Anjouan Gambling License: Cost, Requirements, Process and Benefits

Fintech Harbor Consulting | Anjouan Gambling License: Cost, Requirements, Process and Benefits
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Anjouan is a part of the Union of the Comoros, and is formally known as the Autonomous Island of Anjouan. It is a hub for gambling enterprises with a favorable regulatory environment for online business. Anjouan Gaming License enables businesses to run online gambling sites under its control.

Benefits of Anjouan Gaming license

Simple and trouble-free

A gambling license application can be a challenging process. Consider the time and money it takes to prepare a ton of paperwork, application forms, and supporting documents. In Anjouan, this is not the case. There are a few standards that must be satisfied, but there aren’t many bureaucratic hoops to jump through.
The fastest and simplest way is to get an Anjouan gaming license. It offers a fantastic opportunity to test your product before applying to a more demanding licensing jurisdiction due to its straightforward approach and simple ongoing upkeep.

One license for all

Depending on the games you offer, there are many license categories in specific jurisdictions. Some of them possess supplementary licenses for various types of games. With the Anjouan gamling license, this is not the case.
The single license for online gambling includes all iGaming-related activities. It covers game developers, publishers, operators, and game types such as betting, online casinos, bingo, online poker, eSports, live games, scratch cards, and gambling. It also covers game suppliers, software developers, and publishers.

Quick and cheap

Of all the countries in the world that grant Anjouan gaming license has the easiest application procedure. It depends on how promptly and completely the applicant files all required paperwork. Additionally, it means that if possible, the documentation should be current and certified. Without taking into account the time needed to gather the documents, the process can be completed in 3-4 weeks. Because of this, the Anjouan is perfect for business owners that have a short window of time and need to launch their ventures and start making money right now.
Anjouan is one of the most cost-effective systems available. Costs for the initial setup and continuing maintenance are reasonable and suitable for any budget.

No gaming taxes

The gross gaming revenue (GGR) tax is not necessary for operators who receive an Anjouan gamling license. The tax on gambling is nil here, which is far lower than in many other places.


The Anjouan gaming license is the best option for new businesses that are starting out in online gaming. This allows you to test your idea, develop a clientele, and reinvest money without the cost of expensive applications, taxes, and fees. It also enables the business to expand into new markets, games, and industries without financial losses.
Obtaining an Anjouan gaming license offers versatility for research, development, and experimentation without requiring a significant financial investment.

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Fintech Harbor Consulting | Anjouan Gambling License: Cost, Requirements, Process and Benefits

Comparison of the Anjouan Gaming License and the Curacao License

The Curacao license and the Anjouan gambling license are two of the most popular choices when it comes to obtaining a gaming license. Both jurisdictions have distinctive traits and contrasting regulatory frameworks.
Time period
A gambling license in Curacao often takes more time to get than an Anjouan gaming license. The process of getting a Curacao license can take a month because of the protracted evaluation and approval processes. The processing time for a gambling license application in Anjouan is often only a few weeks.
Due to the vast number of businesses that hold licenses there, Curacao has long been a preferred choice for online gambling operators. In the internet gaming sector, it has established itself as a respected country. Anjouan online gambling license is becoming more well-liked for startups and businesspeople searching for an affordable license solution. It may not be as well-known as Curacao, though.
After the new regulation gaming license in Curacao will become more expensive than an Anjouan gaming license. The application, yearly, and compliance charges are greater in Curacao. Anjouan provides a more cost-effective license alternative, making it a desirable option for startups and business owners with limited resources.
Evidence and standards
The requirements for acquiring these two licenses vary in terms of paperwork and requirements. A local presence is required as well as more severe criteria in Curacao, such as the production of thorough business plans and financial accounts. A police clearance certificate, copies of passports, and utility bills are the somewhat less stringent standards in Anjouan.
Stages of license acquisition
In Curacao, obtaining a gambling license entails a number of steps. For example, the submission of paperwork, tests of legal literacy, and adherence to regional laws. The standard application procedure in Anjouan, in contrast to Curacao, entails submitting the necessary paperwork and passing an eligibility and compliance test.

