Industry sector: E-gaming
Jurisdictions involved: UK, Hong Kong
Client's business objective: Expansion into new markets and establishment of the company's legal framework.
The client required the creation of a company to enter new markets, establish a more official presence, and develop internal regulatory documents. Additionally, the client needed to register their brand in various jurisdictions, obtain legal opinions on project activities, and protect their interests in domain disputes. Our role was to develop project structures for the company, register multiple legal entities in different jurisdictions, provide guidance on complaint procedures, and offer recommendations on designing the platform’s interface and functionality in compliance with the law. We also provided a legal opinion and advised the client on taxes in their chosen jurisdiction, developed service agreements and NDAs, and protected the client’s software.
The main complexity of the case was the formation of the company’s structure and legal regulation due to the client’s non-standard product. To address this challenge, we analyzed the technical component of the project platform and prepared a legal opinion. We ensured the client’s software received legal protection.
As a result, we successfully structured the company with bank and acquiring accounts, optimized taxation, provided a legal opinion, carried out an international trademark action, and enforced registration in a domain dispute.


We operate in an actively developing and highly competitive e-sports environment. The guys from Fintechharbor are real pros who offer the best solutions and understand what we really require. We received a detailed consultation on business structuring, the choice of jurisdictions for registration and the optimal taxation regime. Thanks to this, we can work with gamers and advertisers around the world, being confident in the legality of our activities.
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