Alfa Labs

Industry sector: Fintech
Jurisdictions involved: Israel, Cyprus
Client's business objective: Legal support for market entry into new markets and development of the legal structure.
Alfa Labs is a fintech software developer that sought legal support in creating their platform. Our team assisted with registering the company and providing legal guidance on expanding into new markets. We also advised on tax matters and identified the most advantageous jurisdiction for taxation purposes. To ensure regulatory compliance, we developed internal documents such as service agreements, NDAs, and privacy policies.
In order to establish the company’s structure, we registered multiple legal entities in Israel and Cyprus and developed AML and KYC procedures while providing guidance on compliance procedures. We recommended the interface and functionality of the platform to ensure adherence to legal requirements.
Our biggest challenge was designing a structure for the company’s non-standard product. To overcome this obstacle, we combined various legal entities and regulations onto one platform and developed flexible legal procedures that could be applied based on the user’s jurisdiction.
We also provided legal advice on protecting the company’s software and ensured that the project complied with current legal regulations, enabling the client to distribute their software without concern.
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