Why Anjouan is a better choice than Curacao

1. Stability and certainty:
For getting a gambling license, Anjouan provides a stable and predictable regulatory framework. The procedure for getting a gambling license in Anjouan is constant and independent of outside pressure. This consistency increases the trust of operators and reduces the likelihood of unplanned interruptions in their gambling activities.
2. Absence of rivals:
Curacao is now up against growing opposition from rival nations. The market for online gambling may become more congested as a result of this competition, making it more challenging for new operators to stand out. Anjouan gaming license offers a less saturated market at the moment. It is less widely recognized and investigated, which gives new entrants better opportunity to establish their presence.
3. Avoiding uncertainty in Curacao:
Many operators may be searching for alternative or “fallback” licenses to secure the continuity of their activities due to recent changes and the uncertainty surrounding proposed regulatory revisions in Curacao. Operators can reduce the risk of potential disruptions and legal uncertainty that may develop during the transition period in Curaçao by selecting an Anjouan gaming license.
4. Efficient application procedure:
Given Anjouan’s smaller size and less complicated regulatory framework, the application procedure for a gambling license is quick and easy. Due to the impending changes in Curacao, the application procedure may become more difficult, drawn out, and governed by stricter requirements.
5. Attractive player protection measures:
Given that the regulatory reform in Curacao is anticipated to bring forth stronger guidelines and improved player safety precautions, some operators may find the new regulations onerous and expensive to implement. Anjouan, in contrast, might create a more sensible regulatory structure that offers sufficient player protection measures without placing an undue financial burden on operators.
6. Favorable cost structure:
Curacao is renowned for offering inexpensive online gaming licenses, however modifications to the licensing process and heightened competition could result in price adjustments. For operators searching for a licensing solution, Anjouan gaming license, on the other hand, can offer competitive and appealing costs in the current market.
7. Timing advantage:
It’s conceivable that some operators will look to relocate or expand their licensing choices if the Curacao gaming market experiences legislative changes. Operators can take advantage of the time advantage and perhaps secure a leading market position as a new preferred site for by obtaining an Anjouan online gambling license.
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Categories of gambling licenses

All forms of gambling are legal under a single Anjouan gaming license. This includes games with truly fair play, games built on the blockchain, sports betting, poker rooms, online casinos, bingo, lotteries, and much more. The Union of the Comoros’ license enables businesses to operate a variety of online gaming products under a single, all-encompassing license. The Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority is in charge of licensing and regulation in Anjouan, and organizations must register as International Business Companies (IBCs) in order to be eligible for a gaming license.

Anjouan Gaming License Requirements

The Anjouan authorities will require information about you before they grant you a license for internet gambling, including information about who you are, what you intend to do, where you live, how much money you have, and more.
Additionally, they will demand that you go through a pertinent background check to confirm your decent moral character. You will need to present a police certificate from your country of origin attesting to your lack of a criminal record in order to do this. You will be also questioned in-depth about your capacity to oversee the operations of an online gaming business.
The following papers must be submitted by each official, authorized person, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, or ultimate beneficial owner:
  • a verified replica of the photo and signature pages from a genuine passport
  • a current utility bill Police clearance or a certificate of good behavior
  • Personal Statement/Resume
  • original bank statement (bank relationship must have lasted for at least 2 years)
  • original letter of recommendation from a certified public accountant or attorney (relationship must be older than 2 years)
  • complete content details, including copies of contracts and/or certificates of RNG testing from a third party, as well as RTP (where applicable)
  • documentation of domain ownership
  • copies of the terms and conditions, which should outline the player KYC, responsible gaming, and underage gambling policies.
NOTICE: All documents must in English and must be no more than 90 days old. Documents that are not in English must have certified translations into English.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Anjouan Gambling License: Cost, Requirements, Process and Benefits

