Industry sector: E-gaming
Jurisdictions involved: Estonia
Client's business objective: International trademark registration and the establishment of the company's legal framework.
We successfully fulfilled the client’s request to create a legal company structure and facilitated global project expansion. This involved opening new bank accounts, acquiring accounts, drafting internal regulations, and registering their brand. Our team devised a company structure plan, offered tax advice, and facilitated market entry. We successfully registered a legal entity in a jurisdiction with favorable tax conditions, implemented anti-money laundering and know-your-customer procedures, and provided standardized contract templates. Additionally, we advised on compliance procedures, ensured the platform’s design and functionality complied with the law, and created a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
The primary challenge we encountered was transferring the client’s bank and acquiring accounts to the new legal entity. To ensure compliance and internal regulations, we analyzed the technical aspects and mechanics of the project platform, while also providing software protection.
Ultimately, the client obtained a company with online platform capabilities, including bank and acquiring accounts, optimized tax arrangements, and international trademark registration.


CYBERSHOKE platform hosts over 700,000 players from all over the world every month, making the platform one of the largest training networks of CS:GO servers. Our cooperation with Fintechharbor started with the registration of a legal entity. Beforehand, the lawyers provided comprehensive information about all available jurisdictions, honestly reporting on the benefits and all the pitfalls. Also FHC supported us in a registration of our own trademark. The Fintech Harbor team is always in touch, they send us reports on every step. Highly recommend!
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Cybershoke
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