IT company registration

Computer technologies are the basis of modern economic growth. This service sector is very multifaceted and is in increasing demand because for work you do not need to buy huge areas, set up a complex production process, and have warehouses for goods. All that is needed is a staff of talented programmers and high-quality software on computers with access to the global network. In addition, today you can be anywhere in the world and at the same time serve customers in another hemisphere.
All these factors contribute to the growth of the industry, new startups and projects are constantly appearing. As a result, competition also increases. To work legally in the computer technology or software development industry, you need an IT company registration. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of the legislation, comply with the requirements of the tax authorities and correctly formalize the employment relationship with the team. Given this, professional legal support is extremely important for IT firms.
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Why do I need to set up an IT company abroad?

In the modern global world, it is not at all necessary to establish a business in the country of residence of the founder or director. You can be a citizen of one state, live in another, and manage a business in a third.
When choosing a jurisdiction to register an IT company, you should pay attention to the following significant factors:
Of course, this is not a complete list, but it is essential to start with careful planning so that you do not waste money and create a trap for yourself that is hard to get out of.
In addition, the IT-sphere is extremely diverse. It includes games, applications, fintech, medical equipment microelectronics, and much more. That is why you need to understand the specific nuances of your business before making a decision.
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Benefits of among registration IT firms

Fintech Harbor exclusively specializes in servicing firms and start-ups operating in the field of information and computer technology. By contacting us for advice, you will receive detailed advice on choosing the right country for incorporation, tax issues, opening a bank account, and much more.
You can trust us with the IT company registration process from start to finish. We will carefully study your project and draw up the necessary documents for legal commercial activity. If necessary, we assist in obtaining the required licenses, register the legal entity with tax administrations and help to find accountants and auditors.

Steps to incorporate IT company

The best way to start IT business company registration is to get comprehensive legal advice from our firm. We will study the preliminary project and recommend the optimal format of the institution, taking into account the plans and goals of the owners.
In short, you must first prepare the founding documents of the establishment and enlist its title in the national register of the selected state. After that, a certificate with a unique number (business ID code) will be received. Then you can obtain the taxpayer number and VAT number (if applicable).
In addition, you will need to open an account in a reliable international bank in the name of the company. It is separate from the owner’s personal account to make payments and receive money from customers. In many countries, it is required to have a real office at the place of registration, a local director, and a secretary.
For specific activities (such as the issuance of electronic currencies, transactions with crypto), you will need to apply for a license. After you receive a complete package of documents, you can openly advertise your services and enter into contracts with clients.


I want to thank the competent advisers of the firm for their help in registering our startup. We had an idea in our head, but all these taxes are beyond our understanding. It’s a pleasure to work with such professionals!
Fintech Harbor lawyers have prepared all the documents for opening a branch of our firm in Europe and now we can work with an even larger international audience without any problems.


In most countries, a legal entity may be incorporated in just one day. Modern technologies allow you to apply remotely and get all certificates electronically. To do this, the owner and director do not need to visit the country in person. You can receive all documents for IT business registration by courier service in your office.

However, processes such as opening an account, registering an office, and obtaining a license may take longer. We will be happy to provide you with an individual consultation, taking into account your plans and deadlines.
No, it’s not necessary. You can choose a country for doing business based on personal convenience and vital interests (if you are comfortable living in this land). It is also possible to establish a business in a state with a more favorable tax regime and an inexpensive labor force.

You are not required to establish firms in the country of your citizenship. Many countries have bilateral double tax treaties. You can choose the appropriate jurisdiction and choose where it is more convenient for you to pay taxes.
In the beginning, you need to determine the essence of the activity and choose the optimal form of doing business (private entrepreneur, limited liability company or partnership). After that, a jurisdiction is selected for registering a business and a bank for servicing. Next, you need to obtain a certificate of registration, company identification number, tax ID and VAT number. If your activity requires a license, they also need to be acquired before you start to openly advertise your services.