Anjouan Gambling License Obtainment Process

Step 1: Setting up a company in Comoros

Before obtaining the gaming licence, you must register a company in Comoros. For this registration, you need to provide such documents
  • Notarized copy of international passport
  • Certified proof of address for the last 3 months
  • Clear criminal record
  • Source of funds
  • Professional reerence letter
  • Resume (CV)

Step 2: Understanding the license

Clear up any questions with FHC and confirm that the license satisfies your operating needs and objectives. It might be expensive to choose the incorrect jurisdiction or license for your needs, forcing you to apply for additional licenses or risking fines.

Step 3: Gathering the required paperwork

Amassing all the paperwork required to submit a licensing application. These could comprise the corporate charter, financial accounts, certifications of prior operations, and identification documents for significant stakeholders. They need to be apostilled in some circumstances, notarized, or certified, and translated into English. They also have to be no older than 3 months. Depending on your situation, we will give you a comprehensive list of the documents you need.

Step 4: Providing the application

You can get assistance from FHC with completing the license application form and submitting it to the Anjouan authorities. Our expertise guarantees that the application is correct, comprehensive, and complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Step 5: Put security measures into action

By putting the most recent cybersecurity measures in place, you may increase the security of your platform. Protect player data and transactions by putting SSL encryption, powerful firewalls, and other security mechanisms into place.

Step 6: Opening bank accounts and making payments

Set up payment gateways and bank accounts for simple and secure financial transactions. Ensure adherence to know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) laws. You can apply for their services and select the best banking and payment partners with our help.

Countries with a limited Anjouan gambling license

The following markets must be GEO IP Blocked as they are deemed restricted, prohibited, and/or required by the license:
These countries are outlawed by the Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority: Australia, Austria, Comoros, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, all of the FATF’s “Blacklisted” nations, and/or any additional jurisdictions.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | Anjouan Gambling License: Cost, Requirements, Process and Benefits

Regulatory framework and compliance

The Anjouan Betting and gaming Board (ABGB) is the national organization in charge of licensing and regulating the gaming sector in Anjouan. It defend customers from unfair practices by gambling establishments, ensuring that licensed operators follow security and ethical guidelines, and defend weaker populations including gambling addicts and minors. Additionally, ABGB provides license holders with a vast array of support services.
In Anjouan, the following laws apply to gaming establishments:
  • The Computer Gambling Licensing Act of 1999
  • Anjouan Money Laundering Prevention Act 008 of 2005
  • The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005
  • The Offshore Finance Authority Act of 2005
  • International Business Companies Act 004 of 2005
The main piece of legislation governing internet gambling is the Betting and Gambling Law of 2005. It specifies guidelines for licensing and continuing compliance, including fair play, responsible gambling, and anti-money laundering processes.
To ensure that licensed operators are qualified and compliant, Anjouan’s regulatory system enforces strict licensing and ongoing compliance. These include adherence to standards of competence, security, integrity, and player protection. As a result, Know Your Customer (KYC), responsible gaming standards, fair play procedures, and other first-class regulations are used as anti-money laundering methods.
The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority (AOFA) is the national regulatory body responsible for compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation. This seeks to set international regulatory standards to ensure that risks to consumers and the reputation of the Anjouan jurisdiction are seamlessly identified and addressed.

How we can help you to get an Anjouan Gambling License

Fintech Harbor Consulting lawyers will guide you through all along the way of obtaining an Anjouan gaming license: from the preparatory steps till the very end.


The Anjouan online gambling license comes with a number of important benefits. There are no gambling taxes, a straightforward and trouble-free application process, a single license that covers all game types, quick and economical processing, and a startup-friendly strategy. Due to Anjouan’s membership in the WTO, the license is also acknowledged globally.
Consulting can help the licensing process even more.
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