How to apply for a Comoros gaming license

Fintech Harbor Consulting | How to apply for a Comoros gaming license
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Understanding Comoros Gaming Licensing

What is a gambling license? In non-legal terms, this is a permit issued by regulatory authorities.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “gambling license” is jurisdiction: where under what conditions and at what cost to obtain a gambling license.

Many experts in the field of gambling, when asked which jurisdiction is the most popular for a gaming license, will answer: hm… Curaçao, Malta, Kahnawake or the Isle of Man…

In addition to the above jurisdictions, there is a miracle island that is part of the Union of Comoros, located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa (this is not an advertisement for a travel agency), which attracts not only tourists with their unique views but also businessmen who want to obtain a gaming license. Articles on the Internet sometimes mention Anjouan and Moheli (Mwali) for which a license can be issued.

Introduction to the Comoros Gaming License and Its Importance

Anjouan Gaming license, issued by the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority. Are you looking for a jurisdiction that will allow you to provide gambling services such as casino, sports, poker, bingo, lotto, provably fair Games, blockchain-based games and more, then you need a gambling license in Anjouan. Anjouan offers a single license for all of the above types of gambling.

The Mwali Gaming License, issued by Moheli Corporate Services and regulated by the Moheli Offshore Finance Authority, provides companies with the ability to legally operate online gaming and gambling platform. 

Fintech Harbor Consulting | How to apply for a Comoros gaming license

Key Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

How to get a gaming license? The main criteria that are the basic conditions for obtaining a gaming license include the following:

  1. Business Registration: To be eligible for a gaming license in Mwali, a company must register in Mwali (Moheli). On Anjouan this condition is absent;
  2. Providing comprehensive business plans, financial forecasts and information on key personnel (due diligence required on shareholder/s and director/s;
  3. Availability of reliable software and infrastructure  –  proof of domain  ownership and website in accordance with international standards to carry out activities with a gaming license from the Comoros Islands;
  4. Conducting an audit to ensure financial integrity for the owners and key managers of the future gaming license holder. The management of the company must comply with the provisions of professional suitability as provided for by law.;
  5. Compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws is mandatory. Internal policies KYC, AML, CTF aimed at preventing fraudulent activities and terrorist financing are «must-have» for gaming license holders;
  6. Availability of a database to protect players’ personal data;
  7. Copies of the game (content) provider agreement for gaming systems in addition to the submission of the application  and shareholder/ director declaration  – for the Anjouan Gaming license;
  8. Timely payment of the application for a gaming license and the corresponding annual renewal fees for such a license.

Preparing Your Application

The primary action in the process how to get a gambling license is filling out the application form in accordance with the standard… It’s very easy to fill it out, having in hand all the necessary information/documentation about shareholder/director that is required from the future owner of the gaming license.

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Necessary Documents and Information for a Successful Application

For each legal entity that will obtain a gaming license, the regulator must provide the following documents:

  1. registration documents for the company:
    – certificate of registration,
    – memorandum and articles of association (or equivalent),
    – certificate from good standing*,
    – certificate of Incumbency.
  1. a certified copy of the current passport of the shareholder/s and director/s of the company that will receive the gaming license. Passport pages with photos and signatures are required.
  2. CV for the shareholder/director of the future gaming license holder.
  3. utility bill* from the place of registration of the shareholder/director of the company.
  4. details of the Content, including copies of agreements and/or third-party RNG and RTP testing certificates (if applicable).
  5. documentary proof of domain ownership.
  6. copies of the Terms and conditions, which should include the underage Gaming Policy, Responsible Gaming Policy, player KYC policy, etc.

All documents must be in English (translated into English) and not older than 90 days*.

After Submission: What to Expect

If the application form is filled out correctly, all documents are submitted (taking into account the deadline for their issuance, which is presented) as a result. The applicant receives a gaming license for Anjouan or Mwali with a validity period of at least 1 year. The most correct solution in this case would be to trust legal advisers who know a lot about gaming licensing in different jurisdictions.

Fintech Harbor Consulting | How to apply for a Comoros gaming license

Benefits of Holding a Comoros Gaming License

The biggest plus of holding a Comoros Gaming license is a business-friendly environment that promotes growth and innovation for businesses in the gaming sphere. Whether the gaming license for Comoros Union will become the second Curacao – only time will tell. But the “shake-up” that began in Curacao with attempts to regulate the gambling market has so far “played into the hands” of the Comoros Union. This situation can be called a good marketing decision by those who popularise the market for gaming licenses obtained from the Comoros Union.

And so, the bonuses of gaming licenses for Comoros Union include the following:

  1. no requirements for registering companies in Anjouan: to obtain a gaming license, registration of a company in Anjouan or Mwali is not required. Applicants can register a company in any jurisdiction. It is important to emphasise that licenses for online gaming and betting on Mwali can only be issued to legal entities registered on Mwali. However, an application to create a new company can be submitted simultaneously with an application for a license. The above indicates customer focus and the absence of bureaucratic “red tape” when a company is first registered and then a gaming license is obtained.
  2. unified gaming license: the gaming license obtained for Comoros Mwali applies to all types of permitted gambling activities, for example. Such a unified approach is convenient and effective for the future operator.
  3. White-Label Licensing and B2B and B2C Use: The license is comprehensive and can be used in various online games such as casinos, poker, betting, and lotteries, and for rental of white-label games and services. The gaming license is applicable for both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) transactions, which must be indicated in the application.
  4. availability of payment solutions: Anjouan, as an example, cooperates with payment providers that can be opened without a license, as well as the middle part of payment systems that require a license.
  5. Validator for checking the license. One of the key features of the Anjouan license is the presence of a validator. The above-mentioned benefit greatly increases trust and authority among users.

So, don’t think how to get a gaming license to work in a casino or poker. All you need is…… a gaming license in Comoros: simplicity, lack of difficulties in obtaining and accessibility.

License fees

Anjouan gambling license will cost about 24 000,00 EUR. In addition, you will need to pay for an annual license renewal in the amount of 18 300, 00 EUR. 

Mwali Gaming License will cost about 27 950,00 EUR. The annual license renewal amounts to 16 500,00 EUR.

Comparing Comoros Gaming Licensing with Other Jurisdictions

Curacao iGaming operators are faced with changes in Curacao gambling legislation and some confusion on how to implement what the legislation stipulates. At the same time, the Comoros Union has a clear and understandable legislative framework for regulating gaming.

The Anjouan gaming license is similar in requirements and capabilities to the sublicenses of Curacao or for example, Malta. However, there are also some downsides: the Anjouan gaming license is less common than the Curacao license. Accordingly, many Anjouan-licensed operators may face challenges integrating different payment solutions and gaming providers.  Don’t forget about the ease of the registration process and quick payback are invaluable assets for achieving significant achievements in the gaming sector. 

The biggest benefit of the Anjouan gaming license is that operators with a gaming license in Anjouan are not subject to any gaming tax on their gross gaming revenue (GGR) compared to many other jurisdictions.

Doesn’t every business strive for quick payback?! Therefore, the Comoros Gaming License is the right choice.

Don’t even think about what documents are needed, or how to fill out application forms to obtain a gaming license for Comoros Union.

If you are reading this article on the FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING website, don’t think about how to get a Comoros gaming license. All you have to do is call or write to us. First-class legal service and gambling advice is something that FINTECH HARBOR CONSULTING specialists are 100% able to do.


  1. geography of the islands: Comoros Union is located in the Indian Ocean, which attracts African markets on the one hand, and on the other, there is interest from the Near East.
  2. diverse market: this benefit stems from a favourable geographical location. The Comoros Islands provide access to a diverse player market. This is a good option for operators seeking to expand their customer base.
  3. Regulatory framework: Comoros authorities support the gambling industry by having a clear regulatory framework to regulate the gambling market.
  4. simple licensing process: having a reliable legal adviser as your “allies,” the process of obtaining a gambling license for Comoros Union will not take much time and money.
  5. favourable taxation: Comoros offers favourable tax conditions for licensed operators. Tax «pirks» include low taxes or no taxes on income, profits or capital gains in some cases.

The process of obtaining a gaming license will take up to 2 months if you have a full package of documents in accordance with the requirements, as well as payment for issuing a gaming license.

A gaming license is subject to annual renewal starting from the second year of license issuance. In this case, if the operator has not paid for the license renewal, the license receives suspended status. However the gaming license is not revoked in this case. Although the suspended status indicates that the license is “non-working”.

If we talk about the reasons for revoking a gaming license, they include the following:

– disclosure of information about the financial and personal data of clients (the rules of data anonymity and encryption of financial transactions were violated);

– detection of facts of money laundering.

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