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To perform a commercial activity in almost any country, you must first incorporate a personal establishment. Many business people prefer to register private limited company. This is a common type of organizational and legal form of legal entity. The term “limited” means that the inventors are liable only within the framework of the obligations and property of the enterprise and are not liable for personal property for the debts of a legal entity. The property of the owners, their personal rights, and obligations are separated from the commitments and debts of the company.
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What is private limited company registration?

PVT registration is the procedure of creating a distinctive record of the inclusion of a new business unit in the state register. There are some distinctions in conditions and routines in different states. But in any case, the owner of the establishment must submit an official statement to the government agency that they want to set up a corporation. A variation of a unique title that competing firms have not previously used is usually proposed together with the application.
After going through the incorporation process, the owner or their authorized representative receives an official confirmation (certificate), which indicates that the corporation is included in the state register. Typically, establishments are assigned a unique number (registration code) by which this legal entity will be subsequently identified. Now the firm can enter into contracts, make commitments and conduct business legally.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Private limited company registration

Advantages of private limited company registration with

Today it is not difficult to find providers of legal services that carry out private limited company registration. The terms for the provision of assistance and prices are very different. But money doesn’t always play a key role. When starting a business, it is important to do everything accurately in conformity with the law and find a competent counselor who can fill out the forms correctly. This will help avoid problems with government agencies and refrain from paying fines.
Fintecharbor attorneys have already set up dozens of organizations in different jurisdictions for their clients successfully. We specialize in private limited company formation and a full range of corporate services for an international clientele. Therefore, we constantly monitor alterations in the legislation of the countries with which we work. We save our customers time and money using modern technologies – numerous requests are submitted online, and you do not need to visit government agencies personally. You will receive a parcel of documents in your office, and you can start your new business a few weeks after the application.

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Process of incorporation

PVT Ltd company registration can be done electronically in a few minutes. For example, if you want to apply to establish a new business entity in the UK, you must first verify the name through the Companies House internet site. You can find a special page for submitting applications on the same website. All forms are available online.
The share capital can start even from £1. The enterprise can be incorporated both by the citizens of the UK and by the resident of any different state. As the legal address, you can specify the place of the accountant’s residence.
In order to complete PVT ltd company registration, you need to submit the title of the firm, information about the directors and founders (copies of their IDs), indicate the address, and describe the classes of commercial activities. After submitting the documents, the applier person pays the state fee.


I enjoyed working with Fintech Harbor. Real professionals in their field. The course of private company registration was very quick without unnecessary bureaucracy.
At the very beginning, the counselors clarified our goals in detail and recommended an optimal organizational and legal form of business. Then they helped to submit the necessary applications and fill out the forms. It was very prompt and efficient.


No, you shouldn’t. In the case of private limited company incorporation, a state fee is paid. This is a fixed amount that a government agency charges for reviewing papers. But this is not a levy. Taxes are paid on income that derives from commercial activity.
The price depends on the country of private company formation. The charge includes obtaining one set of originals of corporate documents, drafting Articles of Incorporation, the decision of the board of executives, share certificates, state fee, and courier delivery. Nominee and company renewal services after the expiration of the first year are paid separately. Please contact us to receive a detailed offer.
Preparing the demanded forms is usually more difficult than filing them. Sometimes it takes a long while to come up with a unique company name that hasn’t been used before. If you need to receive paper copies certified by a notary and state registrar, it may take up to 2 weeks, taking into account the time for sending the package via DHL around the globe.
The list of documents for establishing a company is standard. Among the critical ones are the passports of the owners, the legal address, and information about the nominee director or corporate secretary (if applicable). You need to fill out an application. If the founder is a private person, then you need to show utility bills to confirm the address of residence.

For legal entities founders, the list of required documents will be extended. Together with the application, it is required to submit copies of corporate documents (certificate of registration of the company or an extract from the state register of companies), articles of association, and a certificate of good standing. In addition, you must supply information about the company’s board members, copies of their passports, residence addresses, and e-mail addresses.

In principle, this is possible. The procedure of Pvt ltd registration is not complicated. You need to familiarize yourself with the provisions on the websites of government agencies. But it is worth considering that if you make mistakes in the applications, you will receive a refusal, and you will have to re-submit the documents again. In any case, the state fee is not refundable.

Legislation is constantly changing, and you need to track these amendments in order to comply with them. Reaching a qualified attorney will help save time and nerves and do everything right the first time.
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