What is a Registered Office Address?

Fintech Harbor Consulting | What is a Registered Office Address?
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When you start a company and run a business, a multitude of questions often arise, making it challenging to find the right answers.
Today we will clarify one of them and help you figure out. You will know : What is a registered office address, what are its functions. Why is it so important for compliance with the law and for company activity.
Together we will guide you through the important aspects involved in selecting and using a registered address. Also consider how it can protect a company’s interests and help it prosper.
So what is a registered office address? It is the actual official address of a company that has decided to start business and has registered. It is often indicated in various registers and is mandatory in many countries where the organization or legal entity is registered.
The registered office address plays a vital role. It used for receiving correspondence and documentation from government, private investors and all others interested parties.
Once you incorporate your business as a limited company or LLP, you will be required to furnish Companies House with the registered office address. Possessing an official mailing address and postcode becomes a mandatory obligation for all registered enterprises.
While you are allowed to have only one registered address, you have the flexibility to modify it if your circumstances change. You have the freedom to opt for a registered address in any location within the jurisdiction where you have registered your business (e.g., England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland).

Why you need a company registered address?

A company registered address in some sources you may see also as a company registered office may be needed for various reasons. The most common are the following:
  • In many jurisdictions it is mandatory to register a company.
  • You will receive all letters, notifications and other legal notices at your company registered office.
  • The registered office address is listed in the company registry, which increases the openness and legality of the business.
As registered address for company is stated as official, after sending the correspondence, the company is considered to have received the letter. companies and directors will also be responsible for providing access to these documents.

Quickly select a jurisdiction and register your company anywhere in the world online

Fintech Harbor Consulting | What is a Registered Office Address?

Which Address Can be Chosen for registered address for company

Registered office address can be used as a residential or non-residential address. We recommend that you do not use a private address and register your company in an office building. This will help to maintain confidentiality and save personal data.
Since using a residential address discloses corporate data, this option can lead to unwanted visitors and unwanted mail to your address.
A legal address in a prestigious location can expand your customer base and the circle of potential investors. A non-residential address creates a clear distinction between your professional and personal life.
A registered address in a large, well-known city allows new and start-up companies to expand their geographical reach.
It is especially beneficial for firms located in small towns or remote areas.It is common practice for companies to use the services of a law firm to issue a company registered address. In such cases it is always worth checking the reliability of the company and the list of services they provide.
By contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive a full package of services and register your company without any unnecessary obstacles.
Another option would be to use the address of your accountant or professional advisor if they give you permission.

How to choose a quality registered address for company?

  • The first recommendation is to check the address by the number of registered companies. There are online services for this, for example. The fewer companies, the better. The conditional threshold for a mass registration address is 50 legal entities at one address. If there are more, we do not recommend using such an address.
  • The second recommendation is to check the availability of premises for meetings and inspections at the proposed registered address for company. Sometimes there have been situations when legal address providers sold their services at non-existent addresses or at an address where it is impossible to ensure an inspection. Take the time to check the address at least on Google Maps.
  • The third recommendation is to find out how and how quickly you will receive correspondence for your company; who will be responsible for receiving letters, how you will be notified, and where your correspondence will be stored.
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Registered Office Address. Detailed Instructions

Below are general steps that might be involved in establishing a registered office address for a company. Please note that the specific steps may differ based on your country’s laws and regulations:

1. Select a Location

Choose a physical address where you want to establish the registered office. This address will be available and will be used for official communications, so make sure it’s a valid and reliable location.

2. Legal Requirements

Check the legal requirements in your jurisdiction regarding the type of address that can be used as a registered office. Some jurisdictions might require that the address is a physical location (not a P.O. Box), accessible during regular business hours.

3. Company Formation

If you’re setting up a new company, you’ll need to provide the registered office address during the company formation process. This information is often included in the company’s registration documents.

4. Update Existing Companies

If you’re changing the registered office address for an existing company, you’ll need to follow the process specified by your local company registry. This might involve submitting official forms and notifying relevant authorities.

5. Documents and Forms

Prepare any necessary documents and forms required by the local company registry. This might include application forms, articles of incorporation, or other relevant documents.

6. Submission

Submit the required documents and forms. This is usually done either online or through physical submission, depending on the jurisdiction.

7. Fees

Pay any required fees associated with changing or registering the company’s registered office address.

8. Verification

Some jurisdictions might be need additional verification steps, such as providing proof of ownership or occupancy of the address.

9. Confirmation

Once your application is processed and approved, you’ll receive confirmation of the registered office address. This will be part of your company’s official records.

10. Public Records

Keep in mind that the registered office address is often made public as part of the company’s registration details. It will be available in public records and may be accessed by anyone.
It’s important to note that these steps are general guidelines. It can vary based on the laws and regulations of your specific jurisdiction. It’s recommended to consult with legal professionals or business advisors.

What is Virtual Registered Office Address and How to Make it?

With the development of technology, changes are coming to our daily life and one of such innovative solutions is virtual office.
This service is available in almost all jurisdictions. It deserves our attention to understand its features and advantages.
It is now common for companies to have small staffs and all work can be done remotely. In such cases, renting a physical office is not always a rational solution. This is when a virtual office becomes a valuable assistant.
A virtual office is a real physical office space, but it is only used by businesses to receive mail, take calls, and list as a registered address. It provides businesses with the convenience and flexibility to function in today’s dynamic world.
Fintech Harbor Consulting | What is a Registered Office Address?

How to Open a Virtual Office

At the moment, this is a very popular service. Many firms provide their services to register such an office. There are various subscriptions: both for months and for years. Which is very convenient and does not require spending on a long-term lease.
The most typical physical (actual)
  • company registered address
  • Director`s address
  • Center for processing and storage of corporate correspondence.
  • Stable communication channel with government / regulatory authorities.
  • Equipped conference rooms.
  • Rental of office equipment.
  • Concierge service.
  • Additional workstations (available on request).
Depending on your requests, the price will also vary. Note that a virtual office for business will not legally differ from a real office, so in most jurisdictions it is quite possible to choose this option when registering a company.
In this article, we have looked at the important topic of registered office address and its role in the successful operation of companies. We found out that a registered office address is a requirement in many jurisdictions and it plays an important role in ensuring compliance with the law and the smooth running of a company.
We also looked at the options for choosing an office address and learned that using a virtual office can be a convenient solution for companies with a small staff and the ability to work remotely. A virtual office gives companies the flexibility and convenience to conduct business operations.
If you are looking for a reliable partner for virtual office and company registration services, contact us. We provide a complete package of services and guarantee professional and reliable assistance in registering your office and company. You only need to choose the right plan and we already have everything you need to successfully launch your business.


A company’s registered office is intended to receive only statutory mail from public authorities. The business registered address serves as the point of contact for all other types of correspondence.

Although there is no mandatory to have a business address that matches your registered office. You can always use the same address for both purposes.

A registered business address is where you will conduct your business affairs from. You can have various correspondence from suppliers, banks and customers.
Sent to any of your business addresses as opposed to a registered address. There are strict rules with registered addresses which stipulate that you can only have one at any one time. So all companies know exactly which address they should receive important government documents. And the company should make sure that they check this mail to act on any requested.

Use current office or home address: If a company already has its own office space or conducts business from home, they can use that address as their registered office. To verify the address, it may be necessary to provide relevant documentation, such as a copy of the lease agreement or utility bill. The address can then be added to the company register.

Use the services of a company to provide a registered office address: Similar to virtual offices, there are companies that specialize in providing a registered office address. They can provide their address for the company to use as a registered office. This can be useful when a company does not have its own permanent office or requires an address in a prestigious area.

  • Contact the registration authority:
    Depending on the jurisdiction in which your company is registered, you will need to contact the relevant registration authority. This may be Companies House in the UK or similar bodies in other countries.
  • Prepare the required documents:
    You will need to prepare certain documents as required by the registration authority. These may include copies of the new address, documents confirming you as the owner of the company, and any other necessary paperwork.
  • Fill out the appropriate forms:
    The registration authority will provide you with special forms for changing your registered address. Fill them out and provide all the required documents.
  • Apply:
    Send the completed forms and documents to the registration authority. Refer to the official website of the authority to find out how you can apply – online or by mail.
  • Pay any fees:
    In some cases, you may be required to pay administrative fees for changing your registered address.
  • Wait for confirmation:
    Once you have submitted your application, the registration authority will process it and, if possible, provide you with a confirmation of the address update.
  • Refer to the official website of the registration authority in your country or jurisdiction for specific instructions.
In many jurisdictions this procedure is similar. As we mentioned earlier, the address of your company is listed in the registry. In the UK this is, for example, the Companies House Service. Public bodies such as Companies House and HMRC use the information listed here to send legal letters to the company at its registered office. To find the registered address you are looking for, enter the name of the company on the Companies House Service’s ‘Search the Register’ page. The address of that company’s registered office will appear under the company name. This is what is involved in searching for an address on the register. Companies are also required to include their address on stationery and websites.
A remarkable corporate address enables clients to immediately perceive your company as trustworthy and reliable. A perfect business site should exhibit a professional facade, exude prestige, stability, and communicate the company’s offered services. Furthermore, an attractive locale can also enhance customer interactions.

If you click on the company name, you can also find other available information about the company, including:

  • The name and service address of each director
  • The name of each shareholder
  • Registered accounts of the company
  • Confirmation statements
  • Business Activities
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