Industry sector: Marketing
Jurisdictions involved: UK
Client's business objective: Legal assistance for the company's entry into the international market.
Luxeo is a marketing company that specializes in SEO optimization. In 2022, Luxeo expanded its business to the international market and sought our assistance for legal registration of their activities. Following tax and legal consultations with Luxeo’s management, it was determined that the company needed to be registered in the relevant jurisdiction, bank accounts needed to be opened, and internal regulatory documents needed to be developed.
We developed a draft of the company structure, registered a legal entity in the UK, which was deemed optimal for this project from a taxation perspective. We also opened bank accounts and developed contract templates and regulatory documents, such as service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, and terms of use. We provided consultations on compliance procedures and recommendations for website interface design and functionality in accordance with applicable laws.
In addition to our legal tasks, we analyzed and made corrections to the content of Luxeo’s website to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
As a result of our work, Luxeo received a legally protected company with bank accounts for conducting international activities, optimized taxation, and a set of internal business regulations.


Fintech Harbor Consulting | Luxeo
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