is important to pass the due regulatory diligence check. Licensed agents began to receive additional questions regarding individuals whose requests had already been received by the department after the due diligence procedure and required final approval.
Banking compliance and background checks are very strict and are carried out in several steps. Applicants are required to undergo a compliance procedure at the bank to ensure they comply with the legal requirement regarding money laundering, terrorist financing, and tax evasion. The biography and professional experience of the person is carefully studied. They must not be a politically exposed person, be included in any sanctions lists, or be associated with businesses or persons under sanctions. The Montenegro citizenship by investment is working until December 31, 2022.
Citizenship by investment — Montenegro economic citizenship

Benefits of the Crna Gora passport

The state is an EU candidate and will join it in 3 years. Golden ID holders will be able to journey to more than a hundred destinations and go for the US E-2. For wealthy individuals, this is a great chance to optimize taxes. Children born after their parents’ acquisition of judicial status will receive it by inheritance. The Montenegro citizenship by investment program runs until the end of the year and the number of individuals is limited, so hurry up.
You can buy property for personal residence. But if you do not have a goal to live in this country, apartments can be rented out with high profitability. All objects are located in tourist areas, ski resorts, or hotel complexes.

Procedures and time frame of the program

The initial step is a consultation at Fintech Harbor, where our specialists will tell you about all the possibilities. We will conduct a preliminary check of documents and help you choose an investment object from the list sanctioned by the authorities. Further, papers will be prepared for cash transactions to the commonwealth fund. After that, the request will be submitted to the immigration committee, and they will issue a passport. Applications for citizenship by investment Montenegro are normally managed in 6-8 months.

How to qualify

You can only submit requests through a licensed agent. You do not need to visit the country in person, learn the language or take history exams. The client’s representative will submit all documents remotely. First, you need to go through the standard background and funds verification procedure according to the national regulator. Spouses and children may be included in the application for Montenegro by citizenship by investments. The main applicant must be at least 18 years of age. If parents submit papers, they can include dependent children over 18 years of age and dependent parents.


This opportunity is available after the purchase of a new property approved by the correctness. The purchase amount must be at least 250,000 euros. Additionally, you need to submit a 200,000 euros contribution to the government fund.
At the moment, the country is not a full member of the EU, but more than 15 years ago, the mechanism for joining was launched. This process is expected to be completed in 2025.
The current legislation of the country prohibits its residents from being political nationals of other countries, but an exception was made for investors. Therefore, all participants of the citizenship by investment in Montenegro program can keep their first national ID.