Winn international

Industry sector: Crypto
Jurisdictions involved: Estonia
Client's business objective: Legalize the business at an international level.
The main objective of the case was to legalize the client’s business at an international level. Firstly, we provided comprehensive advice on taxation across various jurisdictions, the legal framework for entering the global market, and the protection of the client’s software.
Subsequently, the lawyers at Fintech Harbor Consulting registered the company in Estonia, developed a draft structure for the company, opened multiple bank accounts, provided advice on compliance procedures, developed contract templates, and regulatory documents including service agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), privacy policies, and terms of use. Our experts provided recommendations on ensuring that the WINN INTERNATIONAL website functioned in compliance with legal requirements by conducting a detailed analysis of the company’s business model and website interface.
We developed additional documents to confirm the contribution of authorized capital in line with the latest legal regulations in Estonia.
As a result, the client received a legally sound structure with optimized taxation, bank accounts, and a comprehensive set of internal business regulations.